Top 12

Someone mentioned making one and I decided to make an almost uneducated one, because why not?

1. It's Taking Us Some Time- Good players, swim
2. Killer Clowns- More good players, swim
3. Fully Equipped Elites- I recognize a few names, they didn't impress me. Float?
4. Goblins- 5 players 24 hours IA already, sink
5. To Come Up With A Name- My alliance, not going to comment.
6. Group Hug- BS from Mochlos w/ other good players, very high chance of winning.
7. The Handy Bunch- Zimmerli is there so I assume Stray Cats from Mochlos. They all VMed out when they backstabbed people and then tried to get a truce. Sink.
8. Shawnee War- Sink
9. Outlawz- Sink
10. Knock Knock - Sink
11. Mandela Effect- Float/Sink for now, Float after Eubea.
12. Misfits- Sink


I'll do one
1. Killer Clowns- overall looks like good group, solid core in 45, swim for now
2. Its taking us some time - my alliance, no comment
3. Fully equipped elite-- everyone who knows me from olynthus knows my feelings towards Bassman and co., these guys will sink within a week from BP ending
4. Group Hug- high avg. lovely, with names like malex 01memo bradetich and skolnick how could you expect these guys to do anything other than swim
5. to come up with a name-- Cooter, putter, steve, jamincon, and more good names solid core in 54 should be able to swim
6. Goblins-- Unoriginal, noobish, I dont have a great vibe about them overall so I'll predict that they'll sink
7. Shawnee War-- these guys pop into every world it seems but I don't think they'll last here with this many good groups, sink
8. The Handy Bunch- I kinda like some of the names and ideas of this group but can't give it to them fully, float for now
9. Outlawz-- spelling your alliance name makes it better, proven fact. I see these guys as being nothing more than food though, float for a little while they fly under radar then sink
10. Knock knock--too spread out, too edible, sink
11. Misfits-- decent core actually, float for now
12. Mandela Effect-- think they're gold trading? Float because they'll all be turtled, then die once everyone around them grows
I think you're the first person outside my alliance to call me good with the exception of the 4 branch MRA in Eubea.


Killer Clowns and The Handy Bunch appear to be the same group........


It's taking us some time - to come up with a name.

you don't need to be Steven Hawkins to know that they are the same group. Clever use of words.


Killer Clowns and The Handy Bunch appear to be the same group........
Probably why the guys in The Handy Bunch were threatening me if I didnt join them, they feel safe.

KC and The Handy Bunch - Sink


I must admit I find this blind and very inaccurate speculation amusing.


I definitely see players from KOD in KK and THB.



Looking forward to seeing how this world plays out. So far things are looking up for my group. Good core and even better players.


We're silly Clowns not foolish. I'll not discuss our diplo on external. Better to keep all you wondering and giggle


everyone's favorite gribbe here. I'm in Steve's group so I think that gives us double the chances of winning just by us 2 being here