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Here at Savage Subjugation we haven't seen too much of a challenge yet... Just preparing for taking more cities, our start was much slower than I thought it would have been but overall I am still very happy with the things going down :)

ESPECIALLY the fact that there has already been a coalition formed against us, made up of more than 20 alliances :D

So you know what that feels like to huh. Lol I'm in the same boat.


1 The Black Company 57090 53 1077 Seem like an MRA, SINK
2 Alliance of Kings 46097 48 960 MRA, SINK
3 The Brotherhood 40850 44 928 MRA, SINK
4 I INVICTA LEGIO I 35465 36 985 doesn't seem experienced, SINK
5 Savage Subjugation 32836 30 1095 my alliance, so biased but SWIM
6 ILLUMINATI 29389 29 1013 I'll say FLOAT for now
7 Dopey Kittens 27345 22 1243 Nice average, SWIM
8 Fear 25176 23 1095 not sure, FLOAT/SINK
9 The Immortals 25056 30 835, SINK
10 * LA ARMADA INVENCIBLE * 21776 25 871, SINK
11 Brotherhood of Steel 20300 23 883, SINK
12 Death Row 19048 21 907 FLOAT

Lets see how decky did....

TBC did sink...
AoK is sinking...
BoW is doing fine...(rim)
No offense to anyone, but I LI I is basically sunk... not even a good leader like DW can bring them back...
SS is def. swimming lol
ILLUMINATI is floating...
DK merged into SS... not sure what to say here.
Fear sunk...
The Immortals are fine...(rim)
La armada basically sinking...
DR is doing fine.

So decky, you were 8/11 (Not counting DK)


1 Globo Gym 1009348 35 28839
2 Savage Subjugation 840199 59 14241
3 Revenge of Kronos 655502 60 10925
4 Brotherhood of War 634622 59 10756
5 Band Of Brothers 623905 58 10757
6 The Immortals 482416 41 11766
7 Death Row 412303 54 7635
8 Disciples of Nike 354188 46 7700
9 THE WOLFPACK 342464 48 7135
10 Power House 334061 45 7424
11 Inglourious Basterds 319142 50 6383
12 Alliance of Kings 298681 48 6223


Is anyone going to do any predictions again? Like Decky did in the beginning of the game, just asking?


Sure I will again, why not

1. Globo Gym: Highest in just about everything, definitely deserve this spot, SWIM

2. Savage Subjugation: 2nd in just about everything, behind Globo Gym, SWIM

3. Revenge of Kronos: Have 2 academies, seem like a surviving MRA because they are on the rim, FLOAT

4. Brotherhood of War: Also seem MRAish, but on the rim so, FLOAT

5. Band Of Brothers: Don't really have an explanation here but, SINK

6. The Immortals: Seem like a solid alliance for the rim, SWIM

7. Death Row: Seem like another solid alliance, but share an ocean with SS, so FLOAT/SINK

8. Disciples of Nike: A rim alliance but near Power House, think they would win that war, FLOAT/SWIM for now

9. THE WOLFPACK: No explanation needed, SINK

10. Power House: A rim alliance near DoN, would probably lose that war though, FLOAT/SINK

11. Inglorious Basterds: An alliance that's way the hell out there on the rim, FLOAT

12. Alliance of Kings: If you don't know why they'll SINK then you got some forum reading to do


Ah decky hates the all cap names. I WILL HAVE TO PROVE YOU WRONG DECKY lol. Sorry about that. I did not name them but I will make sure they float :)


Once you guys meet us, you will not float anymore friend :)


You can start turtling up now :p

Start running to ocean 99 :D


No but he's on the other side... He would have to travel our way to get to ocean 00


I have an idea, go to both ocean, and it will only take about a year and a half to do it :p


Oh gosh. No I cant turtle up that is boring. The last two days I have not attacked anyone and it is boring me to death. Morale is a killer specially when you are at the very edge of the rim -_- bp is getting extremely costly at this point and I have been doing nothing but spamming population growth and call of the ocean. Watched my total fighter ranking slip from high thirties to mid forties :(