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my apologies, I had asked someone if top 2 allys were pacted, I guess I was misinformed.
They just said Group Hug/Huggy bears are pacted with Killer Clownz, So yes the top 2 alliances are pacted together and with another alliance.


hey Dark, all is good, Hows life? I just jumped on this server under an alias name as was bored. Sad to see this server so pact filled. Group Hug is aptly named, I'll give them that at least. Hopefully the rest of the server marries up and hits them, that I would stick around for ;)

I am also here under an alias name. Of course you probably knew that since you don't actually see my name on the server there. Had more gold in the other account so decided to utilize it rather than my primary.


They just said Group Hug/Huggy bears are pacted with Killer Clownz, So yes the top 2 alliances are pacted together and with another alliance.
Well that is flat out sad. Whoever said we only have one pact forgot to mention their sister ally is #2 lol. This is killing grepo.


Well that is flat out sad. Whoever said we only have one pact forgot to mention their sister ally is #2 lol. This is killing grepo.
We started our as number 3 and 11, we worked our way up to the 1st and 2nd spot, that why our sister is rank 2.

Meg TheBeagle

We started our as number 3 and 11, we worked our way up to the 1st and 2nd spot, that why our sister is rank 2.

Not to mention the #2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 alliances were all in a pact/nap/relationship and have since fallen down the rankings. Probably due to the splintering of larger groups and players ghosting.


Well that is flat out sad. Whoever said we only have one pact forgot to mention their sister ally is #2 lol. This is killing grepo.
No, what is killing Grepo is the fact everyone has stupid excuses and can't do simple research on an alliance before throwing out accusations.


It is true that we started out #3 and #11 and fought our way to 1 and 2, as each group on the other side saw fit to have civil wars and crack while under pressure, turning out 5 somewhat organized enemies into 10 smaller (and easier to pick off, divided..) enemies. At any time had you all united, especially early, you could have stopped us from taking O45 and O55 while everyone else fought over 44 and 54. Our entire deal and premise was to get 2 oceans while everyone else fought over 2.

You want to know something else that kills people? People. Afraid to lose or take a beating. The people who mass ghosted last night used to be SO VOCAL in appollonia about the "pansies in ren who left and couldnt take a beating" even though they did for 2 years, and this group ghosts after 2 months. Everybody wants to win and instead of there being 4-5 competitive groups it's ALWAYS 2 groups or 2 sets of groups against the other in the .us servers.

Dark Alice was very scathing, and with the "fairness" in a war game part aside (i just happen to disagree on that part we have always chased players to VM or out of servers. the difference is that now it is WAY HARDER to reset somewhere else because the worlds are so small, all in the core 4 oceans and NO FARM ISLAND SPAWNS, so if you get opped and earn a bunch of slots, you then have to fill them on rocks on the rim), but regarding the rest: she had VERY valid points and I agree 100%.

We have the same players, and multi accounts lets face it, over and over. 677 players probably means 300 active players AT MOST and their duals and some noobs. The noobs by the way, DONT GET TAUGHT THE GAME ANYMORE, they are "food" and never given a chance. Who would stikc around, build up a city, and then get hit by 400 manticores even at 31% morale and then rebuild over n over? No one. The Tutorial Quests are pathetic and I have seen SO MANY smaller cities that I have taken that all have level 25 timber/quarry/mine AND NOT EVEN CONQUEST READY. So theyre being directly guided into simming, and even though the tutorial quest has improved to include fighting, it leaves MUCH to be desired.

I also LOVE THE IDEA OF AI "mercenary ghost armies" and i think that would add COMPETITIVENESS TO DYING WORLDS.

Say what you want but there are 677 players in Pandosia, the latest .us revolt server, and 218 million points away from WW. This world is dead and it JUST STARTED.

Did instant queuing and the Russian botting scandal in myonia ruin the game for a lot of people? YES. Has Inno shown how out of touch they are with their clients by pushing Dom AND Casual worlds (trying both more hardcore and less hardcore to lure people in) but then letting people hide in VM in the Dom worlds (which makes it a joke, the whole world can just VM To deny someone the %) and when people put their concerns to inno they just said "no ur wrong" instead of tweaking it. The first .us revolt dom world? We only had access to 81% of total dom cities cuz of VM. We finished with 60.78% total out of a possible 81% so our victory was closer to 75-75% of all available cities.

THAT IS NOT COMPETITIVE. I have considered joining enemy groups to make things more competitive, but ALL OF THE REMAINING EFFECTIVE PROFESSIONAL LEADERS IN US SERVERS ALL PLAY TOGETHER NOW (my group, imho) and the other groups are drama fests. We have golders but so do the other groups, anyways every server its us fighting the world for a few months, killing it, and coasting a dead world to the end.

Do I know how to fix it? I wish. The dev's need to pour through Dark Alice list AND ALLOW PLAYERS COUNCIL TO BRING UP TOUCHY SUBJECTS AS I HEARD THEY CANNOT EVEN DISCUSS SOME THINGS. Also, the inability of players to found on farming island cities (hammer spawns are exceedingly rare but do happen, not enough for a casual player to get one and not end up a rock rim insurgent)

I hate to say it but Inno will likely have to close the .us servers for lack of competition and then try to lure US players to en servers one way or the other. Will they hit me in middle of night? Yea, n Ill do same to them.

Too many people complain about wanting a fight but then do everything in their power to join a group to be protected AKA never attacked and do all of the attacking.

Enemies of mine: Lose with some dignity please. I see what u mean about us though, but no need to make personal or blame gold. Get better leaders and unite against us earlier next time, like u all said the last 5 times.

Friends of mine: We do kill every single world we join. I told yall we were going to recruit ourselves into a corner with no war. I know we're not a true pactfest like the enemy asserts but there are MANY people we should have just let slide somewhere else in the interest of competition rather than taking in/relocating them to hide in our ranks and then attack attack attack.

Both: I remember in the past the people who mass ghosted talking smack about people who "run and quit, pansies". Now i see them on the exact opposite side, gold shaming people like yall complained about before. Truth is? Everybody wants to win and THE US SERVERS ARE FULL OF FAIRWEATHER GREPPERS.

VERY FEW HAVE THE STOMACH TO TAKE LONG ATTACKS, AND KUDOS TO THOSE PLAYERS WITHIN US AND IN OUR ENEMIES WHO ARENT FAIRWEATHER, NOT LIKE PLAYERS WHO: IF THEY CANT ATTACK ALL OF THE TIME WITH NO RISK OF LOSING ANYTHING THEN THEY JUST QUIT. People in our group can talk smack about "quitters" but ive seen many of them quit under same circumstances, so be fair here. Also people in their group, I've seen on boths sides as well.

Next time you guys see a super threatening group early (if there is a next time i am beginning to think US servers go above 500 players anymore) then unite and kill us before we can set up, if you all can get along long enough to fight us.
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I, for one, have no ill will or cast no blame on anyone if the top two alliances. My reasons for ghosting are a personal preference. Everyone has the right to spend their money how they see fit. Just like they spend gold to produce offense quickly, another can spend gold to build their defense. When the scales start to tip in one direction, it is hard to bring them back to balance, without gold though. I can only speak for myself when I say rather than becoming a Grepo addict, I felt I needed to stop the madness. My money could be better spent on other things in my life. I spent years spending a little bit of gold to keep my advisors going and for me that was all I needed it for, but when I found myself spending all of my gold on walls and bir and troops and buying more gold I knew I needed to stop.
if someone wants to spending their money on Grepo and it brings them enjoyment, it is their prerogative. People buy beer, people buy Starbucks and people buy Grepo gold. It is the free market that makes the world go around.

Unfortunately it is hard to fight against gold when you aren't using gold. that is just a matter of fact. No blame, no finger points, just a reality and I made the conscious decision that I wasn't going to buy more gold so there was no reason to continue. save what little gold I have left for if another world comes up down the road that peaks my interest and my advisors are set.
It's a game, if you aren't having fun it is time to quit, or take a break and find something else that brings you enjoyment. If you are still having fun, then you should continue doing what you are doing. Life is too short to complain about things that you have control over. Adapt, migrate or die... it's a simply concept.

IDK what the answer is, have world designated for gold and those without gold would be ideal but that wont make INNO money, and they are a business who's goal is to make money. Maybe rather than set an Alliance cap at a number of people in an alliance, give it a Greposcore cap, but then everyone would just get new accounts.

I wish the best of luck to everyone that is still playing and I hope that you have fun and see it through to the end, you have more resilience in this world than I ever did. Happy Hunting!


Us servers are dead.

En severs are going the same way.

Massive gold using prefabs just kill the game.

This server is already finished and the sad thing is that the four core oceans(44/45/54/55) are only about 50% filled.

If the same players move in the same alliances to the next US server history will just repeat itself.

Setting a gold cap would help. Treat it like a poker stake, a limited buy in, set as a monthly limit. Get some new players in. If you really want a challenge play with an underdog alliance and see what u can add to it.

The closure rules for servers used to be 300 active players, how long b4 this server dips below 300?

The USA has a population of 325 million. One hell of a Niche market?


Group hug has all the wonders and there is less than 350 players at all on the server. When is Inno going to announce the closing of this world? And the 350 doesn't mean they are active players either