Top 10 Sink or Swim

Which alliances do you think will sink and which ones will float?

1. Immortal Elite - Swim, they have quite a number of recognizable names and a few gold spenders.
2. IMMORTAL - Swim/Float. I have no idea if they are related to the above alliance but I have a good feeling that they are not. They have a nice average but my only concern is that from a glance at the ocean leaderboards, they're spread out in all four oceans.
3. Most WanteD - Swim. Their average definitely not as high as the top two but they are concentrated in 44/45 at the moment.
4. Silver Raiders - (For real swim) Sink because Cachet is in the alliance and he doesn't know how to play. Jokes aside, this alliance is concentrated in 44 with a smattering in other oceans
5. Ravens - Swim. They currently have dominance in O55 and the only competition over there is probably Children of the Corn. They're pretty safe.

Honorable mentions:

Children of the Corn - High average, concentrated in O55. Like I said before, they'll only have competition against Ravens.
Boom Shaka Laka - I just really like the name.
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Joseph Nieves

Hardly anyone has conquest so I say everyone swims...for now. I only really recognize IE, Apocalypso, Corn, and Boom Shaka Laka.
A lot of the alliances are starting to have sister/academy alliances, which is understandable. Judging from the BP scores, there's really not a lot of conflicts at the moment.

Joseph Nieves

I can give a lazy one.

1) Immortal Elite- Swim. Strong presence in 45 and 54, which means sharing an ocean with: MW, Apocalypso, LOC, and Ravens. Lot of easy food, decent number of golders, that pact and merge at dom time with FC. Short of an implosion it's impossible to fail.

2) Raven Knights- Sink. It always confused me that the 2nd branch became the main branch. They took in an alliance in 44, which seems weird given their core ocean is 55. They'll get hit by IE in 45 and FC in 55. Players should use this time as an audition to get into one of those two alliances, if they want to play long term in this world.

3) Fight Club- Swim. Cored up nicely and get to feed off Ravens. Add in the pact already mentioned and they're all set.

4) SILVER RAIDERS- Float for now, sink after RK, Apocalypso and MW. I always thought no comment for the alliance you're in is silly, so much easier to know how an alliance will fare by being inside it. Like everyone else, I think the path to victory is nonexistent. I think there's time and room to grow in 44 before being the central focus of IE or FC. I'm not a fan of all caps.

5) Ravens- See RK.

6) Immortal Elite II- See IE.

7) MosT WanteD- Sink. I mean they spell their name like a spongebob meme. That seems in line with the way they operate.

8) Apocalypso- Sink. Pretty sure their main two leaders went inactive pretty quickly. Pale and Cooter are solid players but I don't see anything else going for them. Most of them are basically just building cities for IE in 54.

9) Silver Raiders II- See Silver Raiders

10) Lords of the Crystal- Sink. Another ocean 54 alliance. Plan to merge with Apocalypso seems to have fallen apart. Not that it matters, there's not enough solid players for either to fend off IE for long.

11) GoodFellas- Float. They seem to be in the middle and outer part of 55 from my brief glance. Since the center is all that matters for dom they probably won't be of much interest to FC. GoodFellas can go ahead and do their own thing for a while but if a war ever comes they seem pretty spread out and even have colonized on rock islands. That's unforgivable.

12) MosT WanteD1- See MosT WanteD. Did I mention the name is lame?
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Joseph Nieves

Lol very true, didn't expect that from a server this slow. I guess I'll try round 2 of a lazy sink or swim.

Fight Club/Project Mayhem: Swim
Few noteworthy changes since last time. One being the lack of a relationship with IE. Second being well the addition of a second branch, which has allowed them to have the space for some top players in IE and Ravens. Third is just the weird little fact that 5 of their top 6 were with another alliance in like the last week or so. I must admit I find all the hopping around here a bit silly considering the current wars have been fairly inconsequential so far, though I've been one of the people moving around. With that said, FC is set up even nice than the last time I wrote one of these.

Avengers/EN: Swim
East Coast/West Coast split of the three IE branches. Consolidated into two branches, leaving around 25 people behind. Probably still some deadweight but considering where it was before I was shockingly left in charge overnight, that is a considerable improvement. Only lost two people since my promotion so I suppose I'm doing slightly less bad than the old regime. Especially since Croathis is basically Robocop (read between the lines). I would say crisis has been averted and we still are the only alliance with many cities where they count. I think the new leadership team (not including myself, I just delegate to the qualified people) is an improvement, we have a greater sense of direction and a bit more participation. I guess part of me also says swim because a one alliance world is incredibly boring and I imagine it would be even worse in such a slow speed.

Silver Raven Raiders 1-6: Sink
Night raid 3 left the world yesterday. We will all miss the entertainment he provides, not so much his youtube channel though. John Raven left well before that. Raiders and Ravens combining was completely pointless. The players there for the most part are just food for the two groups above.

Goodfellas: Float for now, sink later.
Only thing that keeps them alive is location. There cities have little value to anyone. With that said, once someone targets them they would probably collapse.

First Team: Float for now, sink later.
My comment will basically mirror the Goodfellas one. Only thing that keeps them alive is location. There cities have little value to anyone. With that said, once someone targets them they would probably collapse. Seem much more spread out than Goodfellas, players themselves are probably a bit better than Goodfellas though.

noobies: Float
Again their location makes it pointless for other alliances to go after them. Props to Icy13 and some others in there for trying to teach some new players. I hope some of the newbies stick around for a while.

Hard to say much there isn't many alliances left, lot of changes at the top though. Hopefully it'll be a while before the world becomes dead. Someone who is less boring them me should also make one of these. No March Madness this year so might as well guess completely wrong on this!
I like how msgtlefty calls people snowflakes in their in game profile, yet was the one who threw a tantrum at Gribbe attacking them on another world and rage quit the alliance because of it...rather ironic
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I like how msgtlefty calls people snowflakes in their in game profile, yet was the one who threw a tantrum at Gribbe attacking them on another world and rage quit the alliance because of it...rather ironic
I like how a guy that’s the 680 ranked fighter in a world with 400 active players is calling people out on external forums. Perhaps focusing on the game and not the drama would help you a bit.

Joseph Nieves

Lefty leaving is old news, that was practically a century ago. The more current news is players who are adamant about not wanting to be a leader/in the council get upset and join the enemy because you didn't give them advanced notice when kicking players who fail to contribute anything but a negative attitude.

Fyi for all leaders, before making any minor decisions be sure to tell all your top 100 players days in advance, because they put so much time, energy and effort into the game. In exchange, they will leave you not once not twice but three times without consulting anyone themselves :D

The egos in this game are just silly, just fight and act your age. All the hissy fits are exhausting lol
Ahhhhh yes i must have overlooked your monumental achievements on the dimale server. #151 fighter in war dogs academy alliance.
Yep I contribute a lot more than other people. Considering the amount of active players in the world I’m happy with where I am atm . The fact you go out of your way to research for your trash talk is pretty sad but if it makes you feel good then you do you