Top 12 Sink or Swim


Death Row (now Spartans) and Brotherhood (now Brotherhood of War) are the only originals left, I believe.


and ABSOLUTE ZERO but nobody gives us any recognition (except akmill, who gave shivan the honor of best simmer!)
I admit I think Absolute Zero''s plan could work. Not sure if you have the man power in this world to pull it off though.


Been eerily quiet around here, i guess most of the loud mouths have been shut up. Its hilarious looking through the thread hearing how great the top alliances were.

1 Phoenix Rising 16305395 58 281128 -float/keep simming until we can get to them.
2 Jossys Giants 15651024 51 306883 -whos left to fight?
3 Brotherhood of War 14323524 50 286470-boring..bloated so will take a while to sink
4 Brothers of Revenge 9379394 55 170534-swim PR is picking off inactives/cities too far from home.
5 Warriors of Sparta 8090378 54 149822- they are still around?
6 Brothers of Revenge II 7866111 48 163877- see above
7 Serial Killers 4187506 12 348959- Not sure about these guys, small but well defended.
8 Breaking Point 3552270 49 72495- who cares
9 Brothers of Revenge III 2742454 45 60943..same as above
10 Gray Alliance 2600250 60 43338- float..theyve made it this far!
11 warrriors of sparta 2 1751957 25 70078-they have 2 alliances? wow i wonder how quiet their forums are.
12 RokIII 502859 17 29580..err i think theyre inactive.
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