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Latest info

I am afraid this is going to be a very brief edition as I don't have the time to put together a full edition. I promise next weekend we shall have a full issue with interviews, the latest news and an ocean alliance breakdown.

Latest stories

Kingdoms of Zeus's hot head founder disbands alliance and merges into Dulce et Decorum!

A once promising alliance collapses after a day after a hot head 12 year old disbands the alliance. Over to EnyoIII with the full story:

"Here is the short version. Unbeknownst to us, we had a hot headed little 12 year old that founded the alliance. He talked a good game, but his temper got the best of him. He randomly went rogue and made the most idiotic decisions someone could make. Demoted who he wanted, made no decisions with anyone but himself. You know as well as I, this game does not tolerate alliance founders like that. It would never work, Its embarrassing and extremely dangerous."

I don't know whether to blame the poor boy or the 'experienced' players who put their blind faith in a non-reputable alliance. Let’s be honest you can't blame a 12 year old for making 'idiotic decisions'. In fact I think the kid deserves a medal after managing to convince a few of the top ranked players to join.

Following this incident many of the top players from The Kingdoms of Zeus joined Dulce et Decorum, who currently have the highest average points, highest abp, highest dbp and are ranked 3rd in the world. Player EnyoIII along with another player recently left Dulce et Decorum because of the "idiocy" of some of the in experienced players in the alliance. Fair enough I guess, not every player is experienced, but why play a speed 1 if you don't want to be with in experienced players. Who knows but it's certainly no major loss to Dulce et Decorum.


(message me if you would like anything added to the diplomacy section)

-Immortal declares war on Chinga Tu Putt (see Chinga interview at bottom)
-Dulce et Decorum pact with their first allies, Angry Teletubbies, a group of strong and powerful players based in O55 and O54.

Alliance rankings

1. Black Listed
2. The Lacedaemonians
3. Chinga Tu Putt
4. Dulce et Decorum
5. Slightly Mean
6. Lorna Block 59046
7. Halfway to Heaven
8. Immortal
9. Wolverines
10. S.P.Q.R
11. Sparta 54
12. Ride or Die


Chinga Tu Putt
Interview with DragonSlayer17

1) Do you have any experienced players?
We have many experienced players but even the new players are learning fast. I myself have experienced A year or two ago I Was in a world called Epsilon I was in the top alliance at the time and I was co-leader in that alliance.

2) Many players see your alliance as an MRA which lacks skill and potential. What is your response to these statements?
We allow people over 700 to join but if they are inactive for two or more days they will be kicked.

3) Do you intend to be aggressive when you leave BP? What are you aims and plans for O55?
We aim to be not to aggressive but spread out in oceans and capture as many islands as possible.

4) What is your diplomatic position?
At war with Immortal. We have many pacts:
-Oceans of Fire
-Black Listed
-The Chosen Few

Thanks for reading. Apologies again for the lack of info and volume, just had very little time. The next issue shall be better so watch out ;)
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I like these newspapers, I really hope you continue doing them :)


They didn't mention that one of their founders has promised to send 10 alliances on me :p


This was EnyoIII right before he left


haha :D he thinks he's too good for everyone else. Watch him get rimmed in like 2 weeks


From my experience and from what I read from the interview, CTP isn't going to make it very far. A point limit to join the alliance, rather than experience - anyone with a wallet and some searching on the grepolis wiki can figure out what buildings give most points, and build them in a few minutes - is something that never works out well.

Aiming to be 'not too agressive but spread out over oceans', well, I'm not sure what to say of this. I don't think spreading yourselves out all over the world map, yet taking a neutral stance ('not too agressive' = neutral in my opinion) is something smart to do. Interesting, yet foolish, if you ask me. It's about building a strong core, then expanding. Not expanding just like that.

'Many pacts'. Well, I'm sure every single pact member is going to support you when there's an attack headed towards the cities, right..?
Right. My thoughts exactly. I doubt they'll see a single inbound support from any of these alliances. The only thing that ammount of pacts is good for, is an overly-spammed in-game forum, which will drive people away from actually reading them, being detrimental in the long run.

As for EnyoIII - not a clue who the guy is, haven't seen his name before, but apparently he's very, very experienced.... He'll bump into himself soon enough with that ego of his. You can't expect everyone to be a strategical mastermind with a wallet the size of a house, especially on a speed 1 world. If he were to be in an alliance I founded, I'd be glad he left on his own accord.


Look at his profile: "Wishy washy here then there, back to here, maybe over here, no, back here, no wait. I want to go there. Changed my mind, I wanna go there. Oh wait, was already there. Guess Ill stay here.
Yea, Im going to stay here. My opinion counts. What a nice change...."

He seems like he does know what he's doing though... I had a conversation with him over pm...


I was talking to him on chat. Couldn't understand a word he was saying.


I was pleased to see the part about Angry Teletubbies joining Dulce. ImperialDeath tried to get them in a pact but failed. ImperialDeath is getting desperate, trying to get Ride or Die members to join them.


I was pleased to see the part about Angry Teletubbies joining Dulce. ImperialDeath tried to get them in a pact but failed. ImperialDeath is getting desperate, trying to get Ride or Die members to join them.

Some alliances are over thinking the idea that they need to be big and bad with 100 members right now... No need to rush- All good things come in time.


Desperation has nothing to do with it. If you noticed where their alliance is on the map, you would see they are residing on our islands...OUR islands...and on our islands, you are either with us, or being farmed by us.


In every world I have set in Predawn in he starts to get desperate for more members so he can stay in the top 20 whether it be merges or what not