I guess that super pact from the start didn't work out did it... Unlucky dude have some of your guys come out of VM fight a lil bit. That is what you said you're right??? thought you guys were fighters...

Super Pact from the start? You mean two alliances working together? Big difference between two alliances working together and half the server.

Edit: Sorry, I went into VM for a few days with it being the Holiday and all, I do have real life friends and family that do things during Holidays. My apology for not being here and giving you attention. As for the others that have been in VM since they started getting hit, what can I say? They couldn't hang, plain and simple.


lol yes the top two alliances pacting from the start so they had no resistance is called a super pact. you made half the server turtle up and have to fend for themselves, then get upset when karma turns around and bites you... I'm not one for complaining I've won before, I've lost before. i will never complain just know i could've done better.