Mesembria's Rally Against The Redcoats

Are you an adversary of The Redcoats?

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LOL not sure what you mean about 50 pages but let me show you something Slowrex...

This is us vs everyone relevant..



Just started playing again after probably 7-9 years. I'm only a few days in but active and neutral but also looking for an alliance in Ocean 44 if anyone needs another player.

Also if Conquest is 24 divided by world speed which in our case is 4, does that mean 6 hours to take a city?
DOA is a solid group prob will be their at the end battling, nothing against you bud< I like your group and i have contributed plenty but focused more elsewhere atm. Keeping beating up the C N D mega MRA Slowrex good job


Still trying to figure out what happened in this Mesembria world that there is no end game play.
One 12 man team has been parked in Olympus for 9 solid days twice in a row. Doesn't seem to be any fighting over Olympus going on, it never changes hands with only 12k troops inside? One more round and it's over. I was a late start Oct. 4th and barely caught up but.... people have been playing this server since July to just quit and ghost once end game started ? The people still playing seem to just be gobbling up all the absent players' cities for end game.
I expected building and growing to pretty much cease for end game and all efforts to go into producing troops to constantly fight for Olympus or weaken the cities of which ever team is holding Olympus, especially if it is only one team for 18 straight days !
The bot attackers sending 30-50 waves all launched in under 30 minutes and landing in a 4 second window have many people frustrated and quitting or turtling, but the lack of action towards the objective is just bizarre.
The only guess I can come up with is leaders and big hitters shut down for end game and have a deal to hop into the open spots on the 12 person team and collect the easy win with them before Christmas. Seems far out, but dedicating 5 months to a game and not participating in the last month is just as weird.


The bot attackers sending 30-50 waves all launched in under 30 minutes and landing in a 4 second window have many people frustrated and quitting or turtling is just as weird.

Don't you love how when one alliance is better than another they get accused of using bots what feels like at least 80% of the time? :confused:
I mean seriously.... if we were all using bots don't you think we all would've been banned by now :eek:


you heard it here! ban shock! he proved just now that he's better than botting. and if he's better than a computer he must be running super computer botting programs :D


This is what I'm hearing from people that played since the world opened in July. Been years since I played, alerts etc. changed the game for the worst.
They new world Pegasae I'm ready for city #2 but there is no place to put one besides rock now the game mechanics block you from building well to get a good start? And give you no choice of where to expand on the map, do we just check in every day for a week or so until the map suddenly changes so we can all dogpile onto islands one by one as they open? There is no strategy or planning in that.
Mesembria I started Oct. 4th, haven't lost a city and barely got to 15 cities before Olympus popped up. Thank goodness I didn't spend time there since July for this.
One alliance of 12 people better than 15 other teams? So much better people don't even bother to play?
Do you have any other reasons a world of over 500 players can be totally dominated by 12 people?
That half the world quit or ghosted themselves soon as end game started?
And the rest don't even bother play the end game. Feels like a drama ego fest not a competitive team game.
I guess the only people willing to play this game are dregs like you that can't answer a question yet spend their time to chime in and throw insults.
I guess all these attacks that have people quitting are from cities that are perfectly spaced out from every target so a new wave can be launched every 30 seconds, the exact right second rolls around within 10 seconds as they move from city to city, every launch lands perfectly so you can move onto the next city and do this perfectly 50 times in a row in less than 30 minutes day after day ....yeah right, not possible even with a well organized pre-set attack planner.


It’s not one alliance of 12 first of all lol. It’s like 5v5 and multiple alliances are for temple buffs. But yeah it looks like dr Seuss gang has given up. Spammers and golders are no match for shocks super duper computer program bots LOL.
The real Krux of the matter is one alliance has shown how to work together and leadership was really strong, mult alliances are used for the variety of temples. Kobo you just got beat down no need to hide behind this name, your alliance failed to help you and honestly do not blame your losses on bots.
Sometimes you just got too chuck the L and take it and move on , get more cities then you lose..


Goats and KG had a ton of dead weight. Ultimately its just two alliances joined together. But to Zac its definitely not 12 players. Its been interesting to watch the level of rotation and players maneuvering around in that group (Redcoats, Olympus, DOA, Lawless etc). Its kind of an impressive dance at times if I am being honest. We have guys that move back and forth but its largely like 4-5 guys in leadership to help manage temples and such but nothing like the type of movement going on over there.
It is all about Leadership, one alliance has it the other does not. When you have a separate chat in every world (only usually for BOB players or those friendly) talking trash on your players and more it does create a divide.