The Delphi Times - Issue Two




Welcome to the second issue! On this special issue I will talk more about the “Legion of Legions” (since we were getting tired of hearing the SS break up). We are now on the 8th week of this world being opened up. And it seems as though the Legion of Death started a ‘world coalition’ to go against the top alliance in Delphi, Titans. We will hear from the leaders of the Legions and what they think of their enemies.


First of all an interview with Kameleon one of the top leaders of Legion of Death:


1. As a leader of Legion of Death, what are your real thoughts about the alliance?

Legion is a well-oiled machine. MRA? Maybe. Are we your typical disorganized, overgrown MRA? Not at all. Our structure is strong enough to bear the weight of our team, and we're proving it every day. The team we have built at Legion is awesome. All of our leaders have done a superb job of weeding out the simmers and drama queens. At the same time, they have built great relationships with the veterans and done a spectacular job mentoring our newbies.
We've created an environment in which all of our members are flourishing. From the outside, I don't really give a damn how we look. From the inside, we are just a bunch of overgrown kids having a blast, while we tear through our enemies.
We don't plan on letting the fun stop anytime soon. I love it here; it doesn't get any better than this.

2. Is daggrius a great founder/leader?

All of our leaders have great qualities. Daggs is a people-person. He does an excellent job of getting people motivated. Each of our leaders has a job, and each of our leaders does an excellent job in their particular field of expertise.

3. We all know this war is coming, so what are your thoughts on the Titans & Pillars of War?

The war is here, and it's a good thing for all parties involved. It was getting really boring around over the last week, and aside from the turncoats who are still flip-flopping between alliances, the BP has been sporadic at best. My opinion on the matter is that if it wasn't for great wars, none of us would be Grepo-fans.

4. Do you believe the fall of the Titans will be an easy one?

Absolutely not. 50cents is a generous old man with a lot of time on his hands. I imagine he will take care of his people and hold the threads of his alliance together. Apparently, this is a wonderful way to spend your retirement. I have great admiration for the Titans team and what they have done here and on other servers. Their list of accomplishments is long, and I expect nothing less than a long, hard fight with them. 50cents, I know you're going to read this ... don't let me down like Pinky & The Brain did.

5. In your opinion, what makes a great alliance?

The key to success for any alliance is constant, meaningful communication. All the experience in the world won't make a bit of difference if the communication and activity are mediocre. I've said it a thousand times; I'll take an active newbie any day over a veteran who doesn't play well with others. We have all of these things working for us in Legion, and I'm grateful for every guy and gal that has put in work for our team. These active leaders, members, and allies have made my time here most excellent.


Next up we have medsurge1 founder of Legion of Doom:


1. As a leader of a Legion alliance, what are your real thoughts on the alliance?
The alliance is a good one, slightly rough around some edges but with a little bit of working and conditioning, it will smooth out. Every alliance has their strengths and weaknesses and it's a matter of figuring it out, tweaking it, and improving it. I feel like this alliance has some really great fighters and leaders in it that have banded together to get this alliance up to the top and be a competitor in this world.

2. We know the war with Titans is coming, what are your thoughts on them?
They seem like a good alliance. I don't know to much about them but that they were one of the favorites to win this world, got into a war with SS early on and then took in some SS players when they fell pretty much combining the two top alliances people talked about, and that they seem to have a core group within the alliance that has played in other worlds together. That's about all I know about them.

4. Do you believe the Legions will be victorious? Will it be an easy victory for the Legions?
I don't think it will be an easy victory. Anytime you go up against an experienced alliance, the only thing that makes them an "easy" opponent is inactivity, which they don't seem to have, or a fall in leadership, what supposedly happened to SS. I think this war will be a longer war than some expect, mainly cause I think people think of us as a MRA that will implode from within, although I feel we have a good group of leadership that can manage the storm and the alliance as a whole is great at "teamwork" pretty quickly. Right now the war is in the beginning and I feel like it's round one as the two boxers come to the center of the ring and start throwing punches, feeling each other out. I'm sure alot of people see Titans as the heavy favorite, but the underdog always has something to prove.

5. How would you go about catching a 'spy' in your alliance?
A really good "spy" should never get caught, is how I see it. Although I do not like spies and wish people wouldn't do it, but I understand when people say it's a war game and spies are part of war. I have heard of stories that in some earlier worlds, once a spy was known, they would be put on public display for that world to notice and everyone attacked them until rimmed. That would be a great thing to see, but I personally don't like spies and wish it wasn't part of the game. Just alliance against alliance with no insider information.


And now last but certainly not least, another interview from the supreme commander of the Legions! daggrius


1. Was starting the world with 'academies' planned from the beginning or did it just happened? (now two Legion*of*Hell & Legion*of*Doom)?

Origionally, LoD was been an isolationist alliance, we had no room, and needed to grow, plus we needed to filter big players into LoD.

2. It seems as though other players in this world are not 'fans' of your Legions, calling them things such as the MRA Legions and full of 'newbies’. Do you have anything to say about this? What makes your Legions different from other 'MRA' alliances?

Well, think of it this way, LoD brings all the big proven players into LoD, and even our academy is 5 in the world, so really, we have 1 non-elite academy, and eve then, there are requirements.

3. We all know the big war is coming, what are your thoughts on the Titans & Pillars*of*War?

It was a bit of a blow, when we didn't have enough players to keep a hold in 44, however, we had a really fun time taking down all of the titans in our oceans, we took around 11 cities from one player, I think she got 14000 DBP lol

4. Do you believe your Legions will be victorious in the end and do you think this war will be an easy one?
I believe so, I'm not going to say our game plan, because some of them read the newspaper lol. I do know, the titans are a determined and strong enemy, and they are not to be messed around with, however, their blood tastes like soda.

5. What are your thoughts on 50cents? (founder of the Titans). He also did not want to do an interview on the last issue, what do you think made him not want to?

I don't know, I really think he's somewhat unpredictable, I speak with him about peace, then 3 hours later, we began our full scale war from them, luckily, we'v only lost a meager 7 major cities, and we've taken at least 13 of theirs.

Sink or Swim - In the Spotlight
Every issue a random alliance/s will be picked.

Legion of Death - Legion of Doom - Legion of Hell AKA Legion of Legions!

Legion of Death the number two alliance of Delphi, and also the number two as fighters. Not bad at all for an alliance that has been called a MRA and full of ‘noobs’. But together with their ‘academies’ Legion of Hell & Legion of Doom they have a combined number of players of about 233, whether they are all active or not I do not know. Most of the cities are in the northeast area of the world. They have been conquering most cities in there way, already eaten some of the top alliances. I can really see this alliance going far, although I do not believe numbers can win a war, they sure can help a lot! If this alliance does get organized very well with those huge numbers I can see them going far but not to much. I have seen some reports of attacks/defense of them and they were no good. I believe they have much training to do and if they don’t catch up, they will just end up being fish food! We will just have to see how they do against the Titans & Pillars of War when the war really does start.
(Lets not forget they made a ‘world coalition’ to help as well)



Colonization Update

PointsOld OwnerNew OwnerOld AllianceNew Alliance
4674WatahBecarefullu2NoneLegion of Death
4728Loud NoisesWK BANGNoneThe Necromongers
6725konoplitskyChapo the greatBERSERKSTitans
Note:Last three on time of posting.

Well it seems as ‘World War I’ of Delphi has began, a ‘world coalition’ has been formed to take down the top alliance and it’s ally, Titans & Pillars of War. Taking a further look into this, it does seem like a good idea since it is a ‘common interest’ for the rest of the alliances to take down what seems to be the strongest alliances here in Delphi. From what I have been able to confirm the world coalition consists of the following alliances: Legion of Death, The Necromongers, Incognito, Legion of Doom, Lockdown, Federation of Buccaneers, Legion of Hell, & Cronus. They may not all be best allies but are going pretty much after the two enemies. It's pretty much war of the top 10 alliances (8 vs 2). Who will come out on top?! This is the time for everyone to place their bets on who will win! Either way, good luck to all sides and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Special Interview

Now time for the special interview! 50cents one of the founders of the mighty Titans has decided to answer a few question for this newspaper!


1. In your opinion, what makes Titans a better alliance than the rest?

I am not sure if I can say we are a better alliance,the only thing we try to do is enjoy ourselves.
We do communicate well and use Skype ,as it is a fast way to help and support players, not only when they are attacked but also when some players need advice, how to build up,how to attack.
We do have some good players if I may say so, but other alliances have good players too.

2. We know the war with the Legions is coming, what are your thoughts on them??

The Legions are coming, well we just have to see,what I can say is that I got 5K DBP on 1 day from their attacks and I am an offense player,so I do not know yet how well organized they are.
In a way I am a bit surprised that They need 3 alliances and a Pact with all the major alliances in this world to try and win it.
We have just the 1 alliance and 1 Pact with Pillars*of*Warwho are in my opinion doing a great job.

3. daggrius (Founder of the Legions) said on the last issue that, "Titans would be relatively easy to beat down", Any thoughts on this?

daggrius is not what I would call the brightest candle on the cake.
He has 3 cities and a total of 10k points.His total BP is 987 so I am not really impressed by the player who is called the "Supreme Commander"
He even send me a request for a Pact which would kill this world, I did sent a pm to the other founder Kameleon, 1 player I do respect, he took care of this silly request and cancelled it.
I never underestimate my opponent , stupid thing to do.
daggrius find himself very strong with all his Pacts that is maybe why he responded that way.that we were easy pickings .
HazzardWarning is also a loud mouth with the Legions supporting him,wonder what he would do if the Legions would drop their Pact with them.
As for the The*Necromongers their 2 top players if you could call them that are in my opinion the greatest sponsors for Innogames.we even receive pm's from his own players telling us what an idiot he is.
1 DarkGunXSword 13 cities total BP 21k
2 Areaguerned 11 cities total BP 10k

4. How would you go about catching a 'spy' in your alliance?

Catching a Spy can be difficult,but if we have 1 he will not survive in this world.
I find this way of playing sick , I know it is a War Game and in a War we try all the tricks in the book.

There you guys have it! 50cents is sure not shy to share his opinions about his foes.

World Map
Here is a map showing most of the alliances in Delphi.



True or Rumor? You decide.

Legion of Death players already in ‘secret’ talks with Titans leaders.

Incognito waiting on the right moment to betray and hit the Legions.

Titans & Pillars of War desperately seeking more members to join them for the war.

Pillars of War’s leaders soon to go inactive.

In this section we will have some of the top alliance who are gone now.



Savage Subjugation

Pinky and the Brain


That's all folks!

Unfortunately that's it for this issue.
Please leave all suggestions and/or questions below. If I am “missing” something please feel free to let me know! Happy hunting and see you next issue!

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id like to know how the Legions recruit their members. Do they ask members "do you want to join our alliance?" or do they wait for people to come to them?


I'll tell you, if you tell me how titans recruits so many snots


id like to know how the Legions recruit their members. Do they ask members "do you want to join our alliance?" or do they wait for people to come to them?

Well, you see.. When a mommy and daddy love each other very, very, much

Nice article !
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Well, you see.. When a mommy and daddy love each other very, very, much…

Legion of Death's main profile should give a clue; it says recruitment CLOSED.

Then it says if you're interested in joining contact the person listed.

no crap, but how did they get all their members in the beginning?
200 people aren't gonna apply to a 20 man alliance, are they?


I'm sure really good players simply recognized really good players and it went from there.


It happens when players give up their egos to promote the common good


I would also like to confirm that cronus is not a coalition member


Im guessing every 15 days he makes a new edition, so should be 9 days left if I was correct