Trash Talk or Talk trash?


HAVOC likes to believe we have a coalition against them... when we really don't hahaha. They have just made too many people mad.

Vanilla Franchise

whoa whoa whoa.. what happened today in the rankings?!!?.. havoc drops a spot and the toads go to number 2?!!?


Dontcha hate it when the top players decide to up and go somewhere else? That BS happened to me in .en Zakros...I'll never forgive
Where's old Poop and Scoop or Scoop and Poop now? Looks like the Toads done crapped all over y'all.
Scoot and Shoot has merged with REBOOTED.

HAVOC has split with most of the players going to Usual Suspects and Agent Orange.

Some of the alliances have also merged into serial killers too so this world is getting more and more interesting.

Vanilla Franchise

because you're here kings.. nobody wants to catch what ya got
Newspaper released tommorow:
2 opinion editorials
-Why Parthian Shot can run away with it
-Edessa Chronicles Pact with Victorious Secrets
-Some Cheater of Life Bashing
-some tavern rumours
Wheel of fortune

Half of what I said not true