1. War Dragons - Recruiting

    War Dragons I'm planning on starting an alliance in the new world Troy. This alliance is not premade and is looking for YOU to help make the top alliance in this new world. What We Can Offer You: A quality group of players who will work together to fight our enemys and help our friends...
  2. The Sons Of Titans

    Join! Anyone is welcome to join. thisisgrepolis
  3. Join our Alliance! The Dark Empire

    8) We are currently located in ocean 45 and looking for more experience players to join us! If you are new you can start a new town by clicking here: If you are have an...
  4. Alliance Genocide Recruitment

    We are now in the building stage of the alliance. We are in Alpha world ocean 43. We believe in group support but war is on the horizon. We are looking for active players to grow. Contact CovertCriminal