Top 13 Sink or Swim




most forum action i've seen in years in a us server forum


well i'm bored so here is my top 12 sink or swim

1. Harsh - SINK- a lot of bad leadership in alliance causing members to leave and join others, they will be sunk question is how long will it take?
2. DILLIGAF- SWIM-strong leader core, making progress of jumping into number one alliance spot, moving well to become the number 1 alliance in world.
3. Dystopia - SWIM- another strong group making strides in the world will be a contender for sure.
4. House of Ares- SINK- no leadership core here, losing cities fast with no support on defenses, will be sunk very soon.
5. The Brew Crew- possible swim for now until others are gone thank they will sink as well. only reason for swim is they have been staying out of battles as of now and have not pacted with anyone so they may slip under the radar for the time being.
6. Disinfectant - SINK - same as Ares no leadership present and as with Ares losing cities fast with no supporting of players.
7. Bridge Burners- SWIM - isolated alliance in area where no wars are present at this time, grouped together and will swim while wars are going on between top alliances but more than likely will then sink once other alliances take notice of them. Only hope here is good pacting and possibly merging with another top alliance.
8. Inferno - SINK- sister alliance of Harsh - not very good leadership based in this alliance, cities dropping no support, needs to merge with Harsh and maybe allow Harsh a little more time to swim before getting sunk for good.
9. D3C8Y - SWIM another alliance similar to Bridge Burners, will swim until main wars are through.
10. Ares Academy - SINK - nothing but inactives in this one, will sink when people run out of bigger cities to take and decide to gobble up on smaller cities.
11. The Militia - SWIM- see Bridge Burners and D3C8Y
12. *Tigers Blood* - SWIM - pacted well thus far which was their saving grace, needs to merge with a larger alliance to fully show skill levels once merged that alliance will become the top dawg of server as there are good players within this alliance.


Hi deth.

My prediction, without looking at the world let alone joining it. DILLIGAF will fall at some point. The ego in the name alone screams like a failure to me. Something will happen internally and then boom goes the dynamite .
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Hi deth.

My prediction, without looking at the world let alone joining it. DILLIGAF will fall at some point. The ego in the name alone screams like a failure to me. Something will happen internally and then boom goes the dinamite.

well we'll try not to make it happen like that we got me clint and mayhem in there so we'll see ....


Damn, grepolis is dying. I remember when forums were way more active and there were 30k players per world


Egh for a slow world its not bad...outside the TT's lol


My Top 12 Enjoy. Would've had a World Map but had a few issues May Edit it in Later. Colors mean nothing just a Way of Identifying each alliance.

Alliance - Dystopia
Points - 812,228
Members - 94
Average Points - 8,641
Fighters Rank - 3 | 382,688
ABP Rank - 2 | 310,213
DBP Rank - 3 | 72,475

No question here there is a Swim top 3rd overall fighters an im sure just like their rise from 3rd to 1st that will change. Mostly in 45/55 an They are the only alliance to be 1st in 2 oceans with no real competition in both oceans they double the points of the 2nd place.

2) Swim
Alliance - DILLIGAF
Points - 772,866
Members - 92
Average Points - 8,401
Fighters Rank - 2 | 403,882
ABP Rank - 3 | 303,848
DBP Rank - 1 | 100,630

I see names ik, I also see names ik from rankings either way they are getting it done 2nd overall Fighters. Rank 1 in 54, Almost Doubles the 2nd rank. These guys have abit in each ocean which is prolly why they are Rank 1 defenders but even still poke the bear an the bear comes out swinging, So they swim

Alliance - Harsh
Points - 616,879

Members - 82
Average Points -7,525
Fighters Rank - 1 | 419,208
ABP Rank - 1 | 326,274
DBP Rank - 2 | 93,309

Former Rank 1, Rank 1 Fighters these guys hold the corner of the starting core oceans which is why they arent a Rank 1 in a ocean but they got the team. Idk leadership so couldnt say there very welled cored outside being in between everyone but seem to be holding their own, They have a Sister Allance aswell..So Swim for some time now.

Alliance - Bridge Burners
Points - 324,090

Members - 87
Average Points - 3,725
Fighters Rank - 8 | 138,853
ABP Rank - 8 | 115,280
DBP Rank - 8 | 23,658

My Alliance I'll believe we'll swim Great Team, One of the only alliances on this list to be Focused in 1 Ocean. Rank 1 in 44.

5) Sink
Alliance - The Brew Crew
Points - 280,993

Members - 86
Average Points - 3,267
Fighters Rank - 5 | 195,654
ABP Rank - 4 | 150,102
DBP Rank - 6 | 45,599

Just dont think they can stand Agaisnt Dystopia. Great BP Ranks, But alliance is basically split in 2. 1 half up in 54 an the other at the bottom of 55 dont see good things coming from them this world anyways.

Alliance - House of Ares
Points - 270,483

Members - 79
Average Points - 3,424
Fighters Rank - 6 | 195,215
ABP Rank - 6 | 138,874
DBP Rank - 5 | 56,582

Slowy Falling in Rankings, Had a good core in 54 now with players jumping an the such its spotted with multiple alliances. Dystopia/DILLIGAF/House of Ares. Seem to have swallowed their Academy aswell. Sinking

7) Swim
Alliance - Inferno
Points - 262,950

Members - 64
Average Points - 4,109
Fighters Rank - 7 | 147,825
ABP Rank - 7 | 117,541
DBP Rank - 7 | 30,336

See Rank 3 this is their Academy

Alliance - D3C8Y
Points - 253,727

Members - 78
Average Points - 3,253
Fighters Rank - 9 | 131,116
ABP Rank - 9 | 113,517
DBP Rank - 10 | 17,650

Sink They borded a heavy Core of Dystopia. Dont see much happening from em, I took a City of Theirs With no Response from the Alliance or even his alliance mate island side...

9) Float
Alliance - The Militia
Points - 209,962

Members - 83
Average Points - 2,530
Fighters Rank - 10 | 120,567
ABP Rank - 10 | 99,682
DBP Rank - 9 | 21,575

Float for now depending on Leadership an their growth. Sitting on the Rim They can stay to themselves in this slow world due to TT's an grow an fight later but we'll see.

10) Float?
Alliance - *Tigers Blood*
Points - 176,040

Members - 38
Average Points - 4,633
Fighters Rank - 11 | 89,091
ABP Rank - 11 | 76,458
DBP Rank - 12 | 12,852

I Give a Questionable Float, They are decently kept together an are outside the larger alliances yet they are on that border should eyes turn to them..Well sink is more likely then.

Points - 172,202
Alliance - Disinfectant

Members - 42
Average Points - 4,100
Fighters Rank - 4 | 214,436
ABP Rank - 5 | 144,540
DBP Rank - 4 | 70,460

Seemed to have a Good team an start, but has fell to larger alliances an i dont see them reversing it in those currents..

Alliance - Blood
Points - 118,297

Members - 18
Average Points - 6,572
Fighters Rank - 18 | 43,029
ABP Rank - 18 | 35,940
DBP Rank - 18 | 7,132

Seem to be a group of players who have left another alliance an grouped could possibly go somewhere with a merge maybe The Militia




my sink or swim list

1 Dystopia swim
seem like a good group some good players good core and in where there's no competition they look pretty good

2 DILLIGAF my alliance not for me to decide but number 1 attackers number 1 fighter and number 2 defenders

harsh sink
not bad players just seems like there unorganized and that's all i got to say about them

4 Bridge Burners swim/ float
some very good players number 9 attacker number 9 defenders and number 8 fighters . they seem like decent group no real fight where there at at the moment

5*WINNING* sink

there in 54 a pretty hard ocean at the moment don't see them lasting

6 the brew crew sink

sink just because

Inferno sink

sister alliance to harsh

8 D3C8Y float for now

don't really no much about this group so just a float for now

House of Ares sink

already a sinking ship

THE MILITIA swim then sink

a few good players also in 54 so again a hard ocean but will see how they will do 10th attackers 8th defenders also 10th fighters so not to bad for there rank