World MU at War


MU World at War


Once upon a time in the merry little world of Mu,
where peace has never existed since the creation of the server...
seemingly peace has never been the priority here...
8 months of wars... 8 months of disbands, mergers, rage quitting, backstabbing, lies, truths...
without further ado!
I present to you...

-= Leaderboard & History =-


Band of Brothers
  • I came to Mu with some of the people I played with in Gamma a few days after the server started, hence why we started in o65 and not in the middle of the server. We recruited some of the players around our neighboring islands while we awaited an easy initial target alliance. We found Argos to be that alliance as they were a huge MRA spread across many oceans and a leader who liked to run his mouth and threaten me, which I found funny...

    To read more about BoB click here


Righteous Death
  • R.D3TH
    I brought a handful of my players from D3th from the world Theata. We occupied two islands and were growing at a quick pace (can't remember exactly when we started). We were allied with OOC and Napped with another alliance near us, at least that is what I thought to my knowledge. Tool was one of the Diplomats for these 2 alliances...

    To read more about Righteous Death click here

The Inviolabilis Wizards

[spr]Have been here since almost the beginning of the server, once named Inviolabilis. I'm not sure where they got Wizards from, or at least I forgot. Please share your history guys.[/spr]

Last Stand Brigade
  • I joined the world and joined an alliance around me called 'Realm of Gladiators', who leadership wasn't good. I quickly helped them steam line forums and became a leader for them in which we met our neighbors in 36 which was Crusanderth's alliance. We proposed to each other a joint leadership and merged to become more of a dominant power in 36...

    To read more about LSB click here

Beginning the End

[spr]My guess is that most of them were from Mount Olympus? Please share your history guys.[/spr]


Colonizations & Maps!
Band of Brothers, Beginning of the End & Last Stand Brigade 72
The Inviolabilis Wizards & Righteous Deth 47

Colonization Rules of Engagement
Only counting cities taken by posted alliances starting from last week (26 March), because there are too many to count lol
Please do let me know if there are any other alliances aiding in this war to count respective cities.


Coming out of the Green corner BoB, BTE, LSB!
And on the Red Corner TIW, RD & Allies​
As you can see Pretty much North vs South, or Left vs Right.
ITW and RD owning most of the North and North West, while BoB, BTE & LSB owning most of the South Hemisphere and Center (middle)... If I am correct, most of the battles are taking part in Ocean 45, 35, & 36? Correct me if I'm wrong



For more info on this alliances, please visit:*Chuckle*

If anyone wants to give some brief history of the world, please let me know so that I can add it.
If you need me to change anything or more wars I haven't known about please let me know. I will verify first of course :) and if you like it, +rep.
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+ Rep and very nice, I'd think there would be more to the list of Colonization Winners but then again just my personal opinion lol


+ Rep and very nice, I'd think there would be more to the list of Colonization Winners but then again just my personal opinion lol
I was thinking about adding more people to the list but since I don't know when the wars begun, i decided only to count from this month forward.

Thanks guys!

Any more ideas, let me know :D
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Thanos of Titan

Update: BoB no longer has to wage war with Raptors. We now sit back and watch them destroy themselves, as the following real world scenario unfolds regularly.....
1. Raptors send clearing waves to BoB city (includes attacking with Swords, Archs & Birs); clearing waves die
2. Raptors follow this up with CS wave; usually escorted by less than 5 LS; this wave dies
3. Raptors then send 800+ Birs to support conquest; we allow them to land
4. Raptors realize they didn't take city, so send new clearing waves immediately (wait for it, wait for it......)
5. Yes, new clearing waves hit their own support and they all die; BoB city stands shiny and unscathed
6. BoB members split their sides from intense laughter......

Yes, this actually happens. Regularly.

That concludes this public service announcement. We now return you to your regularly scheduled war.....



Thanos! You crack me up! You're still active I see with 3 cities :) Get those BP bad boy!

Thanos of Titan

Ha! Toobe! You know, real life gets in the way of all my fun!!! What's a warrior to do?? *sigh*



The world war is as fallows:
In the blue corner, rocking a massive 6 alliance coalition is Mount Olympus! Their coalition's armies are as fallows
Heavenly Sword Ranked 7th
Mount Doom Ranked 3rd
The Grim Reapers Ranked 8th
The Dark Brotherhood Ranked 10th
and...The Inviolabilis Wizards Ranked 4th
So blue corner has the alliances from positions 1,3,4,7,8, and 10. Totaling 518 players, 19,753,162 points, and 2,809 cities!

In the red corner, a coalition made up of 2 large alliances and many many small ones (to many to name off) is Last Stand Brigade and her ally The Outlaws.

Hitting only the ranks of 8th and 9th, they total 145 members, 3,840,612 points and 696 cities.

Already Outlaws have lost 10 cities in just one night. Wonder if the war will ever change in their favor...UNLIKELY :p


Mount olympus and its ducklings are destroy momento Mori
thing in this world are so boring can we get to the war we all have been wait for.
MO is doing so well because they're pacted with literally everyone but their enemy. Linda hard to defend when you're being hit by every alliance in the game


all the other alliances are running scared so they are bent the knee. MO will turn on every single one.
I think the world is won once that war we are all waiting on happens.


If MO turns on anyone then I'm sure there will be a war against MO of all alliances.

But thats only if it comes to it. For now, we are all relaxing and enjoying peace/war.


Well one Deathro, LSB isn't a she. ;)

And Fruit yes its difficult but we don't want things too easy! So we are currently standing upto them, don't know for how long but we are atleast putting up a fight. We are finally organizing more efforts in 35 and prepare for a big war.
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