Trash Talk Thread- Sparta


"The common tree sloth. These adorable guys are about as threatening as Switzerland. They are entirely herbivorous, and spend most of the day relaxing, reclining and generally not scavenging for flesh. They are mostly famous for being slow, and you know you've reached an evolutionary low when your species is famous for sucking at motion. "

You guys are sitting over there and you are to slow to defend your cities, thanks for them :p


I heard the sloth has one of the lowest brain to body proportion percentages of all the mammals.

Sarge Arty

kyle that just means we relax because we are already done taking everyone elses cities. and have a low brain to body ratio just makes us more stream lined, we've trimmed the fat as everyone here likes to say lol.


Sloths, Penguins, Zebra's... what do they all have in common? They Suck! and cannot stand how amazingly awesome Bunnies are.


hey penguins win we live in sub 0 temps and spend all are time dodging the biggest preditors out there and we still survive and when you make us angry we tend to send you to the rim that includes bunnies and sloths