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Welcome to the Sestos Rumor Mill

Everyone loves a good juicy rumor. True or not the gossip wagon churns on! So pull up a seat around the mill and spread the latest bit of hearsay! Keep it to Sestos alliance/player rumors involving in-game activities. Statements such as "I heard a rumor that Shaun Riley is a lady" is not in the spirit of the thread.

Allow me to begin:

I heard a rumor the founder of The Blow Crew has gone into hiding after a miserable failure on an alliance 1/10 their size. It could be that he is just looking for a fourth and fifth alliance to add to their ranks as their numbers didn't seem to be enough. Sources inside The Blow Crew have declined comment but Retirement Plan has offered this image to illustrate the complete and utter failure that is The Blow Crew and their "planning."



to which smaller 1 are u refering i see 2 tht have potential but 1 is full of botters from another world so


Burnie will not last long. Their leader cannot hold onto their own troops.