Top 12 Sink or Swim


Just making the thread earlier then usual :). Feel free to discuss, but it is only the first day
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Seeing as Blue.Dragon is in The Creators, I'd assume that's the one they're referring to.


Why would I do that I don't spy on anyone just wondering which group I need to be nice to until I'm spread out enough to be able to not be rimmed


So now that there are more players than earlyer, who do you all think will stand, and who will fall


Well at the moment creators are a sink :p
Later today I will post what I really think, need to do a little research.


Well I guess I will make my first one, wont be detailed though :).

1. Warriors Of The World Well they already have a sister alliance (The Vikings) and seem to be an MRA, so SINK.

2.Titanomachy The first 40 alliance cap hitters! Seem to have a few good names, but many look to be noobs, so SINK

3. Band Of Misfits I recognize some of there players, but a few new faces appear to me, look like they will be around so.. FLOAT

4. The Rebels Pretty much the above! FLOAT

5. The Vikings They are a sister alliance already :D! SINK

6.The Following I honestly know nothing about them.. SINK??

7.New World Order Always that 1 alliance named New World Order and they usually fail...but good leaders! Eh.. SWIM

8. The Republic Of Texas A premade if I am not mistaken, founded by Childress, a very good player :). Should be around for awhile SWIM

9.MIP Reborn I don't think I know anyone there, someone feed me some info on them, for now SINK

10.The Creators My alliance, you vote :).

11.Phoenix Rising Pick some creative names :p. SINK

12.The Greek States Looks like a bunch of players from RIGHTEOUS D3TH, will do good :). SWIM

Comments :)?
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MAN finally a world to spend some time on... i have LITERALLY been waiting forever... since Upsilon it feels like... I was scared it was going to be another dead world with nobody playing... glad to see you guys here -.o i really need to start getting in on these pre-mades.