Top 10 Sink/Swim 1 week in and still too early

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1 Panic Attacks 9781007 66 148197
Swim - See no where to go but up for these guys. Still the best figthers on the server with no one really to challenge them. Critical Mass can try but I dont see that happening.

2 NAME CHANGERS 7511401 74 101505
float - After failing to make their way into the core with Unsullied looks like they are expanding to the rim through some weaker alliances. Not a bad play. Not going anywhere anytime soon.

3 Unsullied 6393233 56 114165
Swim - Expect them to jump over NC in the next few weeks. Great fighters here as well. Should have no problem taking care of the rim alliances banding against them.

4 Critical Mass 4376290 58 75453
Float - float for now until PA decides they are tired of looking at them. Leadership is questionable and an alliance of simmers/fighters never works out for the best :)

5 Bedlam 3712653 68 54598
Swim - Illum better watch out :) Won't say more here since its my alliance.

6 The Commission 3364921 56 60088
swim - Look to see them fighting Critical Mass soon. I can't remember their exact positioning since grepointel is down but I think they are north of CM. Should be a good fight. Haven't proven much just taking small stuff in their ocean.

7 Sinister Empire 3143238 66 47625
Sink - Dont see them lasting long against Doth/Unsullied.

8 Illuminati 3131668 69 45386
Swim - Like all MRA's they will look real great for awhile and eventually fall. Yes they have some experienced players but their MRA 3 acads will be the downfall. Sure you won Rho, but this is a new ballgame :) will move up a few spots but just because people above will sink.

9 Dothraki 2948110 68 43355
Swim - See Unsullied above.

10 Radioactive 2670860 70 38155
Float - will Probably pick up the Sinister leftovers then ultimately fall to doth/unsullied.


id like to insert an alliance mention The Company is growing strong picking up better members everyday an despite starting weeks after the server opened and being ranked outside the top 50 they have grown into a top 15 alliance and are cutting there way through 043 with a vengance hegemony has already lost its academy and is on the verge of collapse next comes royal alliance and they will virtually have all of 43 so long as they can hold of NC which they have done so far but we will see when NC has its feet to the fire how hard they are willing to push


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moonwalker72 your leader? He's a nub. Tell him Ang said hi


moonwalker is a leader but not the leader and if u wanna test ur theory well be waiting in 043 for you


was kidding. I like moon