Second Issue: The Upsilon Times


Alliance rankings

1. Black Listed
2. The Lacedaemonians
3. Chinga Tu Putt
4. Dulce et Decorum
5. Slightly Mean
6. Lorna Block 59046
7. Halfway to Heaven
8. Immortal
9. Wolverines
10. S.P.Q.R
11. Sparta 54
12. Ride or Die

Thanks for reading. Apologies again for the lack of info and volume, just had very little time. The next issue shall be better so watch out ;)

Talk about a complete turnover of the top 12. Makes one wonder what the top 12 will look like come Summer.

1. Assassin's Rite
2. Antimatter
3. Havoc (Black Ops)
4. The Hive
5. Trinity
6. Elder Gods
7. Heracletian Alliance
8. Special Ops
9. Arrivederci
10. Havoc (Red Ops)
11. Upsilon United
12. The Elite
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Who starts these SPQR alliances, they seem to fail in every world lol thisisgrepolis


Same players.. I have forgotten who they are.. but they are world hoppers and MRA starters.. I dont know if they finally have realized that their strategy doesnt work. Are they in the hero world?