Top 13 Sink or Swim

Sir Groot

Its still very early, but will post anyway top 13 . Atleast later good to look who we had then .

1. Harsh - Swim First in Attackers and fighters top and second in defenders. Best average points aswell , some good players there. Nothing more to say at the moment. Stronger presence in O44/O54 but overall spreaded like most alliances. Swim at the moment.

2. Dilligaf - Swim Third in attackers , first in defenders and third in fighters. Runner up in average points .Good expierenced group. Also mainly O44/054 but presence in others aswell. Swim

3. Dystopia - Swim Second in attackers and in fighters top. Third best average. Mainly O45/O55 side. Swim

4. Dysinfectant - Sink Third in defenders . Probably will merge up someone as falling in ranks and loosing quite amount of cities. Some good players, but overall too spreaded. Sink

5.House of Ares - Float/Sink Will be pushed off from O54 i assume . Overall too spreaded. Can float with good diplomatics moves and as they have two academies if they can get something work from there, mainly O44/O45 side. Float/Sink

6.The Brew Crew - Sink No comments

7.Bridge Burners - Float/Swim First alliance who are located mainly in one ocean - O44 , with good orginization can float or even swim if they keep up and stay on their course.

8.Inferno - Swim ---- Same as 1

9.Ares Academy - Sink ---- Same as 5

10.D3C8Y - Float/Sink - Need to cut dead weight

11.*Tigers Blood* - Float - Can reach wherever they want , all includes a question mark so can go either way. Definetly they have some good ones there.

12.The Militia - Sink

13.Dark Angels - Sink
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