Top 12


World's barely outta bp an the few alliances who look competitive look to come out the gate strong the top 12 only has 2 alliances that atm look full enough to do something the rest is riddled wit part timers and gold traders well see a merge of active players in the future and multiple good alliances pop up I think house of ares will swim ascension will swim blood will swim the rest will sink


Tell me bout it, this is my first world since Tau and I'm used to these externals being a constant bickering match.
ill be honest I am glad the trash talk on the externals in this server is to a minimum and the talking is being done on the battle field.
hehey gotta agree with kings here this is not very funn , so letts make some sort of competion , we all pick a player our same size and then we go after him/her can be anyone , whomever rimms their target first gets 5 days bragging rights :D