Top 12!!!


Guys can someone help me...I'm stuck in vm mode :-( it says all my cities are gone too...The Union guys took em all!


Say what? I thought just logging back in would take you out of vacation mode. You thinking about playing again?


ya I just noticed. I was in a bad accident and now I have grepolis itch again and surprise. My stuffs all gone. So is my alliance apparently. But nice to see you back to tyler. Bit of an odd coincidence.


Want to be the first to publicly congratulate the Union for being the first alliance to cross the ten million point Mark. lol Want to slow down for the rest of us? thisisgrepolis


Thank you.. Thank you... /bow

No--- No--- No need to praise the glory of The Union, we know we know....


I don't think this world actually makes it to WW phase at the rate of decay it has now it will go inactive due to lack of players.


I agree but it was definitely a very fun ride here so far hehe to the next world!


I heard they are rebranding because they feel bad taking all your entertainment away hehe they are calling themselves the end because that is what happens when you fight the Union, it ends.


Time for an update :eek:

I'll try to make a comment on that later, when I have more time. :eek:
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Lee Sin

1. The Union - they only have 200k average points and 11 mil alliance points. will fall apart soon


1) The Union---11.4 Million Total Points; AvgPoints: 234,000; TBP: 5.8 Million; ABP: 3.4 Million; DBP: 2.4 Million
Top Ten Players: 5; Top Ten Attackers: 4; Top Ten Defenders: 3; Top Ten Fighters: 4
Clearly the best alliance in Eta, best situated to keep its members entertained with live prey on all sides of its border. Any new wars initiated by this alliance will bring doom to the alliance they are engaging. Biggest risk to end-game victory would be losing quality members to boredom. This alliance has shown an ability to defend and attack better than any other alliance organization of Eta.

2) Night Warriors---8.8 Million Total Points; AvgPoints: 180,000; TBP: 3.3 Million; ABP: 2.6 Million; DBP: 700,000
Top Ten Players: 3; Top Ten Attackers: 3; Top Ten Defenders: 0; Top Ten Fighters: 3
Second best alliance of Eta besides the Union no other alliance comes close to us in strength,points or ability. Has the best three attackers of Eta(By ABP) which would bring an unholy focus and destruction at the path of anyone who comes across these members of the Night. While this alliance has only lost one city in any of its war efforts, most alliances that have run up against the Night usually give up attacking the Night once its seen how hopeless it is so the alliance has never been tested for too long when it comes to defensive needs, hence its low DBP. This alliance has arrived where it is by belonging to a 3 Alliance coalition, the other members of the Coalition being Oceanus and Night Fall, though the Night works closely with other alliances not considered part of its Home Coalition. Long live the Night!

3)ALL IN---4.6 Million Total Points; AvgPoints: 135,000; TBP: 2.1 Million; ABP: 1.5 Million; DBP: 620,000
Top Ten Players: 0; Top Ten Attackers: 1; Top Ten Defenders: 0; Top Ten Fighters: 1
This alliance has great active leadership that has helped guide it to prosperity and has worked closely with the Night and the Union. It as well has not been attacked much giving it a low amount of DBP but it has made up for it with a very active attack total. Will see this alliance remaining on the top through WW phase barring any alliance instability. One of the last alliances to still have an Academy which has helped keep its member totals up and continue to feed it active members for some time to come.

4) The North---4 Million Total Points; AvgPoints: 101,000; TBP: 580,000; ABP: 380,000; DBP: 202,000
Top Ten Players: 0; Top Ten Attackers: 0; Top Ten Defenders: 0; Top Ten Fighters: 0
One of the newer alliances, born from the split of what was once Apocalypse Warlords. Usually newer alliances have few enemies but would assume it is currently in a war with The End(The other AW alliance spin-off) for supremacy of the northern oceans of Eta. Due to its distance from most major alliance, this alliance could provide a good run at WW phase since it will have no threats to destroy its islands unless the war with The End turn sour. I would say its major advantages would be distance from most top threats, should keep them safe and protected unless they decide to venture out for future expansion.

5) Oceanus---3.9 Million Total Points; AvgPoints: 97,000; TBP: 1.4 Million; ABP: 1.1 Million; DBP: 254,000
Top Ten Players: 0; Top Ten Attackers: 0; Top Ten Defenders: 0; Top Ten Fighters: 0
While not as point rich as its neighbors, this alliance is a good group of players with experienced leadership. Works closely with the Night Empire(NW/NF) which has helped keep its waters relatively safe since no real threats to Oceanus or NW exist in their waters. Biggest handicap of this alliance is the same as NW but more extreme which is very little DBP since no major alliance has ever been able to sustain any major offensive operations against the might of Oceanus-Night. Barring political instability will most likely be around for WW phase.

Due to being tired of doing this any longer, will end my analysis of the top alliances of Eta. Hope you enjoyed it!


Thank you sir, just trying to do my part in keeping these forums alive. I check out the other world forums from time to time and its really nice reading everyone commenting and actually having analysis done about the attacking alliances, the top point alliances and even players. I think there has been three posting in the past two weeks(At least it feels like it; I know I'm exaggerating a bit). By the way don't want to insult the remaining alliances by not having anything written about the rest of them its just my knowledge on them is very little if not at all and after writing that for twenty mins I didn't want to keep going on for another hour lol.

Thayer Ravenborn

I enjoyed the write up Cerulias. The North isn't at war with The End. There were some tense moments, but we are actually in a pact. We were at war with Shell Shock and then after we took 8 of their cities they dissolved. Their members joined The End and The Illuminati.
War could be in our future. Only time will tell.


Whats up everyone! Finally got around to making a profile instead of just reading the forums...I know a couple of you and have talked to Cerulias before.