War Dragons - Recruiting



War Dragons

I'm planning on starting an alliance in the new world Troy. This alliance is not premade and is looking for YOU to help make the top alliance in this new world.​

What We Can Offer You:
  • A quality group of players who will work together to fight our enemys and help our friends
  • A quality forums for good communication
  • A Chance to win a crown
  • Guides and Helpful People who will expand your game
  • Non-Abusive and Efficent leadership

Some players are already signed up but were looking for more. We take players of all experience levels aslong as your eager to learn and ready to kill. We also are in need of leaders, diplomats, and Recruiters which we will pick in game.

Good Luck, and I can't wait to see you all on the battle field​

PM me to join and don't join the world without an invite so were all in the same area.
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Friendly advice, Join the world when it first starts and don't pick South when it asks you which location you want to go. thisisgrepolis

Good luck.