Too early Too soon


Is it just me or was this suppose to come out on 17th according to announcement

I better update my calender:p


damn they cant make a good world or read a calendar


Don't forget, it is the 17th in some parts of the world. They can't help it if the 17th for them comes before the 17th in the US.


US-server, German based company, still same date unless we all shifted in time zones


ya. I feel like it should have been the right date since its a US sever XD. We need to ask for Time zone stamp on release dates now RIP


GG Can we get a triple confirmation on future release dates ty :rolleyes::p


It is a 6 hour difference between Inno (German) time and the U.S. East Coast

which would make it a 9 hour difference between German time and West Coast US time.

7 for Central, 8 for Mountain and so on.

Inno has always been vague about the exact drop (world opening) time of the day but the are usually pretty accurate on the date itself.

I just so happened to get lucky that I left a world last night and ta-da brand new server opens up! I was JUST about to go over to the .en servers but then I saw this opportunity.

I am a professional (if you don't know me, just give that a month or two heh..) and I'm going to train some people up on the rim, new people if i can, and not just eat them or let them be eaten. That is such weakness, typically from players too afraid or unable through gameplay to take on a good, active player.

This is my last ditch effort to attempt to "save" the US servers by training up what I'm hoping can or will be a new wave/class of us grepo player. The last time I did this: I trained Chris John, Mazda6, and found both IP Freely and HMZephyr from smaller alliances and brought them into the fold. You can ask any of them (the first 3 are retired, Baris took a lot out of my protege's) about that.