Sink or Swim?


I think its time to post this since BP will be over in a day. Which alliances in the top 12 will sink and which will swim?


1 War.Hammer Swim, they have good players, best average, and experienced leaders.
2 Tiger Sink, MRA
3 The Federation Swim, for now, they have an abundance of well rounded players
4 Southern Alliance Sink, MRA
5 Poseidons Army Sink, MRA
6 Blackhearts Sink, MRA
7 Lords Of Kobol Sink, sided with Poseidons Army
8 X-KHORNE Swim, they must be premade, they have the same members in all the worlds they are in and usually do pretty well
9 The Borg Collective Swim, great point average, experienced players
10 Immortal Sink, fair players, but not much there
11 Ouroboros Sink, ok average points, not much there
12 DOOM Sink, dumb name, bad average
13 Night Watchers Sink, they have too much competition
14 The Rebellion... Swim, great average points, experienced players, and great leadership
15 The Misfits Swim, good average points, few experienced players, No known enemies

Thought I do top 15 did not feel like typing names, so just copied and pasted.


Tiger - Sink, one day we had not even heard of them the next day they are top
War.Hammer - Swim, good average and good players
The Federation - Sink
Southern Alliance - Sink
Poseidons Army - Sink, slowly going down
Blackhearts - Sink
Lords Of Kobol - Sink
The Borg Collective - Swim
Immortal - Sink
Ouroboros - Sink
DOOM - Sink


Dalec, I think your views on WH is a little bias. So I think I'll just say swim for you guys lol :p ;)


R.h.stogus fan club- swim because they have the highest average
War.hammer-swim, then sink( power corruption, TSF demands power and leaves with all the good players ( just like the beginning in omega)
X Horne swim


@ RHS, I've actually denied every offer at leadership I've been given that involves hands on leading and micromanagement of an alliance as a whole.

Now onto mine.

Tiger- Spread out, low average, put in the corner of two hotly contended oceans. They'll have to play smart. My guess is that they don't. Sink

The Federation- On the higher end of the averages and has a decent core in O54. I'm putting my money on them. Swim.

Southern Alliance- Just gonna take a page from Robert E Lee here and say sink. I'm kidding of course and brownie points if you get that joke. They sprung up quick and are on the rim. My guess is they'll be here awhile just based on their positioning. Swim for now.

Poseidon's Army- Already sinking.

Blackhearts- Spread out through O45 and seem to be uncontested for the moment. We'll say swim for now.

X-KHRONE- Word on the street is they're a premade. I don't know them so treading water.

Ouroboros- Another rim top 12 alliance, oh man this is starting to look encouraging and could be a long game. Mediocre average but there is time to change that. Swim

Lords of Kobol- Taking a huge drop but still has a decent average. They're in arguably the most contested ocean in the world though and have pacted PA already which clearly isn't paying off. I'll say they're treading water.

The Borg Collective- Strong alliance also contending for O54. My money is on these guys but you never know until the fat lady sings. We've all seen our shares of upsets in Grepo. But i'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say swim.

DOOM- Based in O44, these guys have risen from no where and are in the top 12 now. But will they stay? Well they have nobody of note contesting them right now so i'll have to say yes. Swim.

Seriously I want to point out how awesome of a world this might shape up to be. Most of the top 12 are spread out for once and this will surely create a good competition in the long run.


8/10 of them are huge MRAs...most are noobs any ways ( besides war.hammer I guess)


I'll do one:

1 Tiger ->Swim (for a bit). Good structure to them. Could use some work though
2 The Federation -> Sink. Too many other alliances to contest against. No real core to them
3 Southern Alliance -> Swim (for a while. Easy top 5 contender). No one to really challenge them (that's in the top 15). Seems to have good structure. Good work dudes!
4 War.Hammer -> Swim (If they can beat out Immortal). Good structure and some knowledgeable players. May have problems with all the contenders in their ocean.
5 Immortal -> Swim (If they can beat out War.Hammer) Right at par with War.Hammer.

(^ Obviously 4 & 5 will be a war to watch. Equal in spacing. Can't wait to hear about how it goes after BP)

6 Blackhearts ->Sink. May have some high point players but MRA is very likely with them. They already had a merge on day 2..
7 X-KHORNE -> Swim (If they can beat out DOOM). Kinda MRA-ish. But have good "control" over their ocean.
8 Poseidons Army -> Sink. Poseidon lives at the bottom of the ocean btw.. They're already on their way down.
9 Ouroboros -> Swim. They already control O53 pretty much. Seems strong and organized.
10 The Borg Collective -> Sink. In a hot zone. Too many contending alliances. Saw their diplomacy/politics. Horrible lol. May have high pointed players but that means nothing. Points = Sim City. Too spread out as well.
11 Lords Of Kobol -> Sink. MRA, already dropping.
12 DOOM -> Swim (If they can beat out x-khorne). Right up to par with x-khorne.

(^ Another good war to watch)

13 Night Watchers -> Possibly Swim (depending on alliances around them). Strongest Core in this world. Seems to have good players. Great potential.
14 The Rebellion... -> Sink. Main core is good, but in a hot zone as well. May last a while but not past 4 months unless they play super smart and well. Diplomacy needs to be their biggest priority.
15 The Misfits -> Kinda Bias here but Swim. Why? You'll find out after BP. And through what everyone else says about us :)

*Note: My POV's on each alliance is mainly based off the World Map of each alliance, Alliance Bio, Point Avg, BP points, known players/potential players, experience I've had/seen, and other factors.

** Wars to Watch Out For:
War.Hammer vs Immortal
The Federation (In O64) Vs Tiger
All of O54 alliances.

And to top it off. I think R.H.Stogus will win it all lol :p ;)
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A lot of NW's players have jumped to us due to lack of communication. Their founder is situated between a lot of our top players.


Well that would be why I said possibly swim then huh? ;) haha Good work!


i dont mind to much if we lose number one at this point it does not matter that much now but abp and dbp and bp we will stay top


1 X-KHORNE - Sink
2 Southern Alliance - Float for now
3 War.Hammer - Not for me to decide
4 Ouroboros - Not to sure float for no
5 The Fire Nation - Sink
6 Immortal Assassin - Sink and fast
7 The Rebellion... - Sink
8 Tiger - Sink
9 The Borg Collective -Swim
10 Imperial Guardians- Sink
11 The Misfits - Swim
12 Section 9 - Unsure float for now
13 Kaeluubians - Float for now


1 X-KHORNE - Sink MRA much
2 Southern Alliance - Sink MRA much
3 War.Hammer - Interesting. Their leader is obviously not as experienced as some of their top players. It is only a matter of time before this becomes an issue. should be interesting.
4 Ouroboros - float I know one of their best players and he is meh. Rim alliance so should float along.
5 The Fire Nation - Sink rim MRA
6 Immortal Assassin - Sink dang this world has a lot of MRA's
7 The Rebellion... - Sink
8 Tiger - Sink
9 The Borg Collective -float
10 Imperial Guardians- Sink those founders. ouch
11 The Misfits - Swim. this alliance interests me. ik that paul may not be the most experienced but he is active and knows what he is doing. may be interesting...
12 Section 9 - glub glub glub
13 Kaeluubians - sink

No alliance really impresses me... War.hammer except the founder needs to stop posting on the forum and focus on the game :p


Maybe you should quit talking and come join us and teach us all how it's done IO! ;) :p haha

But thank you. I know I have a lot of knowledge to the game with all I've learned, but I'm definitely not at all going to admit I know a great amount. But I'm a faster learner ;)


So the entire world is sinking? Haha I'll lay your worries about #3 to rest.

1) Dalec does his part around the alliance, though its not noticeable to the public. I can assure you he does help out and has been to a lot of our sieges in force.

2) The backing leadership is strong, so even if Dalec isn't the most experienced leader of all time. He does have support from our council, which includes me. Those who know me, know I typically don't join random alliances and stick if I am unhappy. If I didn't see potential here then I would have left for Misfits or TBC awhile back.

3) I'm not leading on this world, but *if* something ever did arise. I can promise you that I would step up and attempt to resolve it.

Here's mine since it's been a bit.

1. X-Khorne: Before we write these puppies off, lets take note that they just swallowed up their ocean and are 2nd in offense. Float until they come into contact in their core with TM, WH, or TBC. At the rate this world conquers players, bring a book.

2. Southern Alliance: Best of the MRA's, seem to be somewhat offensive and growing at a quick rate, they are well condensed and can't exactly be forced into multi front wars. Swim

3. War.Hammer: War.Hammer :p

4. Ouroboros: Looks okay, out of the way, no real threats, swim.

5. Fire Nation: Textbook definition of the stereotypical MRA, sink.

6. Immortal Assassin: We are pleased to announce that IA are now proudly donating cities to WH players, free of charge! Sink

7. The Rebellion...: Holding its own vs TBC, float

8. Tiger: Not doing anything really, sink

9. The Borg Collective: Not mustering up much vs TR. Either TR is doing very good or TBC is doing very poorly. Taking situations and roster into account, float.

10. Imperial Guardians: Who?

11. The Misfits: Currently fighting X-Khorne, swim

12. Section 9: Who?