The Delphi Times - Issue Two


you could make one stogus, then we can have papers with different perspectives


New issue will be coming out soon. Also the new issue will have a 'Delphi Lottery' in it. All players interested can message me either in game or here on the forums before the issue is out with ONE number from 1-150. Winner will get 500 favor of Hera to spend (EXAMPLE: they could get 16weddings on one city or 4 happiness in different cities or 6POP growth, however they would like to spend it.) the number has be chosen now. If we do have a winner it will be mentioned on the issue and it will be your responsibility to message me on how you would like to spend it. ((I do have the same name in game as here; Matangi ))

Thanks again for everyone who reads it! 8) Don't forget any other ideas you have or would like to see on the issues feel free to let me know and I will do what I can.
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