Trash Talk or Talk trash?


Dear Mommies

I have been very bad in the backyard & U have taken 3 of my toy's away. U have put me in the play pen & are now just teasing me w/ your love. If your going to take my toys away. U should of taken them all. I'm to active to be penned up. I keep climbing out & not playing "nice" w/ other. When are U going, to put me up for adoption or are U just going to keep treating me as a step-child? U can't ignore the fact I'm still in the backyard! If U keep waiting, I'm going to "grow-up" & torment your family members.

Sincerely Goinski

p.s. Love U long time. :p


Where's Dipstick at? His trash talk is the bees knees! He is really good at putting his money where his mouth is!