Lets play a game. fill this out, give a short explanation as to why. Lets see everyone's reactions.

Best Alliance:
Worst Alliance:
Best Leader:
Worst Leader:
Best Attacker:
Best Defender:
Best Overall Player:
Worst Overall Player:
Best Alliance Profile:
Worst Alliance Profile:
Best Player Profile:
Worst Player Profile:
Most Overrated Alliance:
Most Underrated Alliance:
Most Overrated Player:
Most Underrated Player:


Best Alliance: G.O.A.T. -- gotta give it to em, double the number 2 in both points and ABP, that's pretty hard to do.

Worst Alliance: the short bus-- apparently they're not allowed to attack any alliances in the top 20. niceee

Best Leader: The Smilodon Fatalis-- not quite sure how he does it, but he gets his boys to hit about as fast and as hard as any team I've been around. <3
Worst Leader: The x know you're doing something wrong when your alliance talks smack about you behind your back. That's a big no-no.

Best Attacker: Koozner..maybe it's the gold, maybe it's the event, maybe it's a combo of the 2, but this guy hits hard and he hits often. Great attacker.

Best Defender: 1map...this one was hard to choose as I've come across quite a few crazy snipers in this world but I had to go with this guy. Animal.

Best Overall Player: Adam17815...I know it's biased to choose a guy from my own alliance, but I absolutely had to. You wouldn't understand till you see him play.

Worst Overall Player: Probably have to go with mittensthehappy...check out any attack he sends and you'll see he's a damn noob

Best Alliance Profile: Cougar Hunters...the rest of them all suck.

Worst Alliance Profile: Probably either RELOCATION COMPANY or DEATH TO THE FOREMOST- both outdated as hell.

Best Player Profile: The Happy Zombie- anything that has censors is absolutely to die for.

Worst Player Profile: ItsADriveBy--this Sheldon-Cooper looking - a... dude has a profile that's so long and wordy it makes me want to choke on my own vomit.

Most Overrated Alliance: GOAT...mark my words friends, they can be beat.

Most Underrated Alliance: Mortis Nuntius-- not sure that everyone is as crazy over these guys as they really should be.

Most Overrated Player: Grand Master Hiram..please don't even get me started. lol.

Most Underrated Player: Theduggernaut-- don't think people realize quite how good this dude actually is

Oggami Itto

X Almighty, the worse leader? if he was a bad leader, GOAT would not be #1. Just because some players talk behind his back, doesn't make him a bad leader, much less the worse.
X Almighty, the worse leader? if he was a bad leader, GOAT would not be #1. Just because some players talk behind his back, doesn't make him a bad leader, much less the worse.
Going by this logic, Jbelle was a excellent leader on Actium....

Disclaimer: Not an insult to Almighty, obviously the person has some skill if they've done this well.


wow... I didn't even make the list... Guess I'll have to make myself more noticeable... one way or the other. hehehe.

Lord Frickle

Best Alliance:Beer Thirty (these guys definitively know what their doing and have a nice group of players)
Worst Alliance: Empire (unescrted attacks got me 6 k DBP with 200 Birs lol )
Best Leader: The Smilidon Fatalis (seems to be doing the right calls in the right moments )
Worst Leader: Empire leader getting all his members to send unescorted garbage attacks
Best Attacker: The Cook (have seen some nice reports from this guy )
Best Defender: 1map and Mortamus (couldnt decide between these 2 guys )
Best Overall Player: Koozner (Seems this guy is not just a glass cannon attacker , he has lots of juicy defenses too )
Worst Overall Player: Adam17815 (still thinks this is a conquer world keeps attacking with swordsmen and archers )
Best Alliance Profile: Raza
Worst Alliance Profile: Great Global Warriors (communistic profile :p)
Best Player Profile: Itsadriveby (love reading that Acts of War list .
Worst Player Profile: roronoaXzoro (gives me eye pain )
Most Overrated Alliance: G.O.A.T (seems they're mortals too :p)
Most Underrated Alliance: Great Global Warriors
Most Overrated Player: The Happy Zombie ( Too many cities for that BP has been spamming city festivals and olympic games i believe)
Most Underrated Player: party1234