The Athenian- Issue One: Welcome to Byzantium


Green Arrow had some In-Game Problems as battles are starting in 66.
1) In a month, I hope The Plague Co. will consolidate his positions in OC54. Considering the world configurations and our number, it would be crazy to go to another ocean.
I still expect recruiting a few more members. But it won"t get over 25 members. I expect to be in the top 10 alliance attackers too. For a 13 members alliance, it'squite good!
2) The core values : Fight & communication. I tell my members not be afraid of attacking. This is only a game, but an expansion and war game. So the pleasure has to be found in attacking and defending.
3) TO has greats members! They have a core of players who know this game and they're really ambitious and try to get the four center oceans.I think they'll go far in this world. They have a great founder and leaders too. What a shame they're too many.
4) My personal goal : enjoying. I've already get to the Wonders once, so my aim is only to enjoy and make my members improving their way of playing. I'm targeting the top 1 attacker spot too :)
5) I'd say we're not in pact at all for now. We just thinking about growing up. If a war has to be made, let's do it
6) I assume my words, so you can use *T1b* "Where do you think your alliance will be in a month?" I think that my alliance will be maintaining it's status within the top 5 alliances of this world, and that we will have grown to new heights in that time.

"What are your core values for a good alliance?" In an effort to keep the answer to the point I will have to say integrity, reliability, aggressiveness, honesty, and teamwork.
Sir Owsianska
"What are your thoughts on The Organization?" I have had no dealings with the alliance called The organization, but they were the first major alliance in Athens, and as such I feel that I can safely assume that they're made up partially of a group of players that have known each other from other worlds, and had planned to play in Athens for some time before it's launch, which has allowed them to organize in the same ocean in the start, and thus maintain their current level of dominance over Athens. (based on point level).

"What are your personal goals for March 1st?" My personal goals for March are to expand to as many new cities as I can via conquest, and become better at managing a Grepolis alliance to full efficiency.

"Are you at war with any alliances?" Yes.

"Would you like to keep your name anonymous, or under an alias?" Use my in game name. No need for an alias. Sir Owsianska

Gray Fenrir
1. I think my alliance is still going to be around the rank 2 spot in a month seeing as how we are still weededing out the dead weight that use us for protection and the fact that we are running out of targets to conquer with in our ocean.
2. I think the core values for a good alliance is that it should be concentrated within a particular area, Ocean 65 for us, and that having good leaders that know what they are doing is a good thing as well.
3. Haven't had any dealings with The Organization. I think they are centered in the ocean west of us. Don't have any complaints about them as long as they leave us alone.
4. I don't really have a personal goal for March 1st. If I had to come up with one, I guess it would be to finally start building a good military force instead of focusing on the city.
5. Currently at war with all of the "The Elite" alliance that have members in our ocean. They are a jumbled mess and they are practically cleaned out. We also had a small conflict with the alliance The Lunar Republic and FORCE. Both of those alliance have been cleaned out as well.

Where do you think your alliance will be in a month?
- We are currently 2nd place in Attackers/Defenders/Fighters. I feel we could compete for 2nd place in total points as well. We just need to recruit a few players at our average. 1st place is a bit far out of reach, and The Organization is our ally, so we aren't looking to knock them off the pedestal.

What are your core values for a good alliance?
- Activity, Loyalty, Trust, Aggressiveness

What is (ARE) your thoughts on The Organization?
- No personal experience working with them, but I'm glad we are allies.

What are your personal goals for March 1st?
- Stay in the top 5 players for points/attackers/fighters.

Are you at war with any Alliances Currently?
- My alliance is currently at war with The Plague Co. and Route De La Mort.

Here is johnny0530
Where do you think your alliance will be in a month? still growing.. we need more members to get to Conquest
What are your core values for a good alliance? more experienced members helping the newbies
What is your thoughts on The Organization? havent talked to them yet.. they look powerful.
What are your personal goals for March 1st? get 8 cities
Are you at war with any Alliances Currently? no. i want to keep it that way,

What are your core values for a good alliance?
Communication, quality, experience, and a decent quantity and loyalty over all.
Where do you think your alliance will be in a month?
I believe we will be more united with our allied alliances, we will all work together to defeat a common enemy. We will be stronger and more experienced along the way.
What is your thoughts on The Organization?
They know what they are doing, and I respect them. One of the most valued allies I have.
Are you at war with any Alliances Currently?

Alter of the Twelve gods founders did not message me back and the 3 Organization members I messaged probably thought it was spam. Please tell me if you want anyone special interviewed tell me new questions to ask to the players who we Interview, Thank you Green Arrow for Genesis and dukedurso interviews.


Top 5 Alliances Analysis

Alliance, points, members, point avg

The Organization 1,050,000 84 12,500:

They are ahead on every category and have the highest average in the top 12. They claim the core as their base. These guys are extremely aggressive and although they are i 4 oceans they fully control one, these guys one weakness though is that they are predictable you know your going to get attacked because your in their area you just don't know when, it rare as their bp shows for them to take the peaceful approach, but when your first by 200,000+ points you can take another top 12 alliance easily maybe even 2.

Alliance, points, members, point avg

Alter of the Twelve Gods 790,000 98 8,000

Based in the south from 67-56-37 they control 2 southern oceans 2nd on all lists currently in a war with Alliance X. 2nd lowest average in the top 5. They have strong players like scoobywoo,dextro3 and Pintobean but they are the most spread out alliance in the top 5. with nearly 800,000 points they don't have one ocean with more than 50 cities in it. they also have a 100,000 points in 4 oceans which means they can still defend themselves when needed.

Alliance, points, members, point avg

The Unforgiven 760,000 88 8,600

4th in abp,5th in dbp 4th overall. have the biggest control in a singular ocean with more than half a million points in ocean 65. 2nd highest average in top 5. The exact opposite of Alter they are so concentrated that soon war is their only option, they are surrounded by huge Top 12 alliances who all have powerful pacts. They might start having to settle for colonizing or 3000- cities to avoid a major and costly war. They should have started expanding from 65 earlier because by taking out most of 65 this stops their ocean from becoming a main ocean, because instead of their enemies building up their cities and colonizing new ones to build up they have to be the ones building the cities slowing down their overall point process. this might stunt their growth severely for a while unless they expand to another ocean.

Alliance, points, members, point avg

The Seleucid Empire 760,000 100 7,600

lowest top 5 average also on the outer-rim in oc 75, 76, like A-12. 5th in abp 6th dbp,5th overall, being this high yet literally sitting on the edge of the world is hard and takes so much dedication to catch up to opponents who started a week or 2 before you. They as an alliance have way too may pacts which stunts their growth when expanding into other oceans sure some of the other top 12 alliances have more pacts that Seleucid but when you block of all thoughts of expanding north,east or west of your main ocean you know you pacted with the wrong person. They need some room to expand north and being choked with pacts will definitely affect their future. I personally did not do my alliance and I tried to find everything wrong with every alliance no alliance is perfect and so I wanted to make sure that people know that us guys in the top 5 aren't invincible. Also some of the top 12 alliances were really hard to find weaknesses for AKA Seleucid and The Unforgiven.

Alliance, points, members, point avg

The Crusaders 670,000 78 8600
Green Arrow did the analysis on my alliance.

4th in abp and 3rd in dbp overall 3rd in bp a good alliance they will have to fight a major war soon they are surrounded by big alliances being in oc56 and oc53 they may have a hard time being split like that. We will see who they choose to attack whatever happens with this alliance it should be very interesting. They have a great point avg and good bp good alliance to watch over the next few weeks.

Wars Of The Top 12 Alliances

The Organization has been conquering some of The Great Shadow you probably couldn't call this a war.. Because The Organization have taken over 20 cities from them with no contest.

I didn't find any other wars but I did find a minor skirmishes but nothing else hopefully more wars next week.

Alliance Obituaries

The Great Shadow has fallen to The Organization and just folded in on itself. Hades Helpers has also fallen their founder went inactive for a couple weeks with no notice and then they decided to merge their strongest members into The Seleucid Empire.
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I tried to find weakness and was looking at it from a outsiders position this is not my personal opinion on these alliances just trying to find weaknesses please no hate.


hmm, for the next issue id like to see you get some talk with leader from " Tigers Claw"; "lions Claw"; "the mountain lions"; Sons of liberty, and Sons of liberty II on the topic of the amount of US4 Delta players in this world out of these alliances, and see how it has affected thier planning in the game

Green Arrow

I hope you all enjoyed the Newspaper. I wasn't able to help finish it and post because of being busy but I'm glad we got it out there.


That's pretty cool guys. I like that someone is actually taking the time to explore this world and put out an unbiased collection of information about it. Kudos to you guys for the time put into this.


I like how This Newspaper is very detailed and gives the POV of noobs and pros.
I used to play in Athens for like a week but then i quit. But this world sounds fun though


I like how This Newspaper is very detailed and gives the POV of noobs and pros.
I used to play in Athens for like a week but then i quit. But this world sounds fun though
its fun if your a member of the SOL branches