The Ocean 45 Empire recurting! All are welcome!


Hello fellow players,

My alliance is currently looking for players to assist us in taking over the world. All players are welcome, but we aren't a MRA, so we will only accept the first 25 requests. We need a few more experienced players, but we will also train new players if you cannot find another alliance.


-Must be in ocean 45, or near the border of ocean 45 in an adjacent ocean.
-Must be active.
-Willing to work with other players (to get help, you must give help).
-Respects rules.
-Has fun playing grepolis!

Needed within the alliance:

-Experienced diplomats (as diplomats)
-Great combatants (as generals)
-The most wise of decision makers (as council members)

To join:
1) Message ottdog requesting to join the alliance that includes:
For new players:
-Why you want to be in our alliance
-State the name of an alliance that declined your request OR a player/alliance that is threatening you.
-Tell me, do you have fun?
For Experienced players:
-Previous worlds you played on
-Why do you want to join this alliance
-What rank do you want (none, diplomat, general, or council members)
-Why do you want the rank & experience in such activities
-Tell me, do you have fun?

2) Once accepted, read the rules on the welcome tab of the forums and comment saying you agree to the rules. If not, you will still be a member, but you will have no authority.

3) Then you will get authority to do stuff!

4) Be active, and have fun, or you will be banned.

Only the first 25 will be accepted. No requests sent after 1500 EST on December 30. Even If you still don't get in, we will have another round of recruiting after I know that I can be able to manage 35 members. Then we will be recruiting 10 players at a time every once in a while, as I see that it fits. If you don't join, still have fun :).