Top 12 Sink or Swim


It's been a little over 2 weeks, and I thought I'd see how my predictions were holding up. I'll keep the original text up there to read, but I'll be changing a few things up in this post.

1 and 10. Foxxarino's Fallen Sons - Float, then?
My last post on them are pretty much exactly what I have to say about them now. There is only one thing: from a brief period of fighting, TLS managed to take 8 cities from them and told us a lot. One player was put into siege and didn't come back until 6 hours later when a second CS landed. They tried to break them both, but weren't able to break either thanks to low morale and a few generous players with a lot of biremes. After that, one player ended up supporting a siege on their own city with support from hours away, and nobody tried to break it. Then, another of their members who was actually pretty active mysteriously dropped off the face of the planet and let us take 3 of their cities. Still, these guys keep on kicking despite their losses. The Sons are truly a mystery...

2. Jackals - Sink
I really can't tell what's going on with this alliance anymore. They finally finished the merger, and it looks like Slapshot backed off a bit. Their conquest history now looks to be a diverse collection of gains and losses from many different alliances in their area, and show a war that no one is winning(except Slapshot. They are definitely still winning). Generally though, the Jackals are taking just slightly more cities than the Sons and the now-extinct Mountaineers, but eventually they should lose steam and have to contend with Slapshot, who will continue to roll over the Jackals.

3 and 12. Playboy Bunnies - Float?
Tbom keeps insisting that he won't sink, so I'll try and give him the benefit of the doubt. On a different note, it looks like Tbom finally got tired of all the complaints about him stealing his alliance name and decided to embrace his flamboyance instead with a much more... interesting choice. Anyways, they still seem to be only taking cities from ghosts and super small alliances. BoB toned down their initial heat, so the only losses they're getting recently are from Slapshot and... am I reading this right? The Outsiders? Hmm, I might need an honorable mention for alliance number 13.

4. Slapshot - Swim
Still doing very well. Strong growth, no losses in over 2 weeks. Simmer Gumbo keeping their points high and probably even building libraries. Keep up the good work.

5. Band of Brothers - Swim
I'm probably getting lazy at this point, but I have nothing new to say about them. Still doing well.

6. The High Command - Sink
This is actually really fun to watch. It's a race between VIRUS and Slapshot to devour this entire alliance, and my money is on Slapshot. I wonder if they're even trying anymore. Whatever the case, their doom is imminent.

7. VIRUS - Float
Their future is looking a lot brighter now. They seem to be in 2 races at once, for the Sons and THC, and doing fairly well in each. I still find it unlikely that BoB will be too merciful on their eastward expansion, but with some luck and good fortune thanks to VIRUS's pact with the bunnies, they may survive in the end.

8. Daddy's Little Devils - Swim
I like to consider them as the tiny version of Slapshot.

9. Today's Lunch Special - Float
We're still out in the middle of nowhere, but for some reason there's a lot more blue flags popping up much further north of our core, which just so happens to be a lot closer to the bunnies... Our core is so far out of the way that we might just make it anyways, even if those cities in the north get taken.

11. Simply the Peasants - Float
They're not losing many cities to the Bunnies, and they have plenty of MACO left over for food. With the Outsiders out there to chip away at the Bunnies, they seem to have a fighting chance against them. With some good strategy and organization, they can probably turn things around and begin pushing back the Bunnies.
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Playboy Bunnies was decided out east.

Figured it was a nice middle ground for Picnic Bunnies and PARTY CRASHERS


Kind of fun to see how things have been panning out since your post, WorstxPr0.