Nameless Eta Messages


this server is too weak. the bigger alliances don't know how to fight too well and seem actually to be scared to fight. not to my taste. I've already started playing two other servers and find the experience much more rewarding. In particular your underhand nasty style of play is very distasteful to me and others, many in your own alliance. You are a creation of the anonymous internet. In real life you don't have the balls to get up to these tricks or those balls would be cut off. you might be a 300 lb basement dweller who Mommy brings cheetos to. if you were really a high school skater boy you wouldn't find the time to be online this much. you already established you are a great liar. I'm surprised some of these chumps still listen to you. ha ha ha
This is probably the best one I've gotten yet...:rolleyes: