World MU at War


I came to Mu with some of the people I played with in Gamma a few days after the server started, hence why we started in o65 and not in the middle of the server. We recruited some of the players around our neighboring islands while we awaited an easy initial target alliance. We found Argos to be that alliance as they were a huge MRA spread across many oceans and a leader who liked to run his mouth and threaten me, which I found funny. A few of their players jumped ship to BoB before the war started since I began talking with them and they were smart players and knew what was going to happen. Argos didn't last long and as we picked up the scraps we turned our eyes east to League of Immortality in o75. That was a short war and a couple of their players joined BoB. Things began to get tense between BoB and Raptors since Lasav decided to **** on our pact and run his mouth. Before war broke out Demacia merged into BoB giving us control of o65 and o75.

War between BoB and The Raptors was very fun and we went blow for blow for a while. Even though we only had 40 members and they had more than twice our member count (plus that whole Macedonian Coalition B.S.) we turned the tides and pushed south. They had many good players that we enjoyed going toe to toe with but without a strong leader they didn't have the guidance to last in a prolonged war. Many of their members left Lasav and the drama behind to join and fill the ranks of BoB. This gave us control of o66 and o76 and put BoB as a powerhouse alliance in the East and helped make BoB what we are today.

Things with BoB and the Mount coalition (UNM) got tense mostly because of Lord Rogue. He loved to run his mouth, especially with his "Superfriends" group. Long story short we went to war with the mounts and began our westward expansion into the 50's. When the Mounts fell we took several of their members in to help us secure our western flank and turned our attention to The Greek States. Rishfla was just another **** talking leader with a big ego like Lasav. He liked to play both sides of the fence so we decided to finish what we started and secure the south.

Since the start of the server (10 months ago?) BoB has only been at peace for less that one month total. We have gone from enemy to enemy always looking for a good fight. Players that showed their worth and we felt would be a good fit ended up joining us and making BoB that much stronger as an alliance. Players have come and gone (unfortunately) but each one had their own part in helping the alliance carve out its own half of the world.

"Take the best and eat the rest" :)

Sorry for the long write but that's a "brief" summary of BoB's journey through Mu.

-The Celt


Thank you Rory! I have added it to the beginning of the page :) keep up the good work guys!

If anyone has a history of your alliance, please share it with us. I will make sure to update the thread and put it on the first page, along with a link for people to click it.

Thanks everyone for helping.
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I brought a handful of my players from D3th from the world Theata. We occupied two islands and were growing at a quick pace (can't remember exactly when we started). We were allied with OOC and Napped with another alliance near us, at least that is what I thought to my knowledge. Tool was one of the Diplomats for these 2 alliances. Woke up one morning, and they had decided to CS 2 of our cities (we couldn't fight back because we started the world 1 to 2 months after everyone else did with 3 of our top players with only 2 cities each. Was not happy with that, as there was a NAP and a Pact, there was no honor, asked for the cities back, but they just said sorry, we won't attack again. Eventually, some of the players I brought over, could not find the time to play anymore, and our alliance quickly dropped in numbers from 24 to 13. With no other choice, we joined Mayne, DarkenShroud and Dorty's team, at this time, they had just formed Mt.O, so it was pretty exciting and many of our players were ok with the merge. The only issue here was, none of our guys were given a voice, our old Commander Cseitze kept proving himself over and over again only to not be allowed a seat in the council.

Mt.O decided to move in the southeastern part of the World, working there way towards Raptors and another alliance they were at war with. We were asked to pick up our cities and move completely down there...refusing, I requested war with another alliance Memento Mori (an MRA in those days led by Napalmtwilight). It was shot down by Mt.O council, at that time they controlled all the oceans in this area and were pact with a number of MRA's such as TGR and Indie's alliance (another MRA, I can't even remember their alliance) and a few others in the area.

At this time, I took a few of my boys who just wanted some action and joined Memento Mori. Wow, this alliance was a mess, our D3th players started training them and we started taking cities from The Reapers. Soon, this world came to realize, Mt.O was a growing power and the few of us remaining had to make a stand. Memento Mori got in touch with LSB, Axio, Outlaws, and BOB (who didn't join the war until a month or so later) and declared war on Mt.O and Friends. FMR and team were a great pact alliance, pushing east and north as quick as they could, but they were also a small alliance (Outlaws...just disappeared). At this point of the war, Memento Mori was surrounded by 5 Enemies and suffered Large casualties. The inexperienced/less active players had to choose to leave this world or learn the game at a Advanced level. BOB finally joined the war, but due to them also being oceans away, we continued to struggle against Mt.O in team, but, BOB, cunning as they are, their plan worked...finally, the tide started turning.

I don't know the exacts, but Mt.O were not getting along with their pact alliance Indie, tink, panzer, etc. They turned on Indie forcing Indie's alliance to merge with us for protection and additional offense which they so needed dearly. We became a new alliance called Darik Mori, it was so shortlived. Anyhow, BOB was in the war with us now and with LSB, we started dismantling Mt.O and friends, many of their players had never seen war and dropped like flies.

Ok, gonna shorten this up...Indie did not get along with a number of our council members (I can now see why Mayne and team wanted to get rid of her), with Napalm in VM and never coming back, she kicked out Al the Conqueror as well as myself from the alliance and proclaimed herself the supreme ruler. Hence, we took a number of her top players and all of the original Memento Mori players and created R.D3th currently the #2 alliance in this world.

With Mt.O out of the picture and everyone working towards World Wonder, BOB found R.D3TH a threat and with LSB, and waged war on us after they took care of The Greek States in less then a month. we have come to this, Reaper players merged with us, while BOB took all of MT.O's top players such as mayne, Ildi, and dorty, Pacted with LSB (who also took in a lot of ex. Mt.O players such as Enigma, etc.) and declared war on us. There is also a really annoying alliance called BTE (a few players with 50+ cities) who were also ex Mt.O players who have gone to war with us - these guys left MT.O because of drama they wanted to somehow get back at their enemies, but being so small, eventually allied with their old teammates who joined BOB and LSB.

Basically, R.D3TH is fighting all of ex Mt.O, LSB and BOB. IW continues to have a NAP with BOB but is at war with LSB who they swap cities with on a weekly basis and have some of their borders protected by R.D3TH
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Well of course I can't say everything as I was gone for a bit but here's my part of the alliance to LSB.

I joined the world and joined an alliance around me called 'Realm of Gladiators', who leadership wasn't good. I quickly helped them steam line forums and became a leader for them in which we met our neighbors in 36 which was Crusanderth's alliance. We proposed to each other a joint leadership and merged to become more of a dominant power in 36. Then the Argonauts alliance proposed a merge, which I joined and a few others when Crusanderth was temp banned. When he came back we quit The Argonauts, as well the alliance was poorly made and too far spread out. The Reapers tried to then get us to merge when I reformed Memoriam Gladium, and tried to use our name with their war of The Outlaws and Reapers versus Venomous Snakes.

When I heard wind of them using our names without proof that we would help, I was mad at them and that's when Venomous Snakes leader, Feild Marshal Revolver, came to me and we started to talk. In which we started to work together and formed the ideas of merging our alliances. We then decided through the joint leadership on the name Last Stand Brigade.

(All happened in 3 weeks, a week and half before, upto a week and a half after = *) *We then began to war Reapers, and Outlaws quickly joined our side. At this time our previous friends The Argonauts decided to become Inviobilis' Academy Alliance. We were quickly gaining speed on taking Reaper cities, and starting talks with the month old alliance The Unsullied, which were players formerly from Invio.

*Reapers talked Mount Olympus, into warring us which were just breaking one pact at the time and having all alliances loyal to them fight that one at a time. Outlaws sided with us, as we were trying to organize a merge of their top players at the time. (This part started happening after our merge into 2-3 weeks, when they fully left it was maybe a few days just after my accident.) They fought every turn and were slowly pushed away as a few of their top immediately joined. At one point we were losing members every few weeks, in which made it more confusing.

*When Unsullied merged, it pushed the line from Invio to war LSB, which the leaders did try to work it out IE Commodus, FMR, and I at different times. Were trying to fix what was broken when Unsullied merged into us. 35 was new for us so we were rather unorganized, in which other forums, have been made to make us look like we were on the losing side of the war, or the bad guys when at a later point we asked Invio on a merge and were labeled an MRA by them just before they organized an even bigger merge which some called an MRA on the creation of The Invio Wizards.

But with warring Mount Olympus coalition and TIW. All seemed doomed, but through consistent talks we were able to pull a coalition together to attack the Mounts on more even ground.


Sadly this is where I will have to stop as well this is where I had my accident, and in which I do not know everything that went down from that point on.
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Dang never new that stuff mcb. I will say though, if it helps at all, TIW was always wanting a merger but just couldn't put the past away with the Unsullied. You guys are a great enemy to fight, and though we've had some unfair swings ( Like when Punkjew left and gave all his cities to LSB) I would call this a fair war as well as a fun one.


Argos/Band of Brothers

This is my first time playing Grepolis and Mu my first server, am posting this since i wanted to shed some light on the past of Ocean 65 in a bit of detail and subsequently the aftermath of me joining BoB. I was initial recruited in Argos that time since it was one of the strongest MRAs in O65 and for a newbie like me i thought it would provide a good buffer for me before i learn how to play the game as well. The leader of Argos that time was an idiot called "Skylar Cylar" he wasnt a very leader nor a very good diplomat. Other than Argos the 2 other prominent alliances in Ocean 65 we Demancia and BOB. Skylar was a very good leader as he wanted to play safe and recruit as many players as he could but he lacked the intention or vision of being a leader nor he helped new guys like me to learn more about the game. Skylar had a deal with Demancia and BoB in North and later on with Raptors ( Lasav/Gierto) which didnt went down well, as Rory as has said above BoB started attacking us in North and Raptors in south in O66 which lead to lot of confusion in that Skylar left the leadership to me and went MIA. In the meantime some of the top players of Argos ( Mako and Dgen) who were not happy with the leadership switched to BoB and many able players went with them.

Since i was new i had to msg Celt and Lasav(he has pushed Gierto the founder of Raptors on the side and later kicked him out) to stop the fight since the leadership had changed hands but i couldnt argue much as its a war and we are here to either conqueror or be conquered, in the meantime Demancia which was doing well and was mostly located on the west north side of O65 also had a change of leadership with Silenced leaving the game and giving reins to Fermenting Fruit( he is a newbie when it comes to leadership as well), after a month of defending both in North and South i decided to switch to BoB with some of the able players of Argos (Kadz was one of the main players who taught me the most and helped in handling the alliances together). I was in direct contact with Celt for most of the time and he taught me many things and so with handful of active players from Argos we switched to BoB who were in North and some of the players in South went to Raptors ( Lasav as later found was in direct contact with Stephen another new player and a mole which was giving inside info to him from the very starting).

After the switch Argos stopped existing within a weeks time. I was a bit of a problem for the leadership to handle since its not easy to take orders once you have lead an alliance. But somehow i learnt to play the game and the diplomacy part. Raptors under Lasavs leadership was a very good alliance but his own leadership sucked big time. He blamed me and Kadz for going to BoB when we should have been in Argos waiting for him to conqueror us( i know its funny but thats what he thought) he later on starting sending MMs about us and Fermenting Fruit as well( Demancia also merged with BoB since he couldnt handle leadership). The war broke out and we had our backs on the wall since we were in smaller number almost 1/3 of the Raptors and their Sister alliances and also since some of us were new players. But thanks for the leadership of BoB we managed to win even thought Lasav had planted moles between us.

Big problem in a game like Grepolis is if the leadership sucks the alliance will fall no matter how good or big the alliance is. Lasav wasnt a good leader and Raptors players which came to BoB just verified this. And as you say rest is history.

Mu is still 4 months away from WW stage but i am glad i made that the right choice that time to be part of BoB and play the game in the right way in right spirit.

My story,

Before joining MU i played on a few worlds prior. I had to leave World Gamma for personal reasons, Then my RL buddy who i got into this game asked me to come back. So i joined world Mu probably 2 months into creation. Which landed me up in the western part of the World OCEAN 43.. There were a few alliances there at that time, but only 3 of note Reapers, Helios and Dark Moon.
I joined up with Helios after a short stint together we merged with an alliance just south of us Memento Mori. We then immediately became the power in that area and waged war with the REAPERS. We took some DARK MOON players in and we got stronger.
Looking back MEMENTO MORI'S bitter war with REAPERS ( which lasted 9 months) was a huge mistake, became a stalmate. Though we had one shot of destroying them, MOUNT OLYMPUS who was the power then on the server basically threatened us with War if we continued to wage war with their new pact mates REAPERS.. They joined what everyone in MU would now come to have known them as the MOUNT COALITION.. Memento was now at peace with every alliance but since we war warriors we craved combat, we then turned to The Inviolobles who were south west of us. We quickly gained city after city from them and was not long til they merged with What was know as the GHOST WIZARDS our allies ( NOW KNOWN as The Inviolabilis Wizards)

Again a time of peace, that is until THE REAPERS broke the peace treaty and WAR broke out once more. I was steadlily climbing the leadership ranks at this time. Our allies known as TGR were conspiring against us and i let it known but to no avail, also sout of us was THE DARK BROTHERHOOD. TGR and the MOUNT COALITION declared war on us and we were facing 5 alliances, Memento had fighters and through it all we managed to grow. We found allies fighting the same fight, way south of us LSB and OUTLAWS, We then formed our own coalition to counter the MOUNTS.

OUTLAWS, LSB and MEMENTO were battling the MOUNTS but the problem was each of our alliances had peace treaties with certain factions of the MOUNTS so really it was a loose coalition with no real guidance.. It was at this time we notcied BAND OF BROTHERS growing ( I knew some from WORLD GAMMA) They pretty much decimated the Eastern part of the world with precision and skill and had no real threat save THE RAPTORS but they merged with BOB after a brief War..
So Memento and LSB reached out to BOB and asked if they would join. BOB agreed and we had our own formible Coalition. With BOB now at our side the MOUNT COALITION started making bad decisions. One of them was to turn on one of their own THE DARK BROTHERHOOD, regardless the reason you never start a war on another front if it cannot be won quick. MEMENTO ( Now with Myself in charge at this time) took advantage, we merged with TDB to form Dark Mori, then changed the name to NEMESIS MORTIS..

It was the tide that turned for us with MO too preoccupied with all their fronts we made quick work of TGR and started moving in on MO itself. While to the west our bitter stalmate with THE REAPERS continued, they would take some we would take some no winner..
With myslef and the leader of TDB at the helm came conflict, lies, traitors and at the end we just could not work it out. Not by my doing and some others just too much drama. The problem came bc i called a peace with us and THE REAPERS, it just cost us too much and probably them as well, it was time too put it behind us and move forward together. Also our so called allies LSB and BOB started to plot against us and i merely was bringing this to attention.

I then Formed RIGHTEOUS D3TH, we quickly became a power and right away our allies declared war on us LSB. We were still friendly with BOB still though tensions were mounting..

At this time with combine pressure from all sides MO folded and they went everywhere, most were cowards and went to BOB instead of keep fighting. Realizing now BOB is the new threat i called for the Western alliances to from a Western Coalition IW, REAPERS, RD, LSB and Outlaws. We all talked and talked but in the end could not come to an agreement.
We became the 2nd alliance on the server, war was raging with us and LSB for a time we waged war with IW. Then a small group of Ex players from the MOUNTS formed a nice tight knit group of players Beginning of THE End, they too ended up helping LSB against us but we decimated LSB on all fronts, the war with BTE basically a stalmate. LSB seeing their downfall also decided to tuck tail and go to BOB so they merged.
RD merged with THE GREEK STATES, located far south east. Our merger has turned out well as they are RD material ,fighters and players that do not cower in the face of an overwhelming fight, was glad to have them aboard..

Long story short RD and BOB finally came Head to Head, With RD facing multiple foes and BOB only one basically we were out gunned but we held and continue to hold against overwhelming odds. RIGHTEOUS D3TH alliance was the only alliance on this server who stood up to BOB and did not back down, they have taken more cities but it has become a very much intense battle and i look forward to the conclusion of this server..

4months prob sooner till wonders

Only 3 alliances have a shot right now BAND OF BROTHERS, IW and RD

Al the Conqueror
the truth of the matter is
BoB is what it is. No excuses. We have outplayed all on the server, bottom line. Great camaraderie, coordination, teamwork and excellent leadership. No players hiding in the VM abyss for fear of their own alliance not backing them up. No excuses folks. BoB has battled every alliance on the server but one. All of the coalitions and RD, pretty much the same....all have gotten checked. I will go as far to say that yes RD has provided some fight to keep the server interesting. By all means though, if you have to take the walk of shame then so be it, but leave the excuses in the recycle bin for someone else to use. The conquest count is quite impressive I might say also


the truth of the matter is
BoB is what it is. No excuses. We have outplayed all on the server, bottom line. Great camaraderie, coordination, teamwork and excellent leadership. No players hiding in the VM abyss for fear of their own alliance not backing them up. No excuses folks. BoB has battled every alliance on the server but one. All of the coalitions and RD, pretty much the same....all have gotten checked. I will go as far to say that yes RD has provided some fight to keep the server interesting. By all means though, if you have to take the walk of shame then so be it, but leave the excuses in the recycle bin for someone else to use. The conquest count is quite impressive I might say also
but as i recall your alliance recently merged with another...and if your alliance is so great so strong, why did you need more people? was it because you guys where failing and getting a lot of inactives? or is it that you where struggling to keep up?
seriously, are you that out of tune with the server??
Struggling to keep up with what? taking all your cities, need more people, come on man. Let's not talk nonsense now.
Your alliance is a combination of all the best(???) from all the coalitions that couldn't beat us. You all have been getting stomped and come up with corny theories and excuses to save face. It's all good, I understand the need
The merge was with our pact member, you should know this. It's all about prep for WW, maybe you don't know about that either
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Must be joking what have you done bud, i made no excuses just told our story of the alliance as requested. Also you guys have got a bunch of cities on us but look lately we are getting 3 cities of yours a day. Plus most of our alliance is comprised of old school guys (orignals and fighters) Only merged to deal with the end game. Your alliance has a ton of million pt SIMMERS. I am a 1/4 the size of most of your guys and ahead on attack rankings (very sad). Worry about your alliance Zerba...
Your alliance is made up of many of the same players from your silly coalition that failed. You merged quite some time ago bud. We all know it. Your stats are nothing impressive. If we are full of simmers, why are you all where you are now??? Must be all the BOTS you accused us RD has taken cities of late( a few) late night, from players offline. It is the only way. Not skills to take from active players, awake. Tight timing, participation, etc. You know the drill, same story as gamma chief. We know where you come from. Ran from the Greeks huh!! The few times you have, RD could never get the siege. So let's stop there and not embellish what isn't real. You all finally came alive since the players you feared the most are
We have old school folks and many, many first timers who have embarrassed you old timers, and that is SAD!!!

Good luck in WW
Zerba and BOB, talk about late night operations your fearless leader is the king of that. Your right no skill, eat your own words. I have respect for you and some others. Merely trying to get MU back to life here in the forum.. I and everyone fear No one on this server. Who embarased who by the way. I did not accuse you of BOTS just multi accting which i got confirmed by a spy, just like in Gamma Celt loves his multi acct spies, Remember Infamy the player. Oh and there were others..

So a few go Vm so what, Our top guys go VM our alliance continues. Celt goes VM and you guys were helpless, lol made us laugh..

Anyway you and i talked Zerba, so nothing on you just playfull banter, good luck my old teammate..


It's crazy how far this world has come. I can't believe it's already almost time for WW! This was my first world & my most concentrated on world. There have been so many changes & fun & of course, some drama - but I am definitely going to miss it when it's gone! I've enjoyed playing with everyone I have had the opportunity to meet here & good luck to all alliances involved in WW!!!
Congrats to all of the skilled players on MU (and its disappointed that unskilled players still exist on the server). Let it be known that in the end it really wasn't even close. BoB dominated WWs with roughly 2/3rds of the members of RD (who were changing out players from their sisters for favor). RD talked of 'end game', but in the end they were ill-prepared. Players that gave they heart and soul, stayed up late to play, and probably sniped countless CS attempts were betrayed by a leadership that coddled simmers and noobs. While in LSB, I told their leadership that if LSB and MM (their alliance at the time) worked together to rid the west of these horrible players (didn't know much about the north, but knowing what I know now I would have included it as well - 34 and 43 are the softest cores on the server), we could have perhaps formed a truly great alliance in the west. Instead, they were focused on building a coalition of alliances to defeat BoB and that approach turned us off - they don't work, war is good and it is right; it allows the best players to come together and forms a strong core. Not saying LSB was a deciding factor in the end game, but it would have been smart for RD to keep us closer than they did. Instead they choose the Reapers and IW and that was a slap in our face; we are actually skilled players and they know it. Had we cleaned up the north and west I'm pretty sure there would have been a genuine fight and certainly WW's would have been harder for BoB than it was. With the players RD had on their ill-planned WW islands, they got exactly what they deserved and it was far too easy; its understandable that players that gave their all were upset about it and went in a new direction on Pella. Hopefully everyone learned from it, but from my interactions with those that went on to a new world I fear they did not. I know I learned a lot in my first and perhaps only world.
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