Top 12


Still two independent alliances, name change because the bunnies were too dumb to realize we were working together?


I think its time for a new top 12. Although top 12 would be pretty superfluous seeing as how there's only 4 alliances that are worth accounting for now that the supposed 'fighters' are holding hands and taking on the Bunnies together.


I always give respect when it's due. And bunnies have been our toughest test so far, and the fighting really hasn't broken out yet. We will have to see who's will is stronger, because I think there are great players on both sides. The only let down will be, that when the dust settles, the winner will still lose, as the world will be done way to early. Should be interesting.


Well, it’s been awfully quiet on these externals lately, and it’s been over 3 weeks since a top 12 was posted, so I figured I’d do one. One thing that sticks out is that the top 5 remain relatively unchanged, but there has been plenty of movement in the bottom 7.

1 Bunny Killers (previous rank, #1). These guys have been tops in points for a long time, and by a pretty large margin, too. They are also tops in bp, but by a smaller margin on that metric. The top 3 fighters are all Bunnies (Killers and Gladiator). They have cities in good concentrations in 44, 54, and 45. A smattering of cities in northern 55. In recent fighting with Fight Club/Knights, the Bunnies have taken 1 while the Fight team has taken 3. As I write this, the Fight team has another Bunny city under siege. Still way too early to say how that fighting will end up. The top 3 fighters are Bunnies, while the Fight team have 6 of the top 10. With good players and a decent core in 3 oceans, they seem to be rightfully in the top spot. Clearly swimming.

2. Fight Club (previous rank, #2). Still #2 in points and #2 fighting (#2 attacking, #5 defending). With a good collection of dedicated vets and the tightest core in 55, FC is in a strong position. Sister alliance with Fight Knights. Swimming strong.

3. Fight Knights (previous rank, #3). Holding steady at #3 is the other half of the Fight team. Also #3 in fighting (#3 attacking and #2 defending). My alliance, so I’m biased, of course. But a good collection of players with a strong core in 55, which was made stronger by the elimination of first MOB and then Legion. Swimming Strong.

4. Jedi Mind Trick (previous rank, #5). Moved up one spot, and is currently #5 in fighting. Spread throughout 45, but with the highest concentration in eastern 45. Looks like they don’t have any big spenders, as they have no players in the top 10 in points- their highest is ranked 14. Their highest ranked fighter is at #18. This implies a little more balanced participation in the alliance, as opposed to having only 2 or 3 players be responsible for a large amount of the fighting. Swim.

5. Gladiator Bunnies (previous rank, #4). See Bunny Killers above

These top 5 seem to be the strongest contenders. Here’s the rest:

6. Hurricane of Jokers (previous rank, #10). Did they move up by getting better, or simply because a few above them fell? Time will tell. They have recently lost a couple of cities to the Bunnies. Treading water.

7. The Storm Dragons (previous rank, #11). Concentrated in northern 46, this group is moving up as well. And they don’t seem to be losing cities, which is always a good sign. Swim?

8. Trojan Bunnies (previously unranked). Only #15 in fighting ranking, and located out on the eastern rim. Who are these guys? Time will tell.

9. Band of Brothers (previously unranked). Only #14 in fighinting. Located mostly in south west 55. Recently have lost several cities to the Fight team. Frankly, it doesn’t look too good for them.

10. Northern Knights (previously unranked). A respectable #11 in fighting. Located in 44 in two groups, one in the southeast and the other in the northwest with an odd hole in the middle. Have recently lost a couple cities to the Bunnies. Don’t look too promising at the moment.

11. Legion of Deimos (previously unranked). #13 in fighting and located in eastern 54. Recent conquests show that they are not losing cities, so that’s a plus. Time will tell here.

12. Band of Brothers 2.0 (previously unranked). See #9 above.

Gone from the previous rankings:

The Legion - Folded faster than Superman on laundry day when attacked by Fight Club/Knights. Bye.

Order 66 - What happened? They gone.

Unity- I can find no trace of them. No idea what happened.

Whew, that took longer than I anticipated. Hope you enjoyed it.


Hoplites Guard's on the come up. Pulling into 11th spot by just 3000 points.




Seems like Hurricane of Jokers is pretty much done. Tis unfortunate


Been hearing some interesting things about the Trojan Bunnies. They've moved up to the #6 spot. Can they stay there? The magic 8 ball says...... "outlook not so good."


Hoplites Guard went from like 15th place to 8th place since the last Top 12 and basically owns two Oceans. HoC is irrelevant now... Under Construction came from Trojan Bunnies and is lowkey a force, Full Moon Madness came from somewhere. Ah, there's a lot more than that but I don't feel like making an entire Top 12 right now.


You ask for it, you got it. A new top 12

Here we go......

Tier 1

1. Bunny Killers- Been #1 a while and look to be #1 for a while longer . (My alliance so bias is noted) . Has a good strong core in 44, solid players and has been around for a while. Bunnies own O44 and lead in 45 and 54. With a strong core, a buffer between the core and FC bunnies top the list.

2. Fight Club - Has been at the top tier for some time and has been holding strong. Solid core away from the Bunnies and safe from the big fighters. Will be around for some time and should be in it until the end. FC owns 55 and has a tight cluster there which will make getting into 55 tough. Lots of solid active members here and good fighting numbers. Most of the fighting between the bunnies and FC taking place in 54 and 45. FC will be around until the end.

Tier 2

3. Under Construction - the points are good and they seem to own oceans 64 & 65 with no one in either ocean to threaten them. Their fighting numbers are not great but it appears they are not fighting the big boys yet, which is probably best. They have a strong presence in 54 but share this with BK and FC and would do well not to engage in that war. I like their location and numbers, as long as they stay at peace with the top 2 they should grow for a while.

4. Storm Dragons - Know very little about these guys but they have a good cluster in O46 and no threats there. They are far off from the big fighters so they seem relatively safe as long as the top 2 keep fighting. They have a presence in 45 but share this ocean with BK and FC and a war there can lead no where good for them. Nice points, nice location, much like UC i like the potential here.

5. Hoplites Guard - These guys have some big players and have a good cluster in 53. Not sure what the relationship is between these guys and avalanche but there may be a battle in 53 between them. Lets hope they are not simming away. The issue is many of there players are located in 54 right along side BK and FC, here again, the longer they can stay away from the big two the better they will be. Nice, points, nice stats, if they keep moving north in 53 i like it.

6. Full moon madness - full ownership of ocean 35 with little to no threats. Nice stats some of the best of this tier. They have a good cluster on the rim, nice stats and seem to be moving away from the slaughter field of 45. As far as this tier goes as good a situation as the rest.

7. Kings Guard - Nice cluster in O43. Decent stats and away from the main fighting oceans. They need to fight more and stop simming, but not sure who there is up there to fight. Nice points but lowest on the fighter stats of this group.

Tier 3

8. Band of Brothers - they have moved into a cluster in 56 and seem to be holding there own in the north against FC. Need to grow a little more to get into the next tier but overall nice group.

9. Ghost Syndicate - lowest stats of the list, but still make the list. They are focussed in 34 and look to be regrouping there. With few threats there they have time grow and get organized and move up into the next tier.

Overall the only real war occuring is BK and friends vs. FC and friends and that was looks to be the way it will be for a while. Many people have a nice chance to jump up into the next group and make a move.

If you didnt make the list sorry, try harder and kill more stuff.


For five months, the Bunny Killers have held the top spot. No more. Now there is a new world order.

1. Fight Club - 10,963,849 - Rising.
2. Bunny Killers - 10,942,259 - Falling.
3. Under Construction - 4,961,137 - A distant third.
4. Fight Knights - 4,781,981
5. The Storm Dragons - 4,558,348
6. Gladiator Bunnies - 4,151,098
7. Hoplites Guard - 4,047,803

I don't think the rest really matter. BK/GB/TSD group still have more total points than FC/FK, but if you look at the recent conquests, momentum is 100% with FC/FK.