Top 12 - Sinope


Doing the best I can in a MRA conglomeration LMAO


1 slip n slide 2.0 - Swim - My alliance so I won't say much. Top fighter, top rank and holding strong.
2 Hades' Hounds - Swim - Very strong alliance just needs to remember only 35 can win ;)
3 Trail of Fire - Merge - See 2
4 Hades' Hounds 2 - Merge - See 2
5 slip n slide 2.1 - Merge - See 1
6 Undisciplined - Sink - Not much going for them
7 The Joint - Float - Hanging on but struggling
8 *ISLANDERS* - Sink - Easy food
9 On Our Shields - Sink - Too small, too few, too late.
10 Alcoholics Unanimous - Sink - Sinking
11 Cats in Hats - Merge - See 2
12 Kaos - Sink - Already sunk, surprised to see them in the top 12 even.


Here is the link to Sinope WC Non-Snowflake Version: Freedom of speech is respected. There will be no censorship whatsoever, under any circumstances. I'm tired of these snowflakes censoring stuff, so hey, if you want something done right do it yourself, right? Lol.


You aren't even playing in it Toxic. Not boring for the alliances that are having a battle right now.
Why would anyone join a skype world chat when you use the type of language you do to players Woodpecker LOL.. Not about censorship act like a normal human being instead of a internet troll who just hurls insults and more talking about dead mothers and such..