Mesembria's Rally Against The Redcoats

Are you an adversary of The Redcoats?

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    Votes: 13 54.2%
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@Zakt0n stop whining. You were a part of the Warriors Alliance, then ditched them for Goats, and once you had the clout of being a member in Goats, you immediately proceeded to start attacking Warriors' cities, even people who were just calling you comrade, knowing you could call upon a bunch of golders who spend too much money on the game and don't have skill to back you up if Warriors retaliated. IDK if the Olympus alliance (or In Honor of Damor as they are called now lol) spends money on gold, but at least they know how to use it and have good planning. The only opportunity "smaller" alliances like mine and Relentless had was to snipe CS after letting them clear out the temple for us, and then throw everything into defending our CS, and then snipe any enemy CS attempts.

And as for "no one putting up resistance" I can tell you right now, @lethalsniper and the rest of Cats in Hats are spamming Olympus with attacks as we speak. I know this because I sent 5 support biremes into Olympus because when you have troops supporting at at a temple, you can see incoming attacks, even if you don't own the temple, so I was planning on telling my alliance and Relentless when the CS was coming in to snipe it, because temple defenses had already been cleared, but my alliance logged off, and Relentless, who actually has a coveted portal temple, who we are pacted with and were willing to help, as far as I know never responded to us. Once again, the Olympus alliance has actually good teamwork. That is why with so few players, they are able to own the mega alliance that you were a part of @Zakton.

Also, as sad as I am that my alliance won't even be able to get second place, at least the Olympus alliance has a good sense of humor.





Was no contest all the way, easiest server win i ever got and it helps to have great leadership....
Yup. Ive won quite a few times. And after the merger and pact the leadership and coordination was lights out. Everyone did a great job. Hydna was lights out with coordination.


Great game everyone! Was a fun world.... to the members of BoB I only just want to say, was a close, tough battle until the end from my view.

Nah jk who am I kidding - gg EZ

3-0 on Olympus not even CLOSE

Thanks for the carry Hydna <3


GG bois (&Ray) I would say it was fun but lethaldiaper and crew folded QUICK so we were playing sim city for a month.