Top 12 Alliances


So we are almost 2 months into Mu and lets examine the Top 12 Alliances and Players.

Top 12 Alliances
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*The Raptors- Are currently ranked number 1 with a whooping 104 players. They seem to be a rather active alliance with 2-3 inactive players. They lead the server currently with 500k+ attacking points and round out the top 5 alliances in defense points with 100k+. The Raptors are have a strong hold on oceans 66/67/76. To the northern border of their territory *The Raptors are encountering the number 4 alliance Band of Brothers and some spars are flying up there. To the west *The Raptors are encountering *Macedonians who they are currently pacted with. To the east *The Raptors are in contention with Band of Brothers over the rim ocean. And to the south is another rim ocean whose players are being recruited by *Macedonians 2, which is another alliance they are pacted with.

*Macedonians- Are currently ranked number 2 with 101 members. Like *The Raptors they seem to be a rather active alliance with very few inactive players. The *Macedonians are in full control ocean 56 followed closely by *Macedonians 2. The *Macedonians are ranked 8 in attacking points and 15th in defending, seemingly more of a sim city alliance then a fighting alliance. To the east the *Macedonians encounter their allies *The Raptors and to the south they find their secondary alliance *Macedonians 2. To the north the *Macedonians encounter a mosh of a couple alliances including The Dark Brotherhood, Mount Olympus and The Secret of Kings. Some sparks are sure to fly in that area.

Mount Olympus- Mount Olympus substantially smaller than the top 2 alliance, having only 62 members. Mount Olympus is currently stretched thin, player wise, with players in various oceans. They currently control the core ocean (ocean 55) with 163 cities. They are followed rather closely in Ocean 55 by Hounds Of Hades and The Secret of Kings who have 120 and 102 cities respectively. It will be fun to see how Ocean 55 turns out.

Band of Brother- Ranking 4th is Band of Brothers who controls Oceans 65/75 by large margins. To their south they are confronting *The Raptors who have a strong foothold in the area. To the west they are encountering the large mosh of alliances in ocean 55. To the north and east is the rim islands. Band of Brothers is ranked 3rd in attacking points and 11th in defending points. So they are pushing somebody around.

Out of Chaos- Closing out the top 5 we have Out of Chaos. They currently have 100 members and are situated in the norther part of the world. To the south they have the core and the mosh of alliances there.

The Dark Brotherhood- Coming in 6th we have The Dark Brotherhood. They have 90 members spread through much of the North West and with a few in the core.

Hounds of Hades- The smallest of the top 12 alliances is Hounds of Hades. With 40 members they have no control over any one ocean. They are located close to the core surrounded buy the other top 12 alliances. They seem to be fighting someone in their neck of the woods, ranking 1st in defensive points.

*Macedonians 2- See *Macedonians

45 Outlaws- Currently control Ocean 45. They are expanding into Ocean 46 as well. To the west in ocean 55 is the core and the mosh of alliances there and to the west of 46 they find the *Macedonians.

Memento Mori- Ranking 10th we have Memento Mori. They are situated in the North West. Heading South they find 45 Outlaws and to the west they find Inviolabilis.

The Secret of Kings- Another alliance located in the center of Ocean 55.

Inviolabilis- Ranked 12th we have the Inviolabilis. They are located to the far west securing control of the western rim.

Hope You enjoy it and ill keep it updated as much as i can.


We already have a thread about this... it's called top 12.


Webb! Great to see you back! Come back to theta, me and MKP111 miss you!


out of chaos is gone and secret king is now *Macedonians4


lol guess they wanted to be different the the 400 person Macedonian alliance


Webb! Great to see you back! Come back to theta, me and MKP111 miss you!

im helping out a small alliance in ocean this world.8)

you guys killing it over there in theta?its good to here from an old alliance member.


Nicely done OP. Reps to you, please keep it updated mate :)


Ok so heres the situation after a couple weeks.

#1- Mount Olympus-(Previous Rank:3) Mount Olympus has taken the #1 spot away from *The Raptors. Currently located in O55 they have the most points but do not have control over a entire ocean. O55 is filled with alliances which has lead to recent clashes between Mount Olympus/Mount Doom(sister/academy) and *Macedonians/*Macedonians 2(sister/academy). Mount Olympus/Mount Doom has recently taken 15 cities from *Macedonians and *Macedonians 2.

#2- *The Raptors-(Previous Rank:1) *The Raptors have fallen back to the number 2 spot due to the conflicts with Band Of Brothers who did not like having *The Raptors encroaching on the border of O56/O66 and O57/O67. A war which Band Of Brothers has had early victories taking 6 of *The Raptors cities and losing non of their own.

#3- Band Of Brothers-(Previous Rank:4) Band Of Brothers has jumped up a spot to #2 by gaining 69 cities in the last 2 weeks and only losing 2. Band Of Brothers recently warred *The Raptors, due to border issues, and have a 6-0 conquest record against them. They seem to be pushing south towards O66/O67.

#4- *Macedonians-(Previous Rank:2) Dropping from #2 to #4 we have *Macedonians. In what appears to be a full scale war, or at least start of one, *Macedonians have lost 8 cities to Mount Olympus and their academy/sister alliance Mount Doom. It should also be noted that Mount Olympus and Mount Doom have also taken 7 cities from *Macedonians 2.

#5- The Dark Brotherhood-(Previously Rank:6) Moving up a rank is The Dark Brotherhood. The Dark Brotherhood has become a alliance that has been divided into a few small groups. They control a portion of the North West of O54, a group of islands in the North West of O44 and a spread of islands in O55. Even though they seem to be spread out, The Dark Brotherhood has not lost a city in 2 weeks and has gained a total of 17 cities in various oceans.

#6- Memento Mori-(Previous Rank:10) Jumping 4 ranks is Memento Mori. Located in the North West region of the world Memento Mori seem to be minding their own business. They currently have complete control over O43 and have a stranglehold over O44 which they plan defend looking towards the future. The have gained 16 cities in the last 2 weeks mostly from in-actives and clanless players. A group of uninhabitable islands in the middle of O44 creates a barrier between Memento Mori and The Grim Reapers. Because of this Memento Mori has been able to build up its points and cities without any significant threat to their territory.

#7- The Outlaws-(Previous Rank:9) Moving up 2 spots in the ranks is The Outlaws. Located to the South West region of Mu, The Outlaws seem to be a keeping to themselves type of alliance. To the South East border is *Macedonians, to the North East border is Heavenly Sword. The Outlaws do not seem to be fighting either alliance as *Macedonians are focused on the Mount Olympus/Mount Doom conflicts. Although The Outlaws seem to be a peaceful bunch they have recently lost 4 cities to Reapers who are ranked 13.

#8- Mount Doom-(Previous Rank: Un-ranked) Coming out of nowhere to become ranked #8 is Mount Doom. They are the sister/academy alliance to Mount Olympus. Located at the southern border of O45 and the northern border of O55 they share the same interest as Mount Olympus which at this point seems to be war with *Macedonians.

#9- *Macedonians 2-(Previous Rank:8 ) Dropping a rank is *Macedonians 2. In recent days *Macedonians 2 have lost 7 cities to Mount Olympus and Mount Doom.

#10- Inviolabilis-(Previous Rank:12) Another clan jumping in the rankings is Inviolabilis who jumped 2 ranks. Inviolabilis seem to be another alliance who is minding their own business over the last 2 weeks they have gained 11 cities and lost 3. Of the 11 they gained 2 players were in a clan. They seem to be very passive mostly taking their own in-active cities.

#11- Heavenly Sword-(Previous Rank:11) Formerly *Macedonians 4, Heavenly Sword has seems to have broken away from the *Macedonian family. Over the last 2 weeks they have lost more then 1 million points. While they were known as *Macedonians 4, Heavenly Sword had lost 6 cities to Mount Doom and Mount Olympus. Which may have prompted the name change.

#12- The Grim Reapers-(Previous Rank: Un-ranked) Another clan that seems to have just popped up onto the Top 12 list is The Grim Reapers. Located in the South East region of O44, The Grim Reapers have been gaining momentum. Over the last 2 weeks they have gained 12 cities. The conquest have come from small alliances so The Grim Reapers have yet to face any real threats to their territory.

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Lol, 6-0 by BoB.

They took it when we were in the middle of a negotiation to turn over our O65 cities to them and they attacked these cities as we were emptying it out.

NDHellion was working on this negotiation when they launched their cowardly attacks.

As it stands now, they've lost 3 cities and failed in all of their CS attempts after that 6 city. We have burned 1000s of their briemes and they're entirely on the defense. These 3 cities were heavily fortified and we broke through just fine. I look forward to taking more.

The Celt is a dishonorable player with no intention of honoring the negotiation that WE started to try to resolve the issue.


Just an update over all of this Inviolabilis have been in constants state of war.

Starting with Controlled Chaos, a small group of players, harassed us in the beginning and took a city or 2 from us. They were later stamped out and a even larger war started with The Unsullied. Unsullied was a small ban of traitors who had left Invio due to the way they treated leadership. The war with sullied has been going on for over a month with no one really losing or gaining (except for todays victories against sullied).

About 2 weeks ago it seemed the war was going to be over soon. Invio was 10 times the size of sullied, our top 10 members made up all of their points combined as well as all their cities. Until a expecting alliance had came out of no where, The O 35 Bandits. They hopped right into the war, siding with Unsullied and merged into them no more then a week ago. This looked dreadful as now it was vice verse, the top 10 members made up about 50% of Invio. We thought this might be the end...

But sure enough Invio has stuck through this war, started gaining ground and taking cities. With the help of our allies in the north and the west pushing Unsullied/Bandits to their core islands, this war is expected to only last a few more weeks due to the moral lose in our enemies. 2-5 of their best members left to an alliance that was Neutral to Invio, causing a cease fire on them and a larger focus on the whole of Invio.

Would anyone else in different alliance like to share what is going on?


Okay one thing yes 35 Bandits did merge with them for a small bit, but they quickly hopped out. I think you can't call that a successful merge with you forcing them to leave and seek shelter of another. And the fact that you had been warring before their merge for a month with almost no to little gain by an alliance 10 times the size of them at the time, must say something.

If you want a successful war stories then look at MO and Mace, they are both warring like its no tomorrow. Hell the alliance I'm in had more success against Reapers with our allies, if you consider that. But I don't consider it much of a war, as I am friends with a few, and some just gave up and others like today defended their cities well and have earned my respect.

And not trying to cause a fight but don't all small alliances don't want to lose control when threatened? Controlled Chaos itself was a simply just looking at it as yes you were an MRA at one point, and most MRA usually die off pretty soon unless in the rim. Again I'm only stating the truth of all worlds in the beginning.

But on an off note Mount Olympus will most likely, at the rate they are heading, be a world wonder alliance. They have a strong core, and a force to be reckoned with, thats if your looking at their war records. On the other hand Band of Brothers and *The Raptors are going at it and the one who makes it will be a World Wonder alliance too. Well I also know alittle of The Grim Reapers and Memento Mori, they seem to have a good cores and can be a WW alliances too. There are many great contenders and this world is always fun to play on!
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A few weeks later...

#1. Mount Olympus-(Previous Rank: 1) Since the war began with *Inglorious Bastards(Formerly *Macedonians), MO has been only on the offensive. In recent weeks, since the last post, they have captured 60 *IB/*Mac cities and lost only 4. MO has started the journey into enemy territory by securing the O55/O56 border with many cities and have begun the push deeper into O56. ON another note it seems that MO has stirred conflict with *300 Reborn, who are actively supporting *IB/Mac.

#2. *The Raptors-(Previous Rank: 2) *The Raptors are still fighting Band Of Brothers over the border of O65/O66. *The Raptors have taken 14 BOB cities, since the last post, and lost 13 cities to BoB. The alliances are continuously trading cities with neither side gaining much of a advantage. But, since the last post, *The Raptors have taken 75 of their own cities. Which raises the question, How many Raptors are actively participating in the war effort? Seems to be most of *The Raptors are afraid of a fight. It is also curios to note that Magplm, #1 ranked player, has yet to take a BoB city. He prefers to sim and stick to clan-less and abandoned cities. You would expect the #1 player, whose alliance is currently at war, to have more than 60k BP in total.

#3. Band of Brothers-(Previous Rank: 3) Band Of Brothers is currently at war with *The Raptors. Not much has changed since the last post. *The Raptors have halted the BoB aproach into O66 and halted the BoB offense altogether.

#4. *Inglorious Bastards-(Previous Rank: 4) *Inglorious Bastards are currently at war with Mount Olympus and Mount Doom. *Inglorious Bastards and their academy/sister alliance *Macedonians have lost 60 cities to MOin the recent weeks. *IB is bound to lose the war if they cannot conquer more than 4 cities from their enemies. WIth MO soldifing their cities along the O56 side of the O55/O56 border it is only a matter of time before they push further into *IB territory.

#5. Memento Mori-(Previous Rank: 6) Memento Mori is currently in a war with Reapers. They have taken, since the last post, 6 cities from the Reapers and are rolling.

#6. Last Stand Brigade-(Previous Rank: Unranked) The Last Stand Brigade came out of no where to reach rank 6. Like Memento Mori they are in a war with the Reapers. They have taken 20 cities from the Reapers compared to the lose of 0 cities to the Reapers.

#7. The Grim Reapers-(Previous Rank: 12) The Grim Reapers are steadily buying their time and securing their territory. They have been eating up their inactives and all the non alliance members in the area.

#8. Mount Doom-(Previous Rank: 8 ) Mount Doom seems to be the last MRA. Although they are a academy they still have over 100 members. On another note they are also at war with *Inglorious Bastards and *Macedonians. They have taken 6 cities from those alliances and lost 4 cities to *Inglorious Bastards and *Macedonians.

#9. The Outlaws-(Previous Rank: 7) Losing ground in the rankings is The Outlaws. The Outlaws are another alliance that seems to be at war with Reapers. They have taken 7 cities and lost just 1.

#10. Inviolabilis-(Previous Rank: 10) Npthing has changed with Inviolabilis. They are continuing to eat up their inactives and stay passive.

#11. Heavenly Sword-(Previous Rank: 11) Yet another alliance that is at war with *Inglorious Bastards and *Macedonians. They have taken 2 cities and lost 0. Although they are not conquering many *IB/*Mac cities they are attacking.

#12. The Dark Brotherhood-(Previous Rank: 5) Yet another alliance that is at war with *Inglorious Bastards and *Macedonians. The Dark Brotherhood has taken 4 cities and has lost 10 cities.

Current War Stats
* All Conquest are included from 8/1/13 onward

War #1:

*Coalition- 24 Conquers

*Inglorious Bastards


The Mountain-88 Conquers

Mount Olympus
Mount Doom
Heavenly Sword
The Dark Brotherhood

War #2

*The Raptors
14 Conquers


19 Conquers
Band Of Brothers

War #3
7 Conquers


45 Conquers
Last Stand Brigade
Memento Mori
The Outlaws
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Just an update for yah guys. Mount Doom is not the only MRA. Last stand Brigade is one as well, trying to suck up as many members as possible to try to go to war and win against Mount Olympus.


Okay Last Stand Brigade is an MRA with only 65 players? When alliance limit is 110 last time I checked. You only say this that O35 Bandits joined us then slowly Unsullied wanted in. When we created LSB it was about only 50 players and now when they merged we are at 65 and you say we are an MRA over 15 people? Wow, apparently I must be wrong or you mixed up your terms. And about Mount Olympus, we don't want to go to war with them but with them finishing off Mace, then its bound for the, to focus on other targets. And just because they have so many pacts, you ever think they will only break 1 at a time so they don't become overwhelmed. Not saying MO will do that but many other alliance have in this game in all other servers practically.

So I am asking HOW is LSB an MRA?
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Let me explain why I think this.

Your council member Feild (still don't understand why he slept it like that) told me in a message that they were trying to get as many players as possible to join their coalition to stand against MO. If you do not believe me I will forward you the messages we had but that is what he said and that's the main reason we turned him down.

The fact that he wanted 21 of our players to join you shows mass recruiting attempt. Still don't believe me? He said he wants anyone above 30k or very close to. Last time I checked about 20 of our members are above 30k, and about 6 are just under 5k away.

So you say 65 members isn't a MRA, Alright. But when your leaders were trying to recruit another 20, bumping you guys up to 85 and passing MM and maybe even Mount Doom in the rankings, you will be affiliated as a MRA.

Now I wouldn't be saying this if your leadership just decided that hey. Maybe if we just ALLY with people, we can make a stand against MO, instead of trying to get everyone into our alliance to stop them. Our alliance might've actually liked that deal.

So theirs my reason, if you would like some more clarity mcb, please. Feel free to PM me.