The Divine Trials Of Hermes


Hello players!

We've received a message from Hermes himself. He offers you a chance to participate in his trials in exchange for some awesome prizes. Read on below to see his message...




Greetings mortals!

I, Hermes, bring a message from the gods! They are pleased with your dedication to Olympus, and that you have shown you are almost worthy to convene with their council. They have tasked me with setting a final trial, a test of sorts, to prove your devotion. Bountiful delights await those who can pass this test, so read on for more...

The six deities of the world of Grepolis have come together to challenge their subjects in a battle of wits, not might. This test is simple, really, a trifling affair for sure! Over the course of the next month of October, I will deliver unto you an encrypted message. The message describes the traits of one of the gods of Grepolis... show them how well you know and adore them by correctly guessing which god the message is dedicated to.

Once you and your fellow players have had a chance to deliberate, the answer will be revealed, as well as the next puzzle! To be in with a chance to get into the gods graces, you simply need to participate, not guess correctly. The gods are pleased with you all the same!

But, I hear you utter with your mortal breaths "what is in it for me?!". Well of course, the gods may bestow upon you divine gifts! Each god will select a handful participants to receive these gifts, so be sure to let them know your name, as well as the world you hail from in your response. I will delegate this task to the leaders of your realm, the ones you call 'Community Managers', to ensure your gifts are received!

Each selected participant will receive:

  • 1000 Gold.
  • A bundle of spells from the gods themselves!
So, what are you waiting for?! The first god's message has just arrived, so check out below for your first chance to show the gods your devotion!

Hermes - Herald of the Gods





Another message has been received from Hermes! Read on for the first clues...


This deity is a dog lover, that's for sure! Even if you're looking for this deity, you may not find them!
Although... if you want to convene with them... travel to the banks of the river Acheron...


Post below to submit your answers to Hermes trial! And, don't forget to include your player name in your answer!