Conquer A Mod for Gold

Silver Witch

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Ok guys we have 3 cities for you to grab when protection runs out.

1.Mine is not hidden so you should be able to spot it easily. The plan was to defend with a wall and defence but I will admit I have been a bit slow there.

2. and 3 belong to our mods @Acer and @siliconray. These cities you need to find and who knows how good they will be at sniping. They will post clues to help you along the way but spawned after me so will be a few more days.

Good Luck.

PRIZES - Conquering city 1000 gold plus epic build token x 3
3 x epic build token for an attacking helper for each city.
A town not ruled by mortals but a shimmer in the sky.
His plate is never empty and his glass is never dry.
He who adored Hera blessed him both and took his eye.
Here's my hints for everyone, I'll keep it relatively short and simple since its the first time :)

- I am a Guardian, for I was born there and will die defending there
- Olympus is my Home
- My island consists of 3 Odd number and 2 Even number.

Goodluck Everyone !
Congratulations to Player logandabully from Alliance **BaBa YaGa**!
It wasn't easy, and I hope i put up a fair fight ;)
But he successfully conquered my city on 2/7/24!

You definitely had some good timings with your support!

It was fun!
All the best and I will see everyone next time!

*Disappears mysteriously into the darkness*