Top 12 Sink or Swim


Sorry but you are wrong about me. I deleted a post that spoke about a person's ban and that is against the rules. You can talk about bans in general terms but not about a person, world, or alliance. I follow the rules to the letter and expect the rest of you to do the same. I'm sorry that you feel you were wronged, and maybe you were and maybe you weren't. I don't know since I only mod the external forum, and have nothing to do with the game itself. If you or candygurl would like to repost, correctly without mention of bans of a person, to explain that would be fine and I would leave it as long as you don't break a different rule in the process, like mod bashing or inappropriate language. I did nothing shady or anything to put me in a bad light, just doing my job. Thanks Duchess
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The reason for RP ghosting out was simple. Due to a lack of evidence provided re bans in general and an unacceptable level of information and response times due to them. Some bans still have no been explained in full with "disrespectful content" listed as a reason but not showing what in messages is defined as disrespectful. Traditionally there has always been a level of back and forth between players with expletives being the generally accepted line between respectful and disrespectful. This appears to no longer be the case but this change in the policing of the rule has not been well communicated to the players.

The frustration (to put it nicely) with the in game mod staff and in game mod procedures is what led to the mass ghosting of RP. No evidence being provided for multiple bans and no support to rectify issues players come up against. Now to be fair whilst the tardiness of the mods is their issue they will always claim the problem comes from the rules Inno binds them by. Sadly as was recently discovered this includes refusing to look at evidence that conclusively disproves a ban to have been placed in error.

Essentially why play a game where bans are given out in error, reasons not communicated and evidence proving players innocence ignored.

Please note that not a single individual ban has been referenced here therefore complying with the forum rules.


What are you, the grinning idiot cheerleader who just says the same word on constant repeat with a nervous tick and hides their ign probably out of sheer embarrassment? No burn here, she has a right to reply, and I have a right to not agree with it.
uh huh ... yep. ;)
Ya'll RP folks are funny.


It's all good guys. The best alliance is still here. RP ghosting did cripple my top 12 though as they were the only other alliance I had not sinking


1. Fallen Sons - SWIM
2. The High Command - SWIM
4. Ashes to Ashes - SWIM
5. Jackals - SWIM
6. Band of Brothers - SWIM
7. Death Squad - SWIM
8. Picnic Bunnies - SWIM
10. Lady Justice - SWIM
11. Banshees - SWIM
12. Ancients - SWIM

I think everyone is going to accept NAPs and pacts with everyone and make one giant coalition and share crowns! Hand holding is the best! Lets all be allies and be friends and build wonders together!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY. But no, seriously, I play war games because allying everyone is best.
Yes, apologies Tuffy, didn't realize you were the spamming Ancient kid, my bad. Seems obvious now going by your external posts.
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I know it's "Top 12" but for curiosity sake is anyone willing to make a list expanding to top 20? There are some alliances clawing their way up that just haven't made it yet that may have some potential


I dont see any serious contenders above 12, myself. slapshot has the talent but not the numbers, Daddys are learning but also not that big as it stands. Banshees picked up Gumbo but I still dont think they have the people. I see a number of future mergers that might change things but as I look I don't see other up and comers


NEW TOP 12...or 9+1

1. Fallen Sons (Sink):
Think we've taken 26 cities from these guys so far? And with more players going into VM, Fallen Sons look to be crumbling. This MRA is succumbing to all of the issues that come with having an MRA. They can't defend cities, online or not, and they can't take them from an active player. Definite sink.

2. The High Command (Sink): These guys got a second chance when Retirement Plan ghosted. After getting their tails whipped for a good bit in this world, they now have the opportunity to take the BP earned from their beatdowns, grab all their old cities and more, and take a second shot at this whole war thing. I've seen this work in the past when a team shed their dead weight, but I don't think its happening here. I don't believe they have the players and/or the team coordination to succeed here.

3. Virus (Sink): They have some good players, but I believe they want to join an MRA for the sake of the horrid World Wonders. If that is the case, they will meet the same fate as the other MRAs that border us. As they do want to win WW, but do not have the numbers to do it, I do believe they will join Picnic Bunnies (since Fallen shouldn't last too long), and that will seal their fate.

4. Ashes to Ashes (Sink): Aside from the fact that they've lost 70 cities in this world, these guys have not taken cities from anyone impressive. Looks like most cities they took belonged to someone who was quitting or from a BS alliance. Also, while BoB and them do not border each other at the moment, we are close enough that I could see some fighting in the near future. If and when this happens, Ashes losses will continue at a rapid pace.

5. BoB (Swim): They always swim lol. Strong core, strong leadership, strong fighters on the front, active players from top to bottom, these guys adapt and plan like no other alliance I've seen. They've beaten some of the top alliances here in past worlds, and I just don't see things going differently here.

6. Jackals (Float): These guys held on while losing cities left and right early on, though that was mostly done by newer players it seems. Given their positioning, I think Slapshot will give them some headaches, though I could see some good fights happening between the top players from each side. I give them a Float because I think they will survive for the better part of this world, however, I think they have too much inexperience to win unless they merge with High Command and/or Fallen.

7. Picnic Bunnies (Float): I have a feeling this alliance will stick around for most if not all of this world, however, a lot of these guys were getting beaten on before moving north and deciding to bring back an old alliance. I don't believe they have the talent to win, and their southern border will likely meet our northern one at some point, unless someone beats them first. If we fight, they have no shot, but they are far north enough to survive if they continue moving that way.

8. MACO (Sink): I almost gave them a float simply because after a beating of beatings, they still haven't folded. They have no chance of winning, but hey just won't SINK! I went ahead and gave them the rating I did though, as I do believe their time has to be near.

9. The Banshees (Sink): How are they still here? Didn't they bleed cities for a month early on? Didn't their largest player abandon them? Weren't they desperate enough to bring them back? That all screams sink to me.

Honorable Mention: Slapshot (Swim): I know a few of these guys. Good fighters, very active, and have shown they can work over an MRA as well. I'm hoping they wreck the MRAs we can't reach, but we will see what happens! For now, based on who is in this world and the past success of some of these players, these guys will swim as long as they want to in Sestos


Pretty good top 12, but I think your analysis of the northwest is pretty misinformed...

MACO will never die, not enough of their members even check the forums enough to realize there is a problem. They will continue to found cities and recruit the rim until the end of the world, and maybe get a WW to lvl 1 or 2 in the end.

VIRUS will never join Picnic Bunnies, period. Not much more to say on that one. I do agree with you on the fact that they will fall in the end though.

Picnic Bunnies is not an MRA like you assume, and we are not a rag tag group that threw together an alliance after being beaten back from the center of the world like you painted us. We have been where we are since day 1, and in the past 26 days that we have existed, our only war that we are "losing" is against VIRUS. (And that conquest score is 7 - 10 as I am typing this). Excluding that war, we are about 100-150 : 0 in conquests. Just eating MACO and TPS left and right. I dont have the exact number on those "other conquests" though because the oracle has been down for a week now, and its pissing me off lol.


Eh maybe. Pretty confident in my thoughts on Fallen. They're feeding me BP today. I think they want to lose another city...