Top Twelve


No one ran anywhere, they came home once we set up the big top tent. Our floppy shoes make it hard to run



Hello. You missed the early fun in this world. Oh well, probably plenty to go around.


could someone please update this? these top 12s are always a good read. this world is clearly not dead yet as there would be more ghosts to eat up


Guess it's way past time for a top 12. I'll give it a try

1 Ghost Busters Swim still my alliance. Still has a massive lead on all other contenders and is not close to fully staffed

2 Enemy Mine Sink word is part of a Coalition against the top alliance alliance is nearly at capacity with no real veterans

3 Empire Sink word is part of a Coalition against the top alliance alliance nearly at capacity with no real veterans

4 Braveheart swim some experience here alliance not at capacity

5 Scorpions swim some experienced players not really veterans, though. Alliance not at capacity

6 Grep's Anatomy Swim A few veterans here. I may be mistaken but I think they are part of the Coalition. Alliance not at capacity

7 Syndicate Swim or merge Some decent players but alliance is at less than 50% capacity

8 what the heck happened Swim or Merge A few decent players but alliance is less than 50% capacity

9 Hammerdown Sink They are down to 6 players from the original MRA that was maxed and overflowing at the start of the world. Slowing sinking into the cesspool

10 7seas Swim Over 50% capacity, but only just. Most seem to be newer to the world, but are out of range of the majority of the larger groups

11 The Crazies Sink or merge Down to 10 players with maybe 1 or 2 with experience

12 Evil Empire Swim Might be an academy to the larger groups 1 or 2 experienced and larger players leading some smaller players