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Things are pretty dead around here (besides drunk and exiled getting into a d*ck measuring contest lol). Lets hear what everyones top 10 alliances are and why they rank them that way?


Ok noone has the balls to post a top ten? Well deez.nuts do. 1-10 are:
1. The Rebels-have a good point average and seem like they know what their doing.
2.Unsullied- dont know much about em but they also have a good point average.
3. Black sails-good alliance
4. Chosen few- homer pick. Solid core and every member is on the same page.
5.Ouroboros prime- top points average in the world. Dont know anything else about them.
6. The exiled- good alliance, they have like 4 academies
7.13th legion-dont know anything about em. Guessing they're an mra
8.zion- see above
9. Section 8- see above
10. Drunk empire- might go extinct soon.

(This is in my opinion, not my alliances) if you get butthurt over my rankings than make your own and state why your ranking is better.
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Im going to make a top ten without The Exiled because of course my opinion of my alliance is irrelevant.

1. The Rebels- definitely the alliance to beat, not much to say about them, great leaders and good players
2. Unsullied- I believe they gained some Futurus Sanguis players? I could be wrong, but fairly well centrally located, seems organized; a side note for them, they are at war with 13th legion from what I heard. Hope to hear about that more
3. Black Sails- Will always be a strong alliance, I remember some of their players, good group of guys to play with. solid alliance
4. Ouroboros Prime- the only alliance I don't know much about, seems like a tight knit group with great player averages, I see them as a real contender later on
5. Chosen Few- Definitely my favorite alliance besides The Exiled, I enjoy playing alongside these guys, basically destroyed Undertakers by themselves with some help with us in 73, but I respect their leader, I expect them to continue their success alongside us in the Drunk Empire war of the East
6. 13th Legion- I've had brief convos with their leaders, seem like a well oiled alliance. not really sure how the 13th Legion vs. Unsullied war is going
7. Zion- Ive heard of their war with Black Sails II, I understand that they are holding up well; id love to see what happens with that, juniper berry their founder is a nice guy, good leader
8. Section 8- ironically rank 8 on my list, has held their own during wars, still surprised they are here, good luck to them. they definitely have a good chunk of DBP
9. Unsullied Legion- This is a growing alliance that I cant wait to see develop, king garmo is doing a good job shifting his alliance to be part of Unsullied, smart move, hope to see them help with the War of the East
10. Vigil- in my opinion is small.. but mighty. has helped us out a lot and is basically another little Chosen Few in my opinion
11. Drunk Empire- im adding them here in my list as 11, because I do respect some of their leaders in the alliance, but they have limited time in Grepolis from the war.
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