Top 12 Alliances!!


Hehehehe xMal... :) Why don't you wish a worthy opponent goodbye? Why such hard feelings? Maybe because he whupped you good? Fight like a man and stop talking on forums. And you didn't do anything :) Your alliance is a joke. They are all jokes. You couldn't take a city from me or anyone for that matter even of they left the game.


I would like to see someone post a top 12............. There have been big changes. No one wants to step up so I challenge you to do it :)


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36 hours and Colossus destroys Ace of Hearts....yup ur right were a joke, maybe we shouldve sat around and city built like other alliances...


Peltast didn't do anything. You ARE a joke. AOH's leadership fell apart and they have split their own ways. Take on ER? Like to see you get us :). Everytime I see colossus I snicker :)


you know dogs start to bark a lot when they get scared ;-) thisisgrepolis


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Damn that was a interesting coincidence then that we kind kicked pet's duplicate accounts that he used to spy and then we took a bunch of his cities and he got all huffy and took his ball and went home. And then interesting coincidence that right after he left AoH crumbled. But sure whatever dude whatever you say.


.. Aoh split apart. Not crumbled split apart. I'll leave you in your happy sim city thought and dreams while I sink some LS.

BTW shoutout to DKBT for hooking me up with 10k BP ;-)

high lord ross

well AOH is back under wolf and Rigels here is a quick to 5 things will change in the coming months as everything settles out but for now this is what i will say

1. ER - they are still organized well in most ways
2. Colossus NWS - this will get some hate flowing, their biggest enemy is squirming like mad and they are decimating them*
3. Contract Killers - Quickly rising small elite and cohesive need to get our ducks in a row though, likely to be number 1 in a future top 5 by me
4. DKBT - I liked them better before absorbing members they will just get over extended i think but they have a good core group
5. Reborn - this seems to be a promising group not much else to say
okay one more
6. AOH - they have the members but i think they are kind of floundering right now might make it back to the top 5 once things settle out i wish all the bp stats from previous members would follow them

*for now


1. ER
Top spot for now. To be expected when they top the cream of TRB, Demigods, and Exiled. Haven't dealt with them much, but seem pretty organized, and of course confident.

2. Colossus (My alliance)
Been watching these forums for a while, and Colossus has gotten no love. Been mocked and generally regarded as fodder for other more "prestigious" alliances. But as the giants keep falling around them, they still survive and grow. So funny to go back and see many, now defunct, alliances talk about how quickly and easily they would be disposed of. If you think we are all simmers, take a look at the attack rankings for the past month and see it littered with our members. We're still here...and not going anywhere.

Like ER, they have absorbed many AoH refugees. Added some good defenders (Westerlin, Abberfawr, Smitty for example) but not much in the way of offensive firepower. Overall strong, but something major would need to happen for them to make the leap into the top spots. Also, one look at the map shows they are flanked on all sides by enemies. They are tough to be sure, but never easy to be right smack in the middle of all the action.

3a. Contract Killers
Any Alliance headed by Kayla Plum will be formidable. This new alliance was integral in the fall of AOH, but only time will tell what their plan for the future is. Best thing about this is that they all know how to play effectively, and essentially have no dead weight.

5. Reborn
Don't know much about them due to my location, except for some recent additions from the AoH exodus. But they seem at a pretty advantageous position when you look at the map.

Seems like only yesterday this alliance was rolling. Even recruited some big defectors from other alliances very recently. But as Colossus and I'm sure others started making headway against them, the defections of some of their most important players crippled their leadership and sent them into a free fall. It looked as though there was an effort to get things reorganized...but as they keep losing cities, it appears that a full blown exodus is happening.
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It's interesting to read here about what 's going on in this world. I used to play here but got burned out and stopped playing.

It's nice to see that this forum is getting some action as well. It was pretty slow for a while.

It's a little sad to hear about AoH falling apart...though...I was a little bitter at them for not helping us much when I was in JoH. They seemed to help more after I left.
I'm glad to hear Colossus is doing well. They were a great group of people to work with after I left JoH.

Taz Xanth

I like the synopsis by BenJenStark. I have respect for all alliances here in the top ten. I am not so confident that AoH downfall was because of Colossus. I am sure there was some pressure from them, but I also know that they (or some of their members) supported AoH when they fell under attack from us. Some Flip/flopping was happening there now and then. I think Aoh fell, because of internal problems plus poor attitude of Petri Dish , and I am glad to have some of their better players part of our group. No drama, just good game play. I wish all the best to all good players, and only the future will tell the true story! :D


1. ER:
Very formidable opponent for any alliance wishing to destroy them. They are well organized, cohesive, and aggressive. They recently absorbed some big hitters from Reborn, when they merged with Hired Guns. That was a huge gain for ER, the players they absorbed, although considered arrogant by some individuals *cough*PosiedonsTrident*cough*. However, they are are advanced and experienced players. ER is looking very promising for the win, and are looking hopeful for beating NWS, because of TCB, not being as aggressive as NWS.

2. NorthWestShield:
Extremely cohesive, they are active, and dangerous. Although they much smaller in comparison to ER. They are definitely a challenging opponent. They have a firm leadership Roll (people who play, will get) in their alliance, and should not be overlooked. Will definitely be a bit of a problem for ER.

3. TCB (The Coming Boot):
Were very closely knit with NorthWestShield, but when the Colossus Federation was broken apart, this alliance got the short straw in my opinion. They always were slightly lower than NorthWestShield, but lately, there has been some slippage in active players. Still a dangerous alliance nonetheless, if they can transform to be as cohesive as NWS, they can easily escalate up the ranks, and become THE factor in the war against ER. What they do, decides who will be on top.

4. Guns Reborn: A total joke in my opinion, Reborn never should have given up their alliance. The whole reason this alliance was created, was because the leaders of Reborn, saw the #1 symbol next to ER, and said " I got to get me some of that". So the leaders leave their now destroyed alliance to Achilles Aurelius V, not powerful in terms of points, but respectable and powerful. This caused a hidden nightmare for NWS, most player in NWS have no idea what this means for them. ER, now has #2's top leaders in their alliance, who are on the other side of the map, just surrounding NWS, waiting.

NWS Death Shield: Basically an academy for NWS, but way too late in the game to make a difference, should make no difference in the fight, besides giving ER some pride when they take a "NWS city".

*DKBT*: Now totally destroyed by NWS, TCB, and ER. Only have Anterrabae, who just came out of 48 day VM and was ripped to shreds by a pack of rabid wolves. He managed to lose 21 cities in 11 days, pretty impressive in my opinion.


Well grep was fun i will stick around in Epsilon but my ER days are over. Or so you will think as i just sit in the shadows while the storm that is kicking my off *cough*parents*cough* passes over. I salute my old alliances that have fallen Roma and AoH. Roma was doomed from the beginning but will be an Ace and Ritchie forever by heart. Good luck Ritchies you got this!


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Some changes since I went on vacation.

#1 NorthWestShield:
Destined for the #1 spot and now is. Destroyer of AoH, ER, and anyone else that thought they were the best. Will most likely remain here as there are no serious contenders anymore. To note they are THE ONLY alliance that has remained constent. They might have added and now deleted "Colossus" from the name but they have ALWAYS been NorthWestShield.

#2 ReBooted:
Merger of TheComingBoot[which was a merger of TheComingDawn and DasBoot] and Exiled Richies[which was a merger of TheRichieBros and Exiled] So after all that I think they are just players that have amassed points and are trying to hold on to them. They will most likely stay here unless they change there name, merge again, or dissolve.

#3 RainbowMoonbeams:
7 players hanging out. Probably soon to be taken or absorbed.

#4 Guns REBORN:
A merger of two alliances that never really did much. REBORN tried to help NWS and Contract Killers take AoH but attacked Contract Killers more then AoH and lost quite a bit to a better group then gaining from the weaker group. Again a bunch of players that have amassed points and trying to hold on to them.

#5 NorthWestShield Death Shield:
The NWS Academy that has seen its fair share of ups and downs. Was not a big attacker but did alot of defense. It was decreased alot in points since I didnt come back from vaca quick enough to save my cities and people got shuffled around. Still one of the only academies left and has stayed around 4th and 5th for over a year. Not that great but not at all horrible. We will become 4th again soon.

Everyone else doesn't even have over a million points which is pretty easy if you just have 10 people with 10 10k not worth the effort.


The one thing I must correct here is that ritchie boys where a core alliance from day one in this server where as NWS did not come about until months into it and started on the rim which is a much easier place to be. Rebooted is literally that alliance just with a different name. So that said it is the oldest most consistent alliance in the game and the only one that has players that where here on day one and are still here now. The core of the ritchie boys is still here and they are the grand daddies of the server. Otherwise i will just keep my mouth shut on this one.