Top 5 Sink or Swim

Way late but here it is. I'm only doing top 5 because when I look at the world, I don't really see 12 players or even fringe players in terms of alliances in this world. There's the five largest groups and a few that will compete to make it into the top 5 and make an impact on the world.

1) True Elite/True EIite- I'll try to take it light to avoid being called biased. Located...everywhere, they have a solid enough roster based on what I know but I think they're a bit top heavy. The good players are good but at least from what I remember the bad players aren't very good and will probably be easy targets. I was in there for a hot minute and nothing really stuck out as exceptionally bad as a unit. They seem to be fighting everyone right now. They're currently 8-1 on Squad/2.0., 7-0 on Straw Hat Pirtates, 0-1 to Eviction Notice, and 0-0 with Vacation Mode/Vacation Club. I can't comment on any negatives in their leadership without being called biased and having my opinion disregarded so I'll just omit this part and stay positive. Their leaders seem to be on top of things and planning ahead for the later stages of the game. They run an aggressive alliance and most of them want to have a good team. Which I respect. Overall they need a core and they need to do it while the event is on, otherwise they're probably going to lose a lot of cities after the event is over. Because of this issue I gotta say FLOAT.

2) Vacation Mode/Vacation Club-
Well anyone that's been around this show for awhile knows that I have an extensive history with Sigurd dating back to Gythium. So they'll probably expect me to trash VM/VC. But I can't. In all honesty, they feel like the team to beat. A friend in this alliance treated me to a live siege of them LS breaking a TE siege today and it looked like they were in control. They have a solid core and also seem to be eyeing the portals early. They have a big gift and a big curse in that they don't have any serious competition in O54 which means that they may have a harder time keeping pace with other alliances in terms of growth in the early game. However they will have a relatively easy time building a core up, which they have successfully done so far. They're 3-0 with Warriors and 2-0 with Straw Hat Pirates.

Their only other weakness is that they have two full branches right now. Look I can't even find 60 people that both are alarmed, useful, and enjoyable to be around in any particular EN conquest world. There's definitely going to be some weak links, a couple of which I can identify from past stints in the US. They have a handful of players I'd say are good that I know of, they also most definitely have more that I don't know of. In terms of leadership, gotta be honest, I think they have the best leadership at this point in time and I think that they have the best positioning if they can turn it to their advantage. SWIM.

Also I'm wishing Chrict a speedy recovery from his accident.

3) Squad/Squad 2.0- They're located in O45 mainly and are right by True Elite who they are 1-8 with. They're 1-0 with Warriors, and 0-1 with Vacation Mode. It looks like they have a few revolt players on their roster. They've been rumored to have a resident spammer as well. All in all their coring is pretty good. But that doesn't matter much if it becomes True Elite's core. However I've seen bigger comebacks and its a small world. Lets see if they can make it work. FLOAT.

4) Warriors-
Based mainly in O44 but seem to also be a bit all over with cities in O45 and O55. They seem to be losing cities to everyone ranked above them. So there's not really a whole lot more to say right now. SINK.

5) Eviction Notice-
Plot twist, its actually the real Eviction Notice hiding under new IGNS. But for real, they're mainly in O45. They're 1-0 with True Elite so there's some potential. But they look like they're only just starting to get the ball going a bit. The key here will be keeping a decent core, winning the O45 temple battle, which has some pretty powerful buffs, and eventually picking up momentum on True Elite I actually think that this will be TE's main test in O45. SWIM.
Its been a bit since the first update so I'll follow up on my thoughts.

1) The True Elite/The True EIite- What looked like a disaster at the start in leadership is now starting to maybe get a game plan and things are starting to click a bit more. They picked up a resource production temple as the first temple conquered in the world. They're currently up 31-1 against their main opponent in The Squad groups. They're also beating Straw Hat Pirates by a score of 14-0 and Warriors by a score of 8-0. They also began fighting Vacation Mode/Vacation Club and currently lead by a score of 4-0. They're still 0-1 to Eviction Notice. Overall its a decent turn around for the group and they're starting to build some momentum. Their core seems to be coming together a bit more and should improve as they continue to beat the Warriors and Squad groups. SWIM.

Recommended Moves:
Continue to build their core, make use of the absolute gift that is O45 temples.

2) Vacation Mode/Vacation Club- A lot of this will come from my experience fighting them and some other info I've been given. You could really divide VM/VC into two groups, the doers and the simmers and let me tell you that the first group is pretty exclusive. I think that they've over extended a a lot with recruiting and by going deeper into O55 and they have many players where really just the same 10-15 would be as effective. They also have experienced a leadership change, which should be good for them as in this case they're getting their main leader back. Still the work is cut out for them. They're currently beating Ready 4 War by a score of 7-0, Warriors by a score of 3-0, and Squad by a score of 1-0. They're losing to True Elite by a score of 0-4. Overall I don't really see them as some sinking ship because TBWC/TE got the odd jab in on them. But I do see it as an early warning that its time to start thinking their moves through and getting serious about the world. SWIM.

Recommended Moves:
Cut the dead weight out of the alliance. Stop rim temple chasing for now as well. Stop using walls.

3) The Squad/Squad 2.0-
Currently in a rock and a hard place with the war with TE but credit to them for staying persistent. Some flaws I've seen in the group are that they're taking to using walls. Unless the plan is to completely relocate to a new area, then walls and LTS aren't very useful in fighting a war as it cuts their support out. They do have partnerships with the Warriors and Eviction Notice it looks like but it hasn't been enough to turn things around yet. They also do appear to be moving south in O45. FLOAT.

Recommended Moves:
Just keep moving south.

4) Eviction Notice- The only group to really lead TE right now. They seem to be mainly interested in building their core in northwest O45 and have a pact with Warriors and The Squad I believe, time will tell if they end up being a deciding factor in the war with TE. SWIM.

Recommended Moves:
Keep coring and supporting in the war.

5) Warriors- The O44 ally of The Squad/Squad 2.0. They're currently losing to both Vacation Mode and True Elite but its by no means a blow out right now. They seem to be moving north with The Squad to secure some rim temples. I don't really see it working out for this group, they don't really have a core and seem to be more of a random alliance in O44 than an actually powerful team. SINK.

Recommended Moves:
I have none for this group.


Doubt the more otw part but I'm simply say you guys got him while he was in hospital. So yeah, good job... *eye roll*

How's the MRA treating ya? And the hugathon you guys have against VM with 3 other alliances helping you fight them? lol

all of this is news to me.. hope Walkor gets well soon!

and im interested who the other alliances are in this hugathon... lol

Oggami Itto

The only ones hugging it out is is the entire world against The True Elites. Who are you trying to convince, the rest of us or yourself. And i can guaranty there be more. The Squad is gone. Who's next?
R4W, Anonymous, and Artriedade are all the teams you guys keep reaching out to to help you guys lol. Funny how you guys also don't fight each other at all?

Along with (again) having 3 alliances now. And only grow by inviting top players in from other alliances and occasionally take a few cities lol. You guys have even asked half of VM to join you. BUT, I know you (Matt) wouldn't know of it because your leadership doesn't talk to each other at all and it's a flipping mess over there. But hey, keep do you, maybe the gold spending will allow you (alliance, overall) to win out?

Though I do give kudos to Clint for staying this long. I'm sure it's a record for him. Good show for once

Oggami Itto

Your talking nonsense. But watch how many cities VM will lose. 1 before this evening ends, and another in the morning. You guys must be getting bad intel. But don’t worry, you’ll be joining the squad soon enough. BTW, we do have second alliance, and so does VM, so why would you bring that up.
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Just want to clarify some points. I hate some of the talk on forums. It never falls back on ONE individual. People tend to forget their teammates when engaging in arguments , insults and talking trash. Attention to detail is crucial. Emotions run a little too high in this game from time to time.

Walkor was never in the hospital. He was unable to communicate due to severe illness. Previously this same thing did send him to the hospital and that was mentioned in Discord. My guess is that was an honest misunderstanding, but again, attention to detail. In full disclosure I did reach out and explain the situation and an agreement was made that attacks would cease at 23:00:00 the day after I explained what was happening. A CS landed after that time. Is what it is. You run your mouth in world chat and make enemies and you're gonna get lit up if something happens in real life. In this case everyone hates the player not the game.

As far as any kind of working together. It's one player from each of those alliances. Don't know if I would call that working together. Titan and CSUMI sent support to multiple Anonymous sieges (avd1). So my guess is player A knows players B and C. More like a fist bump than a hugathon. Or given the current state of affairs in this world, elbow bump. Now did anyone really need to go hit up avd1 this morning to break a 3k bir siege...probably not.

A little research also goes a long way. Nothing TE did by adding players was any different than VM adding a second group except for the fact that Rubber Duck absolutely did recruit and try to poach top players from alliances. Our group included chris, prad and hixr at the minimum. Not half the alliance, but still. Welcome to the war game. And it wouldn't have mattered except for these days the nature of the game is to find a way to put it on easy mode. Anyone with time in this game knows each other. It's logical to play together. There is minimal growth in new players. So you get what we've got now.

How are you supposed to make a top 5..never mind a 10 or 12 like it used to be with real relevant groups. Remember when diplomacy mattered.

The real issue is this, TE has 18 more members and doubles VM on top 100 players, fighters and points, has 400 more cities and dominates 3 of 4 oceans...and somehow VM is their top competition left in a world that hasn't existed that long. Even worse if you add our groups together we have 52 top 100 fighters and 58 players. The next TWELVE alliances combined have 42 fighters and 41 players and the conquest score is 223-11. 25% of those players are in 1 alliance. That means 2/3 of the top players on the server are in 3 groups and those are the majority of the truly active players. There are really good players not in those number....blackdem couple of nice snipes by the way! Respect! But my point stands. Low activity. Same team. 2 or 3 members talk trash. Everyone else on their team suffers when they can't back it up for whatever reason. Meh.

Oh look, another LMD. Cool. I never should have quit smoking cigarettes.