The Divine Trials Of Hermes


Hades. And i will pass on going to the bank of the river of pain

Lady Hobbit

This deity is a dog lover, that's for sure! Even if you're looking for this deity, you may not find them!
Although... if you want to convene with them... travel to the banks of the river Acheron...The Oldest of the three Hades always loved his three headed dog Spot a Cerberus who as a pup would sleep in the Helmet of Invisibility. If you have enough favor with Hades he might return your men too you or send a plague to slow your production down. But no matter how you visit Hades and Spot you have to have the coin to cross the river and remember to leave the cats Zeus loves at home with the cows.:cool: [player]Lady Hobbit[/player][island]65220[/island]
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