Sestos Rumor Mill


Don't know where GREPOLIS gets their numbers? If we had lost that many cities-----we wouldn't have 185 cities now---must be counting players who left us and joined other alliances


It only counts conquests and losses of people who were in your alliance at the time of the siege. Those numbers are legit, you are getting killed...



Player's Council
Wow, it sure has been quiet in here. Rumor has it.... I don't know anymore. Just looks like a big ol' MRA fest. Jackals Join Fallen. Picnic Bunnies players join Fallen. Picnic Bunnies new name of RIP Hugh Hefner seem to be pacted with Fallen (very much respect your name btw.. A legend shall be missed).

In a way, it's nice for BOB and Tods Tank group to cruise through the many cities in the core of the world.


Maybe I spoke too soon, lot more dead weight than I thought. It's like you take your eyes away from the road for just a bit and you become this big MRA who forgot how to fight. Gotta just stick with the squad... #NoNewFriends
Need additions to TT so we can end this thing quickly. If you are active and are ready to kill the world, PM Flavius Aetius.

He will help you.