Top 12 Alliances of Cythera

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(Sniff sniff) anyone smell a collapse.

collapsed sunk and thrown away, this was due to piss poor leadership , like seriously you bring in the commish and give him leadership? after his old alliance collapsed? yup most weren't having it and simply bounced...end of story really


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not trying to be a smart*ss just a question
why wouldn't you all stay and fight like fighters should. Over throw the leadership or leave that alliance and band together without them and leave them to the wolves.
just my humble opinion and question


matter was never discussed to be honest with you we basically wanted to move and then destroy them for what they did to alliance but alas most of them just ghosted so wasn't fun at all


I can give some perspective being a former leader here and somewhat in the loop still.

We started off in a disorganized manner. To the point where I pretty much had to take over the alliance and scramble for pacts. We started with Sledge which while they had a lot of potential, the good players couldn't carry the masses. We then allied the groups that became horses and seven, which made sense and I thought was a good pact. Despite this we were fighting many alliances and one by one had to take them down until we were down to TP/WP. It later turned out that our allies were supporting these groups.

No one person or handful of people wanted to lead this by themselves and even before the op that was showing. Which is how the handful that passed through leadership felt. To top it off, almost nobody wanted to play with snakes or get murdered by a mass coalition. Everyone made a choice, whether its leave the world, join TP, or stand and fight. I personally would have gone with TP if I wasn't handing off. One way or another getting the best of TP and Psychos in one team is the move I've wanted for a good while.

Now the question is how does the world play out? I'm seriously doubting Psychos and DG will last the entire world.


Not quite sure this is Kotr 2. Rav and co lasted 2 months of having their buts kicked, they had some fortitude.

From what i can make out the 'psycho' alliances fell over in a stiff breeze one weekend.

Plenty of ghosts, lots of lost souls and a whole load of fall out.

Predictions on who will be fighting who when the dust settles?


I think I can safely predict that horses will dissolve one of their pact/NAPs so they can gain more food. Although I though based on their ranking Horses were better players but I saw them attack with pegasi, archers, and swords


Guess I'll spoil the fun. Horsemen are dropping pact with OD today. TP will follow suit shortly after because Zim and Kam have become buttbuddies. Unfortunately though, as much as Zim and kam believe they now have this world won, there's still plenty of things they haven't considered nor foreseen.

Horsemen are already getting bored and many are looking to leave the world. And TP has lost it's purpose with Psychos dead and Zim's BS booting and internalization of a few players without reason or for no real reason. Some were even lied about as to why what happened, happened.

So what'll be interesting is what TP and horsemen will do once they realize this world isn't what they think it is and it's far from over. Course, we both know they'll merge the teams looking to do a "super team". And unfortunately this will only prolong the defeat they've handed themselves by their own actions.

This is what happens when you do "hugathon" diplomacy. The very thing both horsemen and TP consistently say they hate. Yet they do it more so than psychos and the KOTR group did lol.


Sig, comments like these , your constant stupid suggestions and breaking alliance rules got you booted from TP. Well that and not participating in OP's as you gobbled up OTHER internals and expanding in a zone off limits. Please shut up. I'm only a soldier and you annoy even me.


Horses dropping the pact with OD today? We'll follow them in doing so? Oh my.. you truly are 'delusional' ;)


LOL here's the fan club as expected ^^

Dan: I DID participate in OPs. Just because I didn't post everything doesn't mean I wasn't participating. I revolted numerous of Psycho cities every time we did OP them. I'd also like to point out that it was I who found out Fraek was gone and notified leadership. There was OP #1. It was also I (again) who notified leadership of K4Kaos and how he operates. There's OP #2 that was started thanks to my intel. Hell, I even helped make sure Zim got the city he took before he swiped one from me because had I not sent my LS nukes in, he wouldn't have gotten it. And yes, he has those reports too. As far as expanding in places "off -limits" and breaking alliance rules: HA! Never once did I break a rule nor expand in an "off limits" place. Kam even TOLD ME he was happy I made the cities in his backyard.

Zim: Care for me to post the skype conversations and our messages about how much "Insignificance" I was? How you thanked me for info provided which directly led to TWO OPs on psychos? Care for me to post the conversations with Kam where I helped give him info on his players so he knew how to better handle them? Care for me to post the conversations with OD, Psychos, or any other alliance I had which brought the world exactly to where it is today?

It's funny how people will always deny the obvious and the truth by saying exactly what you said. I have mail on mail on mail to prove how wrong you are dude lol. Much less, remember when you said you were going to put my theory to the test? Looks like I win. Because only 10 people, that's right TEN, from TP ever bothered to attack me and take my cities. Everyone knows you guys lied about me and wrongfully internalized me and booted me. You've just knifed your own team in the back and everyone knows it. BTW, I had at least 12 people IN TP ask me if I needed support and where to send it because they know how you did me and others dirty. TP is done. Hell, DeFame doesn't even trust 90% of the entire TP/WP team so why even bother having them around? I've never met a more joke of a leadership team until here (although I will give Batty some credit as Batty has a brain at least and is a fairly good fighter). Thinking you're so great and have things in control yet have NO CLUE what is really going on much less what is really thought of you guys.

Marcus: The only delusional person I've ever met is you (in this game). Firstly you're a 18 y/o kid who no clue how this game works. What's going to happen when mom and dad kick you off the computer and make you get a job? Say goodbye to your "career" in this game. You are BY FAR the WORST Def Coordinator I've ever seen in action. You can't even tell fake revolts from real ones. Much less, you BARELY can handle a very poorly put together OP. Even WITH the help of Sly and the leaders. You've got FAR too much to learn about this game and war itself. Nobody considers you to be any bit relevant other than the team you're on. And heck, the only people in TP who like you is the Baris core group and like 5 others.. Big whoop.

Speaking of which, something else I'd like to point out: Your Baris win. ALL the vets and REAL fighters of this game know that there was NO competition in Baris. A rim team filled of 100% new people could've won it. Baris was by far one of the easiest worlds in US Server history. And Cythera is also incredibly easy with poor competition. Only reason you guys aren't dead is because of your hugathon with Kam and Co and his gracefulness to you. If Kam decided to make you guys red, you'd be gone in less than 1.5. And that's if they totally BS the war against you guys.

But anyways, enough talk. Zim I know you're still praying for the chance to fight me. And like I said, you'll have to get in line cowboy and wait your turn. There's plenty of other people who I'll be going against long before I ever consider you a threat, much less someone worth my time to fight. Especially now when I know all the ins and outs of your team. You think you're so smart and yet you couldn't be dumber or more delusional yourself.


This is getting interesting
I'll be following this soap opera for 11 months or so....
Good luck everyone


Lol so many inconsistencies with Sig's rant I don't even know where to begin