Top 12


hehey gotta agree with kings here this is not very funn , so letts make some sort of competion , we all pick a player our same size and then we go after him/her can be anyone , whomever rimms their target first gets 5 days bragging rights :D
LOL I'm glad to see that i'm not the only one that ignored that comment. Lame.


Sorry panda, that's lame. You and Kings get another room, this is for top 12s.

1. Ascension - Off to a great start. There are some good players here with a solid core. But, don't get ahead of yourself and spread out too far. Blood is a good competitor and [ally]Time For Gnome Ants[/ally] will become a problem for them. - Swim

2. The Mickey Mouse Club - Stand alone alliance with no academies. Right next to [ally]Blood[/ally]. This alliance is definitely outnumbered with blood next door, but if defense is up, they should do well. Seasoned players and solid core. - Swim

3. Blood - Definitely some good players here. Cookies have merged into this alliance. They can do well if they chose better strategies and allies. Great position to eat MMC if they wanted to expand East (not likely) - Float

4. Time For Gnome Ants - Looks more like an ex-panda alliance with a few straglers and a few spies. Solid core but will be a fight with Ascension and I really don't care for the profile pic. Float for a while, then - sink

5. .Blood. - See #3

6. House of Ares - I have seen this alliance name in many worlds yet, never seen them win a crown. Maybe a new alliance name would help. - Sink

7. Ascend - See #1

8. Fenrir - Not a bad place to start for an alliance. They do have somewhat of a core but need to get tighter. They have lots of food around them. - Float

9. Raiders of the North - I commend them for keeping things tight. They're close together and can snipe if they're good enough but ocean 54 is a tough spot. I do foresee Ascension spreading out and eating these cities. - Sink

10. The Militia - Tiny core. [ally]Fenrir[/ally] will probably eat them. - Sink

11. phantom knights - They are in Southern 55 with no "specified core". They will need to tighten things up if they wanna survive. - Sink

12. Renegades - Not really in a great spot over 3 oceans. Quite a few players that are never online and will be easy to eat. - Sink


1. MMC- very strong members and little resistance from their enemies. They have ocean 55 solidly in their grasp. Swim

2. Ascension- Has too many sisters, daughters or whatever you wanna call em, however they have a strong core and their main alliance has very good members. If they dont become an MRA they will swim.

3. Time for Gnome Ants- Own alliance bias, so I will only say this: Swim

4. Blood- Collapsing as we speak. Bad at avoiding city losses, and all their biggest players are leaving. Sink.

5. .Blood. Will sink with Blood.

6. House of Ares- I dont really know anything about this alliance, but they are surely going to have a problem expanding, and they aren't growing quickly right now. Float

7. Ascend- Much smaller than its parent alliance, however they will probably swim or float along with them.

8. Phantom Knights- Spread out and in MMC territory with a low average player score. MMC will eat them. Sink

9. Raiders of the North- Losing cities everyday, but recruiting enough new players to make up for it. Obviously this formula cant last forever. Float then sink.

10. The Militia: In Ascension territory and not strong enough to fight back, they may be food. Sink

11. Fenrir- Now apparently another Ascension academy? Idk, but I think they will be able to stick around for awhile. Float

12. Renegades- Spread out randomly over all 4 corners of the world. There is no way they'll be able to support eachother from the bigger alliances who want to eat them. Sink.
1. MMC- Good players hitting hard without really being hit back. Unless Blood or Ascension hit them in the face, swim.

2/7. Ascension
- Good core, taking and returning hits. Have seen some terrible hits though, float.

3. Time for Gnome Ants
- North of MMC and east of Ascension. Good core, seem like they'll do well enough. Swim.

4/5. Blood- Something of a core, the east acting as MMC's punching bag while they move into Ascension. Seem to be angering their members, as seen by the sudden resurgence of Cookie Monsters and the loss of some good players, Josh especially. Sink.

6. House of Ares- Core behind Blood. Not sure how they're doing, haven't payed much attention to them. Float.

8. Phantom Knights- Behind MMC and no solid core. Would be good food if MMC needed to fall back due to Blood or Ascension turning to face them. Sink.

9. The Militia- Stuck between Ascension and Gnome. Probably going to wind up as food. Sink.

10. Raiders of the North- Not sure about them. If Millipede is to be believed, they're going to sink.

11. Cookie Monsters- Back but smaller than before, they sprang up because of bad blood with them and Blood. (I'm sorry, I felt I needed to make the pun) Solid players good at offense and defense, but small and stuck between MMC and Blood. Sink

Note: I tried to look at this from an objective standpoint with as little bias as possible, but doesn't mean there isn't any.


Uuo girl forever the bitter one towards pandas :/ never understood why i like to think we always get along with everyone.but u seem to have some issues with me and or the guys i play with ...?


Josh especially.

aww man steve-a-rino. thanks for the personal shout out, dude. I'm just one person and don't really feel that I'm THAT important in the big scheme of things. I, however, was absolutely shocked to see just how big the ripples were from 2 player's decisions to join another alliance.


Uuo girl forever the bitter one towards pandas :/ never understood why i like to think we always get along with everyone.but u seem to have some issues with me and or the guys i play with ...?

Who said we didn't get along? Other than that little stunt in Oropos of getting that idiot of a player think that i was a spy lol. Pretty shallow if you ask me but given the idiot who believed it, not surprising. I had to look up his name because i couldn't even remember. It was the great Sunvaar. lol He was really a nuisance over that. Like an annoying gnat. He thought he knew what he was talking about but apparently did not.


LOL HoA is 4th in this world. Why bother doing a top 12? A top 3 would work..It's top-heavy.
Here's a revised version of my top 12:

1/6: MMC- An unstoppable war machine hell bent on the utter annihilation of everyone in their way. Swim.

2/5/9: Ascension- Moving east into the carcass called Blood. If they continue they'll start mingling with MMC, which won't be pretty. Sink

3: Illuminati- Who knows what they're doing? Float, I guess

4: HoA- Right up cozy with MMC, sink.

7: Blood- The list just ends here. Blood's dead even if they don't realize it. Due to terrible leadership and censoring of players, half their members were kicked, left for dead, or joined MMC. Meanwhile Blood leadership is either MIA or on VM so they're dead in the water. Sink doesn't even begin to cover what happened to Blood. It's more of "Nuked from orbit"


Well for all that talk and hype about House of Ares winning you guys didnt do too well, did you now?


When you get stabbed in the back by people supposed to be on your side its hard to survive. Can trust some
New top 12, since it's been almost a month.

1/4) MMC- Still murdering things. Glory to the lords of war!
2/7) Curl Up- Moving up close to MMC
3) Ren- Getting slaughtered
5) Lotr- Failing miserably.
6) Spartan Legion- Who knows?
8) idk lol- I didn't even know they existed
9) Defiant One's- Spattered VM is never a good sign
10) Panda Nuggets- Mother of god they took a city from an IA MMC member, those geniuses
11) Spartan Crew- Staying out of the way and hoping to not get rimmed
12) Phantom Knights- Disappeared after their allies died.


Do we really need a top 12? We all know it is:
1. MMC
2. Boop
3------Everybody else getting slaughtered and sharing defensive tabs against the top two.

The slaughter shall continue.