Top 12 Sink or Swim


idk man THEM sounds like way too many people hmmm.... i felt bad for tufy honestly,he deserves a better alliance...i mean he needs a team where he can actually say the sentence" Great TeamWork Guys"....cus i guess you all are too lazy playing farmville in helo lol or just do not care to help a team mate???my lot is not good?wow lol tell me how losing 2 cities makes your better?

you look cute tho muah!


i mean he's not wrong, your a drama queen whose always trying to stir up trouble. you flamed out under miniscule pressure, i doubt you'll last long in this world either. you can cry super pact all day just a convenient excuse to use when your buddies are getting dominated. id bet qoq ends the same way their players ended in helorus, with panda and ana crying and ghosting. pretty cute your post is gone now, t2tehimeless.

top 12

the firm- swim, a very strong group of talented players
evil empire- float, the relative lack of competition in their main areas will allow them to float for quite a while
hot mess- sink, classic mra invites anyone with a pulse
dumpster fire- read same as hot mess, couldn't handle only having 1 pile of garbage so they got a second dumpster.
evil squirrels- sink, will be absorbed into a larger alliance via merge
hammerdown- sink, another large bloated mra
harambe project- sink, same as evil squirrels
destructive dominance- sink, its pretty obvious why theyll fail
last prayer- sink, same as above
qoq- float for a while before crying about pacts and falling apart.
hammer and bones brigade arent even worth mentioning.

I generally agree with anyone who puts only their alliance as swim and everyone else as float/sink. Credible people generally omit their feelings for their own groups but if you did that, there'd be no winner so i get it. I'm glad you're so impressed with yourself, you should have just posted a picture of a mirror to look at instead of a top 12.


I generally agree with anyone who puts only their alliance as swim and everyone else as float/sink. Credible people generally omit their feelings for their own groups but if you did that, there'd be no winner so i get it. I'm glad you're so impressed with yourself, you should have just posted a picture of a mirror to look at instead of a top 12.
Hey be careful in his mind his alliance is the best of the best of the best of the best,well too many bests to put in one sentence lol

But hey i understand why you gotta tell us you are the best,just remember actions say more than words Mr.Mra aka The Best!


Fonduo Fork, You've Rimmed me? I don't think thats true, In fact I know it's not. So The Fonduo Fork, is a liar. You seem like one of those Forks that people use once and throw away. Not the good sturdy plastic fork, but one of those crap cornstarch forks that fall apart when the heat gets applied.

Are you the guy who got me banned on a server cuz you're baby? Who are you?

Your go C-starchy.


Top alliances need to fight each other more. Boring as hell just seeing Evil and Firm trying to marmalade lower alliances. Ha, gold spenders got worry about staying alive (After spending that much gold you collected or bought, who wouldn't. Got intel about it Evil, you guys spend like it is blood.). Can't wait to see which one of the two stand if they ever actually go to war with each other.
New updated top 12
1 The Firm- Float until future notice (Not much info gotten but is odd.)
2 The Evil Empire- could fall if some negotiations fail (some funny members who speak about secrets).
3 Hot Mess- Rise or fall dramatically
4 Dumpster Fire- Float
5 Evil squirrels- Rise then Fall
7 Harambe Project- Rise
8 Last Prayer- Fall due to constant attacks from top
alliances. Probably will be consumed by Harambe.
9 Destructive Dominance- Fall due to constant attacks. Same as Last Prayer.
10 Quality over Quantity- Float (Believes in what they say)
11 HAMMER- Fall due to constant attacks
12 Bone Brigade- No comment (Guess fall since no-one talks about them at all)

From da man who loves the gossip.
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this isnt helo, and i only run 1 alliance. common mistake. its all the strong players you wanted and are still trying to recruit but drove away because you prefered the company of a racist and down right unpleasant player. let the tears start rolling in any time now.

Can Cubans be racist Kings? don't you people dislike guatalamalians or something because of a sugar trade agreement gone awry?


I don't know what you are talking about me leaving any servers. I am still on all the servers I started. Some I am only there to open the daily chalice for the chance of gold coins. I did have a couple of times that I thought RL was going to prevent me from giving the game and my alliance the time it deserved so I handed off my cities to my alliance mates and restarted. I never left. Get your facts straight. At least I didn't just ghost or go inactive I handed off the cities for the benefit of my alliance. When I started playing there was Hyporborea, Calydon, Delos, Edessa, Farsala, Gela, and Helorus available to play in.


So dugger i was waiting for a come back ,i guess i gotta lower my standards :(
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Hmm finally a comment worth my time,theduggerwhatever,you saying Hotmess is a mra?coming from the guy running 3-4 alliances in Helo with god knows how many pacts? Mean while here they keep recruiting who ever they can not conquest? Come on don't be silly..and Thefirm a very strong group of what? You are double our size and couldn't hold 2 cities outta of your core? While monsin still has his city in your core and you guys for second time have failed to take it? Lol i mean yeah you got a 1.7k city from him lol..after feeding us so much dbp lol....come on man show me where is the talent...

Can someone please explain to me how 70 players is double that of 150? Talking about city size, you took a 1k city from me that when posted when it was revolted, I also let it be known that I sent the CS before joining The Firm and that def wasn't a priority since it was far from the core. Actually, if I remember correctly, some of those birs you killed came from your own members lol. Wonder why that would happen?????? Anyways, please go take a selfie and tell us how great you are

You claim not to be a MRA yet you lose 20 members and refill the positions in a flash
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So much hate clay...let it all out i guess it has been a while since you lost a world to us,no worries man you will have a dejavu soon ;)...most birms from my guys????? Wow lol it does not get better than this,what's next? You will send another MM to my alliance showing us how bad you take rejection?

And about the 150 comment,you always hide behind excuses man,in edessa you ghosted/quitted once again and started crying about how the rank 1 alliance were golders and how no one could take that world from them,guess what we came in and took it from them against all the odds ;)...

I kinda feel bad for you man,after all the trash u talked about certain players in TheFirm and you joined them? Or wait maybe it was a set up?well we will never know since we declained your application...and careful heather says she is coming and she asks you to hand off your cities this time ;)
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Oh don't get me wrong I like rclay ;)...remember i did not take the first shot here lol

I even liked his comment!!!!