Top 13 Sink or Swim


I know it's early and the US forums are dead but what are your thoughts?


way too early for this especially since speed 1...we'll see more once more people become conquest ready


Speed 1 worlds are so slow, it pains the soul to do upgrades. I'll slug this one out though.


Its still very early, but will post anyway top 13 . Atleast later good to look who we had then .

1. Harsh - Swim First in Attackers and fighters top and second in defenders. Best average points aswell , some good players there. Nothing more to say at the moment. Stronger presence in O44/O54 but overall spreaded like most alliances. Swim at the moment.

2. Dilligaf - Swim Third in attackers , first in defenders and third in fighters. Runner up in average points .Good expierenced group. Also mainly O44/054 but presence in others aswell. Swim

3. Dystopia - Swim Second in attackers and in fighters top. Third best average. Mainly O45/O55 side. Swim

4. Dysinfectant - Sink Third in defenders . Probably will merge up someone as falling in ranks and loosing quite amount of cities. Some good players, but overall too spreaded. Sink

5.House of Ares - Float/Sink Will be pushed off from O54 i assume . Overall too spreaded. Can float with good diplomatics moves and as they have two academies if they can get something work from there, mainly O44/O45 side. Float/Sink

6.The Brew Crew - Sink No comments

7.Bridge Burners - Float/Swim First alliance who are located mainly in one ocean - O44 , with good orginization can float or even swim if they keep up and stay on their course.

8.Inferno - Swim ---- Same as 1

9.Ares Academy - Sink ---- Same as 5

10.D3C8Y - Float/Sink - Need to cut dead weight

11.*Tigers Blood* - Float - Can reach wherever they want , all includes a question mark so can go either way. Definetly they have some good ones there.

12.The Militia - Sink

13.Dark Angels - Sink
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good list groot be interestig see how this looks in a few weeks


Super Spartan Elite--> My guess would be a sink
Rainbow Gummys Swim all day


I think Charlie is a swim but could change to a float