The Problem with Gela


i think they should just give out balanced tokens like hops and tris, and the rest can be those nice shiney badges we all like to put on for a few hours


i think you should head north and stop moving like a sloth to see your Almighty AD


I admittedly play with an exorbitant amount of gold, and I buy the myth tokens, but I only do it because if you don't, you're screwed. There is no way to compete in a server, especially one that starts during, or just before, an event if you don't.

Taking cities the good old-fashioned way of four players timing in their attacks and support, praying for good times on the clock, and hoping to withstand that first LS nuke, is a thing of the past. Now you have to find someone who's asleep for 4 hours and hope your alliance's 500,000 DLU can withstand their alliance's sky-blackening free myth nukes.

In Chi, which to date is still my favorite server from a game play standpoint, if you had a Manti nuke you'd worked your *** off to get it and it was only to be used in the most dire of circumstances. Someone said it above, but it's true that you were certainly the hero when you blew up your mantis to break a siege, because everybody knew you were going to be spending a month to rebuild it.

The game is no longer about boats, or strategy, it's about free myths and catching someone during sex or on a plane and piling up enough DLU to survive the myth assault before someone notices a trip went off...

And don't get me started on bots. I don't know how to get a bot and wouldn't use one if I did, but it's clear there are people who are doing it with reckless abandon because they seem to have continually amazing times, and worse, resources to spare even at the beginning of a server. Would that there were better control of the bots.

I guess in conclusion we're all wanting the same thing: better control of the cheaters and fewer cheap myths. Damned shame nobody is listening.


catching someone during sex

Not going to hide my shame here and admit, I have actually called a cease to such activities to check several consecutive alarms once. I was not a popular boyfriend for a few days, but I did save my city which would have taken even longer to retake. Sometimes a dedicated nerd just has to weigh up the choices at hand