Top 12 - Sinope


Bored so thought I would make a top 12 post.

1 Magic Knights - Sink - MRA alliance, has few decent players but I honestly don't see them lasting much longer or at least holding a top spot
2 Hades' Hounds - Swim - Bunch of brand new noobs, no chance they make it ;)
3 The High Council - Swim - Got some good faces, will be nice to see how things play out with them
4 S.P.Q.R. - Sink - Per the usual
5 slip n slide 2.0 - Swim - My alliance, no comment.
6 War Dawgs - Sink/ing - Their parent alliance just disbanded, they are already sinking.
7 wolverines - Sink - HAHAHAHAHAHA
8 How High - Swim/Merge over time - See 3
9 *ISLANDERS* - Sink - Also HAHAHA
10 Gold is our game - Sink - Gold traders, will be gone soon probably.
11 Undisciplined - Sink - Who?
12 Hades' Hounds 2 - Swim/Merge over time - See 2


if nasty is here.... send me invite @Zeeker348 let me show him what gold is.


Meh, he is blocking my messages now because he is paranoid about us attacking him. He claims that I was using his response times of messages to see when he was offline, yeah like I am smart enough to do that.


Using a very thought out and complicated method (flipping a coin, Heads is swim, tails is sink, best 2 out of 3 of course) I have developed a top 12 that is guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

1: Hades' Hounds - sink (tails, tails)
2: slip n slide 2.0 sink (tails, heads, tails)
3: The High Council - sink (tails, tails)
4: How High - Swim (heads, heads)
5: Kaos - sink (tails, tails)
6: Hades' Hounds 2 - sink (tails, tails)
7: Undisciplined - sink (heads, tails, tails)
8: *ISLANDERS* - Swim (heads, heads)
9: Virulent - sink (heads, tails, tails) was hoping this world would go better for us.. oh well
10: Big Cheese - sink (tails, tails)
11: Venom - sink ( tails, tails)
12: *Viking* - sink (tails, heads, tails)


I suggest the LDC method. The way it works is the founder disappears for a day, says he or she doesn't have cell service, and then loses a bunch of cities. Then the founder doesn't log in again and the alliance falls.

Works 100% of the time.

Disclaimer: It has only been done once, results may vary.

That's a bold strategy. I don't know if we have what it takes to pull it off.


Been a bit, trying to keep forums alive haha Will do another one.

1 Hades' Hounds - Swim - One of the main three contenders, top fighter, top bp good overall past record. Easy swim
2 slip n slide 2.0 - Swim - My alliance so won't say much. Decent stats, good players etc
3 The High Council - Float - Here lots of mixed stuff about them. Fighting many fronts, 2nd bp some good players but might just be overwhelmed. Float for now
4 How High - See three
5 Hades' Hounds 2 - See one
6 *ISLANDERS* - Sink - Food
7 Undisciplined - Sink - Not much needs to be said. Surprised to still see them on my list from my first and props to them for rising but don't expect them to always be around.
8 Kaos - Sinking - Crumbling and falling apart as we speak
9 Virulent - Sink - Food
10 BigCheese - Cheese - Some would say the biggest
11 *VIKING* - Sink - More food
12 Murder of Crows - Sad times :( - Some very good players but too small to have much impact. Will be a thorn in someones side and either merge or quit eventually


How about a war update. Which alliances are at war and who appears to be winning?